Working in 2019 iMac 5K4/15/2019 4:34:51 PM

Pros: For less than a third of what Apple charges for the upgrade to 32GB, you can have 40GB (original 2 x 4GB + Crucial 2 x 16GB). Runs at same speed as original RAM (2667 MHz).

Cons: None

Overall Review: Apple doesn't sell the 3.0 GHz i5 iMac 5K with more than 32GB but these 16GB modules work just fine in it.

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Great performance with some annoying flaws12/17/2014 12:10:37 PM

Pros: As a Linux HTPC (MythTV frontend) using VDPAU for playback, this machine performs extremely well. There's a definite improvement in performance over my other HTPC which is a first generation ION. There's no stutter during playback and I'm able to use a better deinterlacer for 1080i. The built-in IR receiver allows you to remotely power on the machine. This lets you power off or sleep the machine when it's not in use. This is very handy for a home theater application.

Cons: The fan noise is quite noticeable. It wouldn't be so bad if the thermal management kept the fan at a steady speed but it changes so often and to such a large degree that it can be very annoying. In the BIOS, I raised the CPU idle speed temperature and the fan idle speed duty to 50. I also applied a small sheet of sound damping material to the inside of the cover. Now the fan noise seems tolerable but it's still more than ideal. The built-in IR receiver has very poor range (10-15 ft max). I use it only for powering on and I have a USB-connected MCE receiver for everything else. The vertical stand for this machine didn't fit. The screw holes don't line up so I'm unable to secure the base. There's also no included horizontal mounting option. I had to stick some rubber feet to one side to keep it stable in the horizontal position. Lastly, when the machine is asleep, the power light blinks. Maybe I'm being picky but I think it's a little annoying to see a flashing light when all of my home theater gear is in standby. A steady amber or red light for sleep would have been a better choice.

Overall Review: I'll be keeping this one. Except for the fan noise, which I think can be managed, none of the cons are deal breakers for me. For Linux HTPC applications like MythTV or XBMC, this is a very good machine for the price. I did not test with Windows but I imagine the video playback performance would be similar. I also did not test the VESA mount.

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a good replacement screen9/29/2013 4:30:40 PM

Pros: This a good replacement screen for the iPhone 4S. It fits perfectly, it's clear and bright with no blemishes, and there are no issues with the touchscreen.

Cons: It does not include the mesh cover for the speaker. You must carefully remove the mesh from the old screen and transfer it. This can be tricky because the adhesive tends to stick to the glass and not come off cleanly. Also, I don't believe there is an oleophobic coating on the glass.

Overall Review: This is just a screen and comes with no tools for disassembling the phone. At the very least, you will need a pentalobe screwdriver and a very small phillips screwdriver to replace your screen. It also does not include the home button (as is the case with virtually all replacement screens).The flexible tape that secures the home button to the back of the old screen must be carefully removed to transfer the button to the new screen.

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