It Has Saved Me More Than Once!2/10/2020 10:52:32 AM

Pros: -Really compact. I don't think the pictured do this thing justice, but the unit is actually just a little bigger than an iPhone with a case. I can fit this battery back in my pocket, that's how small it is. -It works to jumpstart cars and trucks. -It uses a standard MicroUSB to charge. So standard phone chargers will work. -It charges pretty quickly for what it is. It does take a couple hours to charge, but most battery banks take that long. -You can charge your phone from it. -It holds its charge in storage for a very long time. I've left it sitting for 6 months, and it still had a full charge when I pulled it out to use it. -It's so inexpensive. This unit usually sells for half of the price of most other jump starter packs. I'm guessing because of the smaller battery, but it still gets the job done.

Cons: -400A seems a little low for a jump starter compared to some others but I suspect some of the others drastically over rate their abilities. This rating of 400A feels more realistic to me. -It does get hot when used. -It doesn't come with a carrying case or bag.

Overall Review: Most of these devices give you some kind of rating for how big of an engine they can start, but this one doesn't. It just give the 400A Peak rating. I don't know how big of an engine it will actually start, but I'll tell you what I tested it on so far. It started my 2.4L 4-Cylinder Toyota engine with no other battery at all attached to the car. This jump pack was the only battery in the car, and it started the engine. Note that this is no the the intended use, it is really meant to boost a low car battery. But it worked and it did it pretty easily too. It started a 3.4L V6 GM engine that had a dead car battery. It did this pretty easily. And finally it has started my 5.7L V8 GM engine in my old pickup truck that had a dead battery. This is the one that really pushed this little thing. I'll admit I didn't follow the directions, so I tortured this thing, and it took it like a champ. It says in the directions to never crank the engine for more than 3 seconds and to wait at least 60 seconds between trying to crank the engine. I didn't do this. It took 3 tries to get my truck started. Each time I cranked the engine for at least 10 seconds and I didn't wait in-between tries. But it did get my truck started! Afterwards the jump pack was very hot, not so hot that I couldn't touch it, but for a Lithium-Ion battery it was hot. But the unit still worked, and even after 3 tries cranking this relatively big engine in 30°F weather, the unit still had half a charge according to LED indicators. I was so impressed with this thing that I bought 2 more so I can have one in each of my vehicles. It is so worth the small price.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valuable Customer, Thanks for choosing ORICO as your preferred choice, this is Sherry from ORICO customer care team. We strive to provide the most reliable and highest quality products to our customers. Your kind feedback is the best encourage that keeps us moving forward and constantly improving our goods and services. Should you have any further problem ,please feel free to contact ME. Our E-Mail is ,we will try our best to help you. Thanks again for choosing ORICO as your preference. Best Regards ORICO Customer Care Team
Trash12/12/2019 10:04:00 AM

Pros: It's small?

Cons: This thing is useless. It connects for about a minute, then disconnects and won't reconnect again until the computer is rebooted or until you take it out of the USB port and put it back in. This seems to be common with these.

Overall Review: Spend a little bit more and get something better. I was just wanting to get something that would get an older computer an internet connection, the speed didn't really matter to me, but this couldn't even manage that simple of a task. I'd use it as a paper weight, but it's too light so it can't even do that.

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S510UN-NH77 - Great For What It Is Supposed To Be!2/11/2019 1:11:29 PM

Pros: This laptop is thin, it is light, and it is powerful for being so thin and light. The screen is beautiful. The bezel is very thin, and the IPS panel looks great. The i7-8550U processor is very powerful. It also did not have thermal throttling issues like I've seen with other thin laptops using the 8550U processor, so the 8550U stayed at 4.0GHz even under sustained full load. This would make this a great laptop for people looking to do things like video editing on the go. Including a dedicated GPU is a wonderful bonus. Most laptops in this thin and light category only have the Intel integrated GPU, and that is very weak. Now, the MX150 included with this laptop is not a very powerful GPU, but it is a lot better than the Intel GPU. And it is nice to have. It will allow for casual gaming. However, playing modern demanding games will require that the resolution be lowered and setting in the games to be set down to low. The battery life on this laptop is down right awesome! I sat using this laptop for 3 hours straight, browsing the internet and watching youtube, and the battery went from 100% down to 60%! I had the keyboard backlight off, that is important because that backlight uses a lot of power, and the screen brightness was set to 25%. That is actually very good, and I suspect the full battery would have lasted about 6 hours of use, not gaming, but casual office work type use. I have to really give ASUS point for the upgradability of this laptop. Most thin and light laptops are not easily upgradable. Most have soldered, non-upgradable RAM, and no space for a 2.5" hard drive or SSD. However, this ASUS Vivobook S not only has two SO-DIMM slots for RAM(one occupied by the single 8GB stick already), but it also has an open 2.5" bay that you can use to add either a hard drive or another SSD(7mm max height). Plus, accessing the RAM slots and 2.5" bay is very easy, unlike some other laptops. You just take the screws out of the bottom of the laptop and pop the bottom panel off. And I do mean pop because it is held on pretty tightly by plastic clips that you have to literally pop them out to get the cover panel off. The trackpad on this laptop is very nice to use. It is accurate, and has yet to miss a two finger scroll or gesture that I've made. It is also very smooth, almost as good as an Apple trackpad. I thought the little notch for the fingerprint reader would be an issue, but it hasn't been.

Cons: There are a few minor cons to this laptop, some of them were compromises that had to be made to allow other pros to exist. The first con is the lack of a number pad. However, this had to be done to make the laptop smaller as well as allowing for the narrow bezel around the screen. There simply isn't space for a number pad on the keyboard. And I think ASUS made the correct decision here. This 15.6" laptop is actually smaller width wise than my 14" Ultrabook from a few years ago. There is no ethernet port on this laptop, and ASUS did not include a USB ethernet adapter with the laptop. This point alone is why I took off one Egg from the score. I understand that because of how thin this laptop is, having a built in ethernet adapter wouldn't likely have been possible. However, I think ASUS really should have included a USB, preferably USB-C, ethernet adapter with the laptop. I can buy one of these adapters for $12 from here on newegg. I can only imagine ASUS buying these adapters in bulk would bring their cost down to half of what I pay at retail. Not including one with a $850 laptop just comes off as extremely cheap on ASUS's part to me.

Overall Review: I would definitely the S510UN-NH77 laptop to people. I can see this laptop making a great laptop for a student. The battery should last through the day when they are going to classes without needing to be recharged. But at the same time, it will allow them to play games casually. And speaking of playing games, lets talk about the performance in games a little more. The MX150 that this laptop has is almost identical to the desktop GT 1030 graphics card or the integrated Vega 11 graphics on the AMD 2400G. That means modern demanding games are playable, but not at 1080p. This is not a gaming laptop, but it is a work laptop that can also play games. That is a big difference.

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A Really Solid Power Supply1/24/2019 11:40:24 AM

Pros: This unit is built extremely well. The cables are all good quality, the sleeving is very well done and not the cheap sleeving you can see through. All the cables are black as well, so even the ones that aren't sleeved look good. Seasonic power supply build quality is second to none, so I have no doubt this power supply will last for a very long time. The 10 year warranty tells me Seasonic expects it to last a long time too. The hybrid mode is a nice addition, and I like that you can turn it off with a button on the back of the power supply. Even with the fan going though, the power supply is very quiet. The fully modular design is great. One single rail means you don't have to worry about what you are plugging in where, just plug it all in, and you won't overload the rail. The finish of the power supply is very good, a nice matte black with no flaws means it will fit in to most cases. Every cable has a capacitor in it to make sure all your components are receiving stable power.

Cons: I had to remove one egg because of the poor documentation that comes with the power supply as well as the capacitors on the cables making them hard to work with. The book that comes with the power supply is pretty useless. It doesn't explain anything about the power supply, it was a very basic booklet that had basic instructions for installing a power supply and basic troubleshooting if something doesn't work, but that is it. In fact, there are only two pages of english instructions in the booklet, and two pages per every other language. Two pages is not enough to really tell the user anything useful. The other issue I had was the placement of the capacitors on the cables. They were so close to the end o the cables that it made them very hard to work with. It is extremely difficult to get the cables to make a bend at the end to plug into a connector. I would have preferred the capacitors be located a little further down the cable, or closer to the power supply end of the cable. These are really the only two issues I had.

Overall Review: I would definitely recommend this power supply. It is very well built, and backed by a good warranty and Seasonic's great reputation.

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Nothing Really Impressive10/2/2018 5:38:58 PM

Pros: Metal enclosure looks and feels nice and seems to be rugged. Uses a USB Type-C Connector, which is less fragile than the Type-B style connector. Comes with USB Type-C to Type-C cable(honestly, the first device I own to come with one of these). Includes a USB Type-A to Type-C adapter for backwards compatibility. Comes with backup software. Comes with software to enable or disable hardware encryption.

Cons: USB Type-C doesn't really add anything to this drive. It doesn't make the drive any faster, and being able to put the connector in either direction doesn't really have much use on an external hard drive. It is still a standard ~5400RPM 2.5" hard drive, which means it is super super slow in everything but large file transfers, and it is still pretty slow for large file transfers.. The 1TB size is really just getting too small, especially for the price, these days. My pictures and videos alone filled this drive to nearly 80%, and that isn't even using the Discovery software to download everything from my social media. I would recommend getting at least the 2TB model. I'm not a fan of the backup software, it just seems to limited to me. I instead used the free program FBackup. It doesn't come with a carrying case. I would have preferred a plastic housing but an included padded case. Because, lets face it, it doesn't matter if the drive has a metal housing or a plastic housing, if you drop the drive the drive is probably going to die from the shock. That is just what hard drives do when you drop them. So a padded carrying case would be much better.

Overall Review: I would recommend getting the 2TB of 4TB models, they are much better values than the 1TB.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Jeffrey, Thanks for your interest in the WD My Passport Ultra Portable Hard Drive; your feedback is always appreciated. This issue can be better addressed better on the phone. Please contact us and let WD support address your concern. We would appreciate the opportunity to assist you directly. You can also reach out to our Helpline by dialing the number given below. Please ensure to provide the case number mentioned below with reference to Newegg in order to help us track your issue. Case Number: 100318-13284439 Need Help? Please contact us at 1 (800) 275-4932
Exactly What I Expected8/4/2018 10:02:51 PM

Pros: There isn't anything wrong with this drive, it does exactly what it is advertised to do. The drive is quiet. Transfer speeds are exactly what I would expect from a 7200RPM hard drive.

Cons: The only real con I have is the Cache is only 64MB. I would like to see a bigger cache, 128MB would be nice.

Overall Review: This is a desktop drive and it works. Long term reliability is yet to be seen, but given Toshiba's history I don't worry about having an y issues with this drive. Toshiba has a very good history of reliability.

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It Does What It Is Supposed To Do6/4/2018 12:14:31 PM

Pros: The Blue is Pretty. It is a small portable hard drive. It comes with backup software. The activity light is nice and bright. I know this sound odd, but I've had a lot of drives that you can't tell if the activity light is even on. It is refreshing to see one that is nice and bright. USB 3.0 allows for much faster transfers.

Cons: The biggest issue I have with this drive 1TB just isn't big enough anymore for this price point. The 2TB drive is only $11 more at the time of writing this review. There really is no reason for the 1TB drive to be this expensive. The glossy top shows finger prints too much. No rubber feet on the bottom means it slides around on the desk very easily. The read and write speeds are pretty slow on this drive, but I expect that from a hard drive.

Overall Review: The biggest reason I took two eggs off of the score was the price for the size. Really, 1TB external drives like this should be selling for about $35. If you can't sell them for around that price, then just don't sell them and go right to 2TB drives. Because at $11 more, it makes no sense to not just buy the 2TB drive.

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Everything You Need In an Entry Level Power Supply2/23/2018 11:44:09 AM

Pros: This power supply just gets the job done, and that is all you can ask of it. It is 80+ rated, which isn't great, but isn't bad either. I'd rather have a unit that is at least 80+ rated than not, and while some will say 80+ Bronze is a minimum, the actual difference is next to nothing. Despite what some will say, you won't even notice the difference between an 80+ White and 80+ Bronze on your electric bill. The cables all being sleeved all the way into the PSU is really nice. A lot of entry level units don't do this. It has all the connectors you need for an entry level system, even one with a dedicated gaming GPU in it. This unit will likely be able to handle a mid-range CPU(Intel Core i5 or AMD R5 or lower) as well as a mid-range GPU(nVidia GTX1060 or AMD RX560 or lower). If you aren't using a higher end dedicated GPU, then this unit should be fine with an i7 or R7. This power supply is styled very nicely. I appreciate that Corsair spends a little time designing even their entry units to look good. They make the stickers so there is no ugly specs sticker showing when the unit is installed, and so the stickers on the side are right side up no matter how you mount your power supply.

Cons: A higher efficiency level would be nice. The sleeving on the cables is really thin, and you can see the cables through the sleeving. This really defeats the purpose of the sleeving. The ketchup and mustard colored cables can be seen right through the sleeving. Under high load the fan does get a little loud, but it isn't crazy.

Overall Review: This unit really is a perfect unit for a entry level or office computer.

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Good Unit1/6/2018 5:46:18 AM

Pros: This is a good looking unit that works and does everything it says on the box. The black paint is very well done. The all black cables look nice, but I don't like the sleeving. The fan is quiet, but does get a little noisy under load. The semi-modular design is good at this price point. The cables that are permanently attached are the 24-pin and 8-pin CPU. These are cables that all computers will use. So having these permanently attached is fine.

Cons: The first issue I had was that the simi-fanless feature on this unit is basically useless. The fan will come on at any load over 15%, which is just 100w of power draw. My computer does not go below 100w when idle, and it isn't a real high end computer. It has an i7 in it, but a midrange GTX1060 graphics card. It seems to me like they just tried to brute force the semi-fanless feature just for marketing. But knew the unit couldn't really take advantage of it in real world usage. Also, because the fan stays off when it really shouldn't be, the unit get hot, and when the fan finally does come on, it ramps up pretty quickly to get rid of the extra heat. I'd rather have a slow fan that is practically silent anyway than a fan that is off for a short while then has to run faster to make up for the time it was off. At this price point, only being 80 Plus Bronze is a con, and the reason I took off one egg. For the same price, or at most $10 more, you can get an equally good quality 80 Plus Gold unit. This makes buying the CoolerMaster MasterWatt not worth it to me.

Overall Review: This isn't really a con, but I don't like the sleeving on the two cables permanently connected to the power supply. The wires under it are all black, which is a good thing. However, I think it would look better if they just left the black wires alone, they would match the other modular cables of the unit, which all use black wires. It seems to be that manufacturers have forgotten what sleeving was originally used for. It was originally used to cover the ugly rainbow wires in power supplies. If you don't have ugly rainbow wires, there is no need for the sleaving. Adding sleeving just makes your cables not match.

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It checks all the boxes for a SATA SSD.11/3/2017 9:25:17 PM

Pros: This drive pretty much maxes out the SATA III interface. But so do most other brand name SATA SSDs on the market today. So in reality, you aren't going to notice a difference in speed between this SATA SSD and any other on the market today. I got a maximum of 559MB/s read speed and 534MB/s write speed in CrystalDiskMark, running Windows 10. So what sets this drive apart form the rest? The warranty, the reliability, the size and the price. The 3 year warranty is good, but nothing that sets this drive apart from the rest. The reliability is hard to tell right now, but since this drive is really a Sandisk drive rebranded by Western Digital I am going to guess reliability is going to be good. Sandisk has a very good track record. Western Digital now owns Sandisk, so they are releasing Sandisk drives rebranded as their own drives. This is a smart move, because Sandisk drives are good drives. The size is obviously good, a 1TB SSD is pretty big. Finally it really all comes down to price. This drive is one of the cheapest 1TB SATA SSDs on the market. The only thing cheaper is a few Mushkin drives, and I've had a lot of bad luck with Mushkin SSDs. I've had 3 fail on me, and their customer service is very slow to respond to RMA requests. So I'd say going with the Western Digital drive for a few bucks more is definitely worth it. However, the price could be better, and I'll explain that in the Cons section.

Cons: The thing with the drive's cost is there are better alternatives for the same price or less, or the same drive for slightly cheaper. This drive is, as far as I can tell, pretty much identical to the Sandisk Ultra 3D. The Sandisk Ultra 3D is currently 10 dollars cheaper! Also, the Crucial MX300 is 5 dollars cheaper. The MX300 is a better drive, with power loss protection that the Western Digital doesn't have. To me, this minor cost issue isn't enough to take an egg off. Prices change often, and this drive could easily go down 10 dollars tomorrow while the other drives go up a little, making this the drive to buy. Other than the price, there really is no other negatives I can think of for this drive.

Overall Review: The low price 1TB SSD market is small, with just a few drives available right now. And price is really the only thing setting drives apart. It is hard to believe that this time last year a 1TB SATA SSD cost nearly $1000, and now you can buy one for under $300. If you are in the market for a 1TB SSD, then shop around for the one with the cheapest price. This drive is a good one to go with, if the price is right.

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Does The Job With Tons Of Space8/29/2017 11:14:33 AM

Pros: I used this in my Windows based surveillance system and it worked flawlessly. Testing the read and write speeds I get the following: Read Max: 183 MB/s Read Avg: 144 MB/s Read Min: 84 MB/s Read Latency: 16ms Write Max: 184 MB/s Write Avg: 142 MB/s Write Min: 86 MB/s Write Latency: 11ms This drive is tailored for writing multiple things at the same time. This makes sense, as this drive will be writing multiple video streams at the same time. This handled 4 HD camera streams without any issues. The drive runs cool and quiet. This should lead to the drive living for a very long time.

Cons: I could not really find any cons with this drive. It is built to the purpose. Maybe it would be nice if the drive was 7200RPM, but then it would run hotter.

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It gets the job done.7/20/2017 9:11:52 AM

Pros: It worked. It is a cheap keyboard and mouse combo. Mouse tracks well for me. It has the proper US layout.

Cons: No media keys. Keyboard/Mouse combos are available from Logitech at the same price with media keys. The wrist rest was annoying and can't be removed. This feels cheap. The mouse is very light and the keyboard feels flimsy. Typing on this is not pleasant. It would probably be fine for my parents, but I don't like it.

Overall Review: This is a cheap keyboard/mouse combo. It gets the job done, and would probably be fine for a basic user. Though I think I would rather spend a little bit more and get a better set.

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Good Product, But Not Perfect(Yet)5/10/2017 9:53:05 AM

Pros: Lets get the obvious ones out of the way. This RAM ran perfectly using the XMP profile of 3000MHz on my Z270 system and my X99 system. Of course 32GB is a pretty large amount of RAM for a desktop system, so no worry about running out of RAM here. This is a great kit that will last you for a long while. I'll probably keep this kit longer than either of my computers, and reuse it with at least my next system, and maybe even the one after that depending on how long before we see DDR5 in desktop computers. But these benefits aren't unique to this kit, they are the same for any other 32GB kit of DDR4-3000 RAM. Lets look at the benefits of this specific kit: -The RGB on this RAM looks beautiful. I like the grill look. It does a good job of stopping the RGB from being right in your face and overpowering. -The grills on the top of the modules can be removed if you wish too. -The grills on the top of the modules can also be flipped over. This allows the Corsair logo that lights up on the top of the modules to be flipped over, so they all face the same direction on X99 systems. -The software control of these modules is very easy. These just show right up in Corsair Link, which I already have installed thanks to owning a H110i.

Cons: I had to take one egg of because these don't properly support AMD Ryzen systems. It feels like this this kit was rushed to the market, but I understand they were competing with other RAM makers to get RGB kits to the market. First the software to control the RGBs does not work with AMD systems yet. Corsair says they are working on this, and it will work eventually, but I feel it should have been done before the memory was released. Also, the speed of this RAM makes it a poor choice for AMD Ryzen systems. Ryzen doesn't support DDR4-3000 memory. This means this RAM will probably work, but it won't run at the full 3000MHz speed. It will likely be limited to DDR4-2400, which actually causes a pretty big performance hit with Ryzen. The Ryzen platform is very sensitive to memory speed, and DDR4-3200 makes a big difference. I feel like I could probably manually tweak these sticks to get them running at DDR4-3200, but I think it would have been better for Corsair to do it and include a profile for DDR4-3200. Dropping the ball with AMD support is why I took one egg off.

Overall Review: Overall I'm very happy with this kit. It is advertised as an Intel kit, so I can't take too much off because of the AMD issues. It is also nice that Corsair is at least working on AMD support. However, I liked the times when there were no kits specifically for AMD or Intel. It feels like we have taken a step back with kits only for Intel or AMD. I was hoping we were completely past that point.

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It Gets The Job Done1/13/2017 2:41:13 PM

Pros: Very Easy to Setup. I didn't use the WPS setup, because my router has WPS disabled for security. Setup through the web interface with an Ethernet cable connected to my computer was extremely easy. Outlet Pass-through is great. It doesn't take up an outlet. Dual antennas. It acts as a wireless to ethernet bridge. So once it is connected to your wireless, anything plugged into the ethernet port will be connected to your network.

Cons: White color, black is better. Antennas aren't detachable. Only 2.4GHz, I wish it was 5GHz. Only 300Mbps. This is fast enough for browsing the internet, but not streaming HD video over my network.

Overall Review: I really thing this device is a little slow for todays standards. I think 5GHz and Wireless AC is necessary these days. But at this price, the speed is sufficient for basic web browsing, even for watching Youtube.

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Great idea, but the implementation is lacking.12/3/2016 2:51:24 PM

Pros: The fans themselves look really good. RGB lighting is the wave the future, for now... These push a lot of air and work great on radiators. The fan hub allows you to easily add more fans, up to 6 total. I like the leds in the fan hub, it really gives a great affect.

Cons: I really wish these were software controlled and not controlled by the hardware control. The problem with the hardware control is that is really limits the RGB feature of the fans. You can't use the full RGB range, you are stuck to only using the pre-set colors in the controller. This kind of takes away from the whole RGB idea. I can't color match these fans by fine tuning the RGB spectrum. Not all blues are the same, not all reds look the same. Plus, I find only being able to connect 6 fans a bit limiting. I know, six fans should be enough, but it isn't. I've got two 360mm radiators, as well as a 240mm. That is 8 fans total. I would have liked to see the ability to daisy chain the fan hubs, so that more fans can be connected and controlled by a single controller. No PWM control for the fans. That's annoying and really not acceptable in modern times, and definitely not on a kit that costs as much as this for just 3 fans.

Overall Review: Corsiar really needs to consider implementing software control for RGB fans. These feel to me like an implementation from 5 years ago, not something modern.

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Good drive, Not So Good Description11/11/2016 1:01:55 PM

Pros: This drive works when used as intended. This is a SMR drive intended for archival storage. I've bought two, and both work perfectly.

Cons: Because this is a SMR drive, it will not work properly in a RAID array or a NAS device. Because of how SMR works, write speeds will be very slow once the write buffer is used up.

Overall Review: DO NOT USE THIS IN A RAID OR NAS!!! These drives are not intended to be used for that. The very nature of SMR means that these drives will not work properly in RAID arrays and NAS devices. If you use these drives in a RAID array or a NAS device, there is a very good chance they will falsely be labeled as failed. Because SMR is very slow to respond to write commands once the write buffer is filled, RAID arrays and NAS devices will give up on the drive and assume it has failed. This is not a fault of the drive, this is the nature of SMR and will be an issue with any drive that uses SMR. These drives are also not meant to be used as your primary system drive. Again, SMR does not work well in that usage. This too is because of the very slow write speeds. They will work for a while, but if you fill up the write buffer, the entire system will slow down to a halt while it waits for the drive to completely write commands. These drives are intended to be used as archival drives. That is all SMR drives are good for. They are designed for data that is written one time and not changed very often. And when used in this manner, these drives work perfectly. The reason I took an egg off is because the description of these drives do not make it clear that they are SMR drives. And this model is also very difficult to find on Seagate's website. So researching the intended use of these drives before purchase is difficult. The product page on newegg makes these drives seem like they are normal hard drives, not SMR drives.

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Works as expected.10/11/2016 12:44:25 PM

Pros: Very easy to set up. I didn't do the WPS setup because I have that disabled on my router for security. Doing the manual setup took about 5 minutes. Signal strength is good, and speed is about what I would expect. My laptop went from two bars of signal to full signal. It can also be used as a wireless to ethernet bridge to connect wired devices to your wireless network.

Cons: Antennas aren't detachable or able to be upgraded. Only 2.4GHz Wireless N. Yes, wireless N is good enough for an internet connection, but I'd like to start seeing some Wireless AC extenders.

Overall Review: I can't really take any eggs off. This does everything that it advertises, and is inexpensive too.

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For the Money, I Can't Complain8/24/2016 12:13:43 PM

Pros: Sequential read and write speed is good enough for a USB Flash Drive. I got about 145MB/s read and 70MB/s write. Capacity is as it should be. Retractable slider design so there is no cap to lose. It is pretty inexpensive for a 64GB drive. Lifetime Warranty.

Cons: Random write speed is very slow. This is really the downfall of this device. I get below 1MB/s when writing a lot of small files. I know this is hard on a drive, but I've got USB flash drives that do much better than this. Mine came formatted as FAT32. I really think exFAT should be the new standard. It does get a little warm when in use. The plastic used for the slide button is black instead of blue to mach the color of the drive.

Overall Review: I took an egg off because of the slow random write speeds and the mismatched plastic. The write speed isn't so slow that the drive isn't usable, but it is annoying at times. The drive has a spot for a lanyard loop to attach to, but it doesn't come with one. I'm not too upset about this though at this price point.

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The Best Router I've Ever Owned7/29/2016 7:47:50 PM

Pros: Two USB3.0 Ports and an eSATA. Excellent Range and signal strength. Great wireless speeds. Speeds on the connected storage devices was very good. It is a good looking router. The finish doesn't attract finger prints. It has the option to turn off the LEDs! Thank you, thank you, thank you! The blue LEDs on my old router keep me up at night! More routers should have this option. And it is just a simple switch on the back of the router too! Love it! It runs DD-WRT, but you have to download a compatible DD-WRT build from the beta's section. The router isn't "officially" supported by DD-WRT, yet. But the beta build worked just fine for me and was perfectly stable. The only thing that doesn't work is the wifi LEDs.

Cons: The stock firmware was a little unpredictable at first. Wifi signal wasn't the best, it was actually worse than my old ASUS RT-AC66U. But after a firmware update, the Netgear started working like a charm. I'm not a fan of the stock web interface. And I definitely don't like how hard it was to get to the point of just configuring the router manually. Having to go through the Genie thing was annoying. But I don't like most stock firmwares, which is why I almost always use DD-WRT instead.

Overall Review: I really can't take off any points with this router. The stock firmware isn't perfect, but does the job well. This router will be my main router for a long time to come!

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Pretty Much Exactly As Advertised.7/1/2016 8:01:12 PM

Pros: The card reaches its rated speeds in my testing, or at least close enough. It has a lifetime warranty. Comes with the adapter to I can use it with my camera. Easily fast enough for 4k recording using my camera.

Cons: None really.

Overall Review: The warranty on something like this is kind of pointless, IMO. Yeah, it is nice that this has a lifetime warranty, but for the low cost of this item I wouldn't even bother using the warranty. If this ever breaks, I'm just buying a new one.

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A good upgrade to the original K70 RGB.5/19/2016 3:52:32 PM

Pros: I don't think it is necessary to go over all the features that the K70 RGB is already known for(great build quality, RGB lighting, etc...). The main thing we are interested in here is the MX Speed switches. And I have to say I like them. They are closest to Red Switches, IMO. I already had a K70 RGB with Red Switches, and these Speed switches seem very similar. The main difference is I do not have to push the key down nearly as far on the new Speed switches. This leads to much faster typing, as well as a lot less typing fatigue when typing for long periods of time. Of course this also leads to the obvious faster reaction time when gaming. The Speed switch is definitely my new favorite switch type. The other improvements are minor. The long keys, the ones that have the extra metal supports under them, are definitely a lot quieter on the new K70 compared to my old K70. Especially the space bar. And my old K70 is only a few months old, and the keys were always loud. The new K70 with speed switches is much quieter. The addition of a USB pass through is also very nice to have. Though USB3.0 would have been nice.

Cons: The biggest con I have is that I have to install a second Corsair software on my computer to manage the keyboard. This is the same complaint I had in my original K70 RGB review. I already have Corsair link installed, I see no reason that the keyboard and lighting control couldn't be integrated into one program. Now I have two Corsair logos running in the system tray. There really is no excuse for this. This is the only reason I took an egg off of the score. The other minor complain is the space bar. I don't like the ridges. It doesn't fit with the rest of the keys. I would have liked them to include a second space bar that was smooth, like they included extra ridges keys, so I had the choice of either smooth or ridged.

Overall Review: I'm glad they didn't do what some other keyboard makers are doing and include a headphone pass through. I have always found these useless. The headphone cable always gets in my way, and most of the time you have to plug the keyboard into your speaker ports in the back of your computer. My speakers are already plugged in there. If I want to use headphones, I use the headphone port on the front of my case.

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WRT54GL Replacement? The Legend has been replaced!4/18/2016 6:44:38 PM

Pros: -Stock firmware is good enough for most people -Wireless coverage is very good -Wireless speeds are great -Replaceable antenna's that use the standard antenna connector -Good ol' fashioned blue and black color scheme -Support for 3rd party DD-WRT firmware -eSATA is something you don't see on a lot of routers, and very nice -The two USB ports worked perfectly

Cons: -Stock firmware not the best out of the box, but after a firmware update it was very good -The WPS button is on the back of the router, it should be on the front

Overall Review: This definitely is a worthy replacement to the legendary WRT54GL. Linksys is really going back to their roots with this router. It is amazing how they went from a great router that supports so many 3rd party firmwares, the WRT54GL, then spent time locking down their routers to make it harder for people to sue 3rd party firmware, and now are openly advertising that this router supports 3rd party firmware. It is just wonderful to see a company going back to their roots and doing what made the successful in the first place.

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Does exactly what it is supposed to.2/28/2016 2:12:20 PM

Pros: This switch is very tiny. It takes up as little space as possible for an 8-Port switch. I don't think you could make it any smaller.' Transfer speeds were right at gigabit, even with multiple transfers happening at the same time. Setup was easy, just like any other unmanaged switch it is entirely plug and play. Just plug the cables in and go. It does get a little warm during use, but the metal case helps with cooling, and it doesn't get hot, just a little warm.

Cons: The power port on the side is a little annoying, but really with as small as this switch is I can't complain about it too much. Adding the port to the back would have probably increase the size of the switch just as much as having the cord sticking out the side.

Overall Review: This switch runs of 5v/1A power. If that sounds familiar that is because it is what most phone chargers use. I think D-Link missed a big opportunity here. They should have just had a micro-usb power port instead of the old style round power port. So any USB phone charger would power this switch. And if you are like me, and have one of those surge protectors with the built in USB charger, I could plug this switch into one of the USB ports on the surge protector. This would leave an A/C outlet on the surge protector open for other things.

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Mine Must Have Been Put Together On Friday2/23/2016 11:50:08 AM

Pros: Inexpensive Cherry MX Mechanical keyboard. Obviously this makes typing so wonderful. The open design of the keys is really nice, it will make cleaning under the keys very easy. This has all the necessary features of a gaming keyboard. USB Pass-through, n-key rollover, audio pass-through, and a disable Windows-key button. The red back-lighting is nice assuming you like red. The look of this keyboard is nice. The brushed metal plate under the keys looks nice and adds a bit of weight to the keyboard. The volume indicator is a nice touch.

Cons: I don't like how high the keyboards are above the metal plate. On the large keys, like the space bar and 0 key on the num pad, it means you can see the silver supports under those keys. It really kills the look, that little bit of silver sticks out against the black of the rest of the keyboard. The extra bits sticking off each side of the keyboard are annoying to me. The keyboard is already larger than most thanks to the extra G macro keys, but now it is even larger because of the useless things sticking out the side. Plus, they are not made of metal, the black part is plastic. There is no mention anywhere what the G/S switch does on the top of the keyboard, near the audio ports. I figured out it switches between n-key rollover and 6-key rollover. I assume this is for BIOS compatibility, but I'm not sure. I'm not a fan of audio pass-through, so I don't use it. Mainly because I have speakers plugged into the back of my computer. So to use the audio pass-through I would have to unplug my speakers. Having audio pass-through isn't a con, the con is that I now have two wires behind my computer that aren't plugged into anything and look ugly. I'd like the ability to unplug those extra wires. Without the driver installed the audio level indicator is not accurate at all. Sadly my keyboard had several cosmetic quality control issues. The braiding on the cable looks like it has been snagged on something about 5 inches away from the keyboard. It is starting to fray. There are also scratches and blemishes on the black metal plate. The worst one is at the bottom right corner and is very noticeable.

Overall Review: I would have given this 4 eggs, but the cosmetic defects brought the score down. For a keyboard that is this expensive, there should not be quality control issues like this.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Hi Jeffrey Glad to hear you like the design and features of the RIPJAWS Mechanical Keyboard. There are many options to customize exactly to the user's preference. With the G.Skill Unified Driver System (GUDS) and on-board memory, all settings can be saved to the mouse so the software is not necessary for use. So once the mouse is set up to your liking, it can be unplugged and used on another system that does not have the GUDS. We sincerely appreciate the feedback you provided and will take note for future revisions. If you feel the keyboard is not in perfect condition, please contact NewEgg directly to express your concerns. They are responsible for sending you a perfect product, so if that is not the case, let them know so they can rectify the situation. G.Skill does not produce used or refurbished products unless specified, so your item should be completely brand new. For any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email: G.Skill Forum:
Terrible Quality Proudct and Horrible Customer Service!2/8/2016 9:29:11 AM

Pros: It is a small card. It ran well while it worked.

Cons: The card only worked for about 5 months before the fan started to make a very bad grinding noise. I sent the card back to Gigabyte on Nov. 30th., they received the card Dec. 8th. They then kept the card for a week before sending it back to me on Dec. 15th. They shipped the same card back to me, saying they didn't find any problems, but the fan sounded horrible, the bearing clearly going bad. I receive the broken card back Dec. 21st. I called them, and they then sent me out a replacement fan. I didn't receive the replacement fan until Jan 13th, and IT WAS THE WRONG FAN!!! I call them again, this time they tell me I have to ship the card back to them, a second time. So I shipped the card out to them again, they wouldn't even pay for overnight shipping back to them the second time. They received the card Jan 20th, and then just sat on it for 2 weeks. I called twice in that time, the first time I was told they had to contact the engineer working on the card for a status update. Then I'd receive an email update from the engineer. Of course, I received no update. I called a second time, and was told the same thing. This time I asked for a supervisor. The supervisor looked into it for me while I was still on the phone. He told me that they have to replace the entire card, because they don't have any of the fans for the card, and they don't have any stock. So they have just been sitting on the card for 2 weeks waiting on stock, all the while I've been without a card for almost 2 months now. He tells me that he will make sure it is shipped overnight as soon as they get stock in, which he said was hopefully that day. Well, I check my email today, Feb 8th, and see they finally shipped me a card. Except they didn't ship it overnight like they said they would, they shipped it GROUND! So I have to wait another week to get my card! I hope this one manages to last longer than 5 months. I called them, again, because by this point I'm beyond mad. The person I talked to offered no compensation, he acted like he didn't care at all that I've been without a rather expensive graphics card for over 2 months. He was just like: "oh well, you'll just have to wait for it." You know, the least they could do is offer me a free game code or something, but nope, they have no concept of customer service.

Overall Review: Do not buy anything from Gigabyte. Their customer service is easily the worst I've ever experienced. There is no reason the card should not have been fixed the first time it was sent in. I was very clear in stating that the issue was bearing noise. Even if they did not hear it during testing, they should have just replaced the fan anyway. It would have saved them a lot of time and money. The cost of the fan would have been a lot less than what they paid in shipping costs to ship the card back to me the second time, and since they shipped me a fan anyway which I'm not returning, that costs them more too. And in the end they wouldn't have lost a customer. They've done nothing to try to make the situation right.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, Thank you for your comments. We apologize for your difficulty with your GIGABYTE product. Please contact GIGABYTE RMA department at 1-626-854-9338 opt. 4 for further assistance about graphic card service Monday through Friday from 08:30 ~ 17:30 PST. GIGABYTE VIP Support Team