Working great.1/2/2017 7:16:26 PM

Pros: Installed into an Alienware 15 R2, has been operating without issue at its rated speed so far.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Have not been able to test with memtest86 yet, but so far no issues.

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Excellent price and capacity.6/29/2014 4:34:22 AM

Pros: Excellent price for the capacity and speed you are getting. The drive is mildly faster than the Vertex 3 it is replacing. Cut a few more seconds off Windows boot time. It also comes with free Imaging Software.

Cons: Crucial does not have any monitoring or firmware tools for this drive (hopefully they will make one).

Overall Review: The Acronis True Image software that the drive comes with is very good for preserving everything for transfer to a new drive. However the program has several background tasks that seemed to sometimes lock up the computer when it accessed things on my terabyte HDD. At first I thought the drive might be dying due to being 7 years old so I replaced it with a new 2TB HDD and experienced the same issues. I uninstalled Acronis and the problem went away.

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Fast when it works.10/25/2011 7:47:46 PM

Pros: At 1920x1200 I can play near every game I own with the settings maxed out and still get excellent frame rates that don't drop anywhere near unplayable. The card is quiet, it only produces a soft hum that is drowned out by any other sound source. It runs pretty cool as well. EVGA's tech support is decently quick to correspond with you if you have problems.

Cons: The card I received from newegg ran without issue for two days before dying. I RMA'd through EVGA and the replacement has been running without issue for a week so far. My biggest issue is that after purchasing such an expensive card, EVGA sends the replacement to me with the slowest possible shipping method. Especially after I paid to send it to them and it took half the time to make it to them.

Overall Review: This is the third EVGA card I have owned and overall I'm marginally satisfied with how getting a replacement worked. It's hard to say if I'll purchase from them again or not.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, I do apologize if you had to RMA the card. We do offer free ground shipping for all RMA's in the US or Canada, when submitting the RMA you are given the option to purchase faster return shipping. Regards, Matthew Hurwitz Assistant Product Manager
Excellent Memory for the Price10/17/2011 10:01:56 PM

Pros: All 4 memory modules work at there advertised speed and voltage, with absolutely no issues. The heat spreaders are firmly attached to the memory and are nice and subdued looking. Thanks to these I've been able to disable the windows page file and still not run into issues.

Cons: none

Overall Review: I've bought ram from Corsair, Patriot, and G.Skill. And so far G.SKill is the only company that has never given me at least one bad stick of ram. I'm currently using this with an i7 920 that's been overclocked to 3.8ghz and everything is solid.

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OC not stable4/12/2011 10:07:59 PM

Pros: Very Quiet Shorter than a GTX 260 (by about an inch) More powerful than the 2 GTX 260s that it replaced.

Cons: Factory overclock is not stable in certain games (Total War: Shogun 2 & Dawn of War 2 are the primary ones I had issues with). Overclock would cause the video drivers to crash repeatedly.

Overall Review: Attempted to raise the voltage of the card to stabilize it, had no luck. Once I downclocked the card it became stable and games ceased to have issues.

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