The Best Case I've Had so Far!2/5/2021 6:24:39 PM

Pros: -LOTS of space for fans, radiators, and water pumps. FIts large GPUs with no problem: increasingly-important especially with the introduction of the 30 Series from NVIDIA -Great airflow: can't get much better unless you opt for an open-air build -Attractive, understated design: not so many curves and corners like my Obsidian 500D RGB case. This makes it look so much better -Easy to clean: front and top dust filters come off very easily, giving you quick access to fans. Also makes for easy fan and rad install -Lots of room for cables: this area is nice and wide unlike many cases I've had -Lots of flexibility. You can mount fans on the front, or the side, or both. HDD cage can be moved forward to accommodate your PSU cables, or it can be taken out entirely. HDD or SSDs can also be mounted to motherboard tray, which can be entirely removed as well. Can remove motherboard cable shroud. Can remove power supply shroud extender to fit larger rads in front. Just so many options with this case to suit all your needs! -Includes lots of Velcro straps to secure cables: very handy -Minor, but it matters: Back fan mount is pushed further back, so that it does not block your motherboard's RGB. Modern problems require modern solutions! -Cute yellow accents throughout the case. My favorite spot: the USB-A ports -Includes 2 USB-A and 1 USB-C port -Side panels easily come off and out of the way, without feeling like you're going to drop the panels mid-removal

Cons: -Not needed for my build, but I wish the HDD cage slid a couple inches further to help accommodate larger power supplies -Motherboard cable shroud is a bit of a pain to work with, as you have to bend the cables. But it is doable. Can be removed entirely as well -Not applicable for me, but some may prefer the front I/O to have separate microphone and headphone jacks, rather than the combo this has. I personally don't use a mic anyway, and you could just plug it into back I/O anyway

Overall Review: This is a fantastic case. Corsair is really getting their act together and getting serious about good cases. It was a joy to build in, and I'm kind of sad my build was done - it was just so fun! I love the simple look of this case. It looks great. It's also comforting having so much space, so I shouldn't need to change cases for quite some time! Switching to this case also brought my GPU temps down a few degrees, and I'm noticing that it takes longer to heat up, and cools down quickly. Genuinely impressed!

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Much better than included PSU cables2/5/2021 5:19:45 PM

Pros: -Flexible - a MAJOR help for smaller cases -Look great

Cons: -In-line capacitors are a bit annoying to manage, as the cables would otherwise would incredibly flexible. I feel like they're not needed since I've had PSUs that came with cables that did not have them -In some cases the included combs get in the way, although they can be removed without too much trouble

Overall Review: These cables are a worthy replacement for the standard Corsair ones included in my RM 850X - I really don't know why Corsair makes the stock cables so awfully ugly and bulky. These just look so much better.

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