Great size, nice curve, bad ghosting, dead pixels4/29/2019 2:11:32 PM

Pros: Huge curved screen is great. The 144hz is super fast and smooth. Seemingly great for the price. Love the OSD controls, more companies should use the joystick style instead of the buttons.

Cons: The ghosting/smearing was too much. After playing a handful of games, the ghosting and smearing was distractingly bad and really took me out of the game. I attempted to mitigate the issue with FreeSync on/off, different overdrive settings, different cables, and updated drivers. Nothing fixed the issue, but some settings helped. I may have gotten a dud or my eyes are too sensitive to it. I had 2 dead pixels, side-by-side, near the top of the monitor. They far up enough that I never noticed them in normal operation. Finally, the stand is very basic and the color reproduction was underwhelming. The monitor comes pre-set to "warm" and really wants to keep going back to the "warm" setting. If you get this, remember to adjust the colors immediately.

Overall Review: I would not recommend this monitor. This is the low end of that "144hz 1440p FreeSync non-TN" monitor range and it shows. Since you will potentially be looking at this for multiple hours, its worth a bit more money to get something better.

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A dud12/20/2012 4:22:15 PM

Pros: Easy setup, good menu, sounds good, iPhone app worked well.

Cons: HDMI doesn't work. Terrible flickering when trying to use my Playstation 3. Used about 6 different HDMI cables and different HDMI ports, and did all available firmware updates; nothing worked. And yes, all of this hardware (PS3/cables/TV/etc) worked just fine on my last setup.

Overall Review: Unfortunately, I started reading the widespread problems about newer Onkyos after I purchased this. Lots of HDMI board problems on the 414/515/616 models and lots of complaints about Onkyo customer support. I decided to save myself some trouble and return it to Newegg before I had to start dealing with Onkyo for support. Just skip this model, the 414, and 616. Save yourself some headache and get a Denon/Marantz/HarmonKardon/Sony. Onkyo is not what they used to be.

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Awesome10/5/2008 3:26:20 AM

Pros: Awesome monitor at a great price. Looks fabulous. I moved up from a 19" Samsung Syncmaster and this thing blows it out of the water. The picture that this screen produces is amazing. The preset color configurations are nice as well. I set it to Game and its perfect for me. The included webcam is pretty good as well it has a wide viewing area. There is no microphone on it but I have no problem with that because I use a headset.

Cons: When I do some extreme typing the screen starts to wobble a bit but thats not too much of a hassle.

Overall Review: To the guy that bought this with a defective screen and is now staying away from ASUS: give ASUS another shot, I've bought numerous of their products over the years and i'm totally in love with them all. All the motherboards I have bought have been ASUS, this monitor solidified my belief in ASUS quality. The screen may have had some problems during shipping or anything really may have happened.

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