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Yet to be decided... not yet working - Update... working now!


Pros: - Looks really cool... matches my red and black color scheme I was going for. - Supposedly has support for a lot of new tech. - When I called tech support, I actually spoke to a real person fairly quickly. Update: - Easy overclocking with updated BIOS/UEFI - 3200 RAM running very stable at 3200 MHz once OC'd.

Cons: - Cannot get it to POST. Everything powers up, fans spin, but no display and the EZ Debug CPU LED is on hard, which is supposed to indicate that the CPU is either not detected or failed. Brand new Ryzen 5 1600. So, I either found a dead unicorn (DOA CPU) or this board designed specifically for Ryzen CPUs somehow does not support one of the first Ryzen CPUs released. - Tech support not very helpful. Told me to pull everything out of case and try to do a bare bones boot sitting on the motherboard box. Ok, I can see that, improperly installed motherboard could be shorting out on case. When this yielded the same result, I was directed to the MSI website, specifically the compatibility section for this board. Not surprisingly, the Ryzen 5 1600 was listed in there, but amazingly the 16GB of G.Skill Flare X RAM that was designed specifically for Ryzen is not. There are some versions of Flare X supported, but not the 2400. At this point in the phone call, I was told I need different RAM and that will fix all my woes, and was promptly disconnected. I understand incompatible RAM would prevent booting, but my question is why THIS RAM would be incompatible. Update: - Redundant MSI utility apps. Too many that seem to be designed to do the same thing. - Odd RAM configurations/requirements. More of an annoyance than anything.

Overall Review: - Giving 2 eggs for now, because there is the possibility that it is a bad CPU. If so, I will adjust my rating accordingly. - I have a replacement CPU on the way, we will soon see. - I am also replacing the 2400 Flare X RAM with 3200 Flare X RAM, which is explicitly stated on the website as supported (I matched the part numbers). We will see. - I think I will be please if I ever get this PC working, I am just really frustrated right now, and I'm not yet sure if I'm mad at MSI or AMD. Well, at least a little at MSI because of this RAM compatibility thing. Update: As promised, I am updating this review after getting a replacement CPU and "supported" RAM. I wish I knew which of these was the actual culprit, but I needed to get all the old parts shipped before I received my new ones. I did a one for one swap for a new Ryzen 5 1600 and upgraded slightly to 16 GB of G.Skill Flare X 3200. After installing my new parts, the PC booted right up. Overclocking the RAM to actually achieve the 3200 MHz speed was a little flakey until I flashed the most recent BIOS/UEFI. After that, perfectly stable using the stock OC RAM profiles. Have not yet attempted a CPU OC, as I'm currently using the stock Wraith cooler, and I honestly probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Got Windows 10 loaded with minimal hassle and was gaming shortly after. Runs great now. - There are a LOT of MSI utility apps, many of which seem to do the same thing as far as boosting performance for gaming, etc. I'm not even sure if they actually do anything or not, but I'm playing with them anyway. - I'm a little miffed that I have to "overclock" 3200 RAM to actually get it to run at 3200 MHz, but I have a feeling that is more of a chipset/CPU limitation than a fault of MSI. Regardless, it is running at 3200 now with no problems, so I am happy. - I would recommend this board for a minimal to modest gaming rig, but make sure you get SUPPORTED RAM when building. Go to MSI website and match part numbers. Current build: MoBo - MSI X370 Gaming Plus CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 1600 RAM - G.Skill Flare X 3200 16GB GPU - MSI GTX 1060 6GB Gaming X SSD - Mushkin Reactor 1TB (future upgrade to M.2 NVMe SSD) Case - Antec P182B (future upgrade to NZXT H440)