Started out great, but...12/3/2018 12:32:53 AM

Pros: Very large (32 inches) 144hz VA panel, which while not as good as IPS is still very good Comes with a DisplayPort cable

Cons: In addition to arriving with several dead pixels, the panel started acting strange after about a week of use. The monitor randomly turns itself off and on in the middle of use, and there is some strange artifacting/flashing that occurs near the center of the screen.

Overall Review: When I first got the monitor I was psyched, it seemed like a great deal. But then slowly of the couple days of owning it I started noticing things that were wrong. Mainly the dead pixels, but after about a week it started acting up. I've already started the RMA process, here's hoping the new one will be better.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Damon, We are sorry to hear this; we understand you are returning the Acer monitor but we would have been happy to provide support for you. If in the future you need assistance with an Acer product, feel free to contact support from the info posted at We appreciate you taking the time to write this review. Best regards, Acer America
Pretty Good11/26/2018 9:20:57 PM

Pros: Inexpensive Very light and portable Decent read/write speeds Good amount of storage for the price

Cons: None

Overall Review: Overall I've been pretty satisfied with this drive so far, especially considering the fact that I bought it on sale. It has performed admirably and I would definitely recommend it.

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One of the best Gaming CPUs on the market11/22/2017 2:02:19 AM

Pros: -Fast -Overclocks like a champ (Was able to get mine to 5ghz) -6 cores -Shreds any game you throw at it

Cons: -You need to buy a Z370 board to use it, this isn't an issue if you're upgrading from an extremely old platform like I did though

Overall Review: Great CPU if you can get it.

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