Love these power supplies3/6/2018 7:45:02 PM

Pros: Quiet, dependable, modular. This is my third SeaSonic power supply, no because I'm replacing them, but because they've become my build power supply of choice.

Cons: I don't own a share in this company.

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Great, versatile case for NAS/Media server3/6/2018 7:38:29 PM

Pros: Versatility, versatility, versatility. There are so many ways to configure this case and so many places to put fans or drives. Good airflow across the board and my 7 drives. It's pretty quiet, too. Sitting maybe 5 feet from my head: I don't hear it unless I'm actively listening for it.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: I'm using this case to run a Supermicro board with FreeNAS. I bought this case in lieu of a hot swap case due to value. I ultimately decided: my drives rarely fail (knock on wood) and I don't get that much value from the premium of hot swap. Zero regrets so far with this decision.

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Solid board, 99% of users will need a fan3/6/2018 7:33:33 PM

Pros: IPMI interface (no more monitors for my media server), solid Xeon processor, just a great board/cpu combo

Cons: No USB 3 header for front panel ports. Passive cooling is NOT enough for this board without a select few 1u, high airflow cases (plenty of discussion about this, google it). I ended up buying a Noctura 60mm fan and attaching it to the heat sink. Supermicro makes a fan to add to this, but it's really expensive.

Overall Review: No unresolved regrets buying this board other than the fan issue. Running FreeNAS on it and jails I can transcode enough media to suit my home's needs.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for your comment! Supermicro needs your comment to improve our quality and service. If you still have any question, feel free to contact us. Please see the below technical support contact information: Phone: (408)503-8000 Hours: 9:00 a.m – 6:00 p.m. Pacific Time (Monday – Friday) Email address: You can also submit your issue online: Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question. Thank you! SM Technical Support
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Nice entry level KVM2/6/2017 10:04:25 PM

Pros: Quick setup. Hot key use or remote button attached to the unit via wire. Didn't have to install drivers. Video performance doesn't suffer.

Cons: Hot Key may not work with your operating system. I'm switching between a Windows and Linux desktop and the hot key switch doesn't work in Linux.

Overall Review: Using a wired keyboard and a Logitech wireless mouse.

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Nice set of pedals2/6/2017 10:01:10 PM

Pros: Price. This is at the bottom of the tiers for rudder pedals. They're functional for that price and you can customize them and add to your other Thrustmaster devices with Thrustmaster's own T.A.R.G.E.T. software.

Cons: Sometimes they slide and sometimes it takes some effort to get it out of the deadzone, which you can feel, and you wind up putting way too much rudder into whatever you're flying/driving.

Overall Review: I'm using these on Elite Dangerous and X-Plane 10 with a Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog. While you CAN put these under one configuration with the HOTAS, you lose an axis because of DirectX limitations. I didn't put the pedals in a config and Elite Dangerous and X-Plane handles the two devices fine.

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Works well, quiet fan1/22/2017 9:48:48 PM

Pros: Installed easily, the fan is quiet, and came with plenty of accessories like a bag to keep the cables in and small wire ties.

Cons: The modular power cables are stiff at the terminal ending and this makes working in tight spaces difficult. I have 3 drives mounted and had to space them out in the case to get a connection that didn't stress the drive.

Overall Review: This powers my Intel i7 2600k, with a Gtx1060, corsair h60 with push pull fans, 2 hard disks, one ssd, and a blue ray drive.

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Great performance, software could be better10/23/2016 12:38:30 PM

Pros: - Performance, performance, performance. I'm a little biased replacing a 5 year old video card. - Pretty quiet with two large fans on board. Runs about 51 degrees C.

Cons: - The software on the disk is a little buggy. You don't need most of it if you need any thing at all. - Driver install from the CD didn't work so well. Windows wouldn't recognize the card until I downloaded them from Nvidia's website, then things went well from there. These two points make the CD included in the box practically useless.

Overall Review: - I used to be an ATI guy, but not anymore. Had too many BSODs gaming with my last card and AMD wouldn't help me out with it. So far I have no regrets jumping to Nvidia.

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Cost vs. performance increase: a great value.9/4/2016 10:32:31 AM

Pros: Extremely fast! My desktop is a personal build and I've set out to do some upgrades. This is the first upgrade and it is jaw-dropping. You could save yourself hundreds installing this versus building a new computer. It performs better than when it was new. Don't forget less power and less heat.

Cons: SSD is far more expensive, but costs will continue to fall.

Overall Review: I initially tried buying a 250gb SSD and was going to supplement it with a HDD. This can be easily done on linux, but Windows makes it very unpractical. I tried this two ways in the past: hard links (Windows search doesn't like this, I fear there maybe unforeseen consequences too) and via file/folder properties moving documents and such to a new drive. The latter leaves a lot of data behind in appdata - there was hundreds of gigs in there like iPhone/iPad backups and other stuff. I decided it would be easier and I'd get more performance doing everything on one big SSD. I'd suggest the same to you.

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All other sticks are mere TOYS!9/4/2016 10:31:05 AM

Pros: Solid construction and heavy. It doesn't come up off the desk when making sharp movements. You can also mount it on your own stand. Every other stick I've owned, you could feel the axis almost like grooves, but not with this. It is very smooth and precise which makes tracking targets a breeze. The throttle is solid as well and feels like the real thing out of a cockpit. There are tons of buttons and switches - TONS! Some are toggle, some are plain buttons in the form of switches. Keep in mind that the toggle switches are actually buttons under the hood, so if you flip one of said switches you're basically holding the button down. This can be problematic if not for one feature: TARGET software. This is a powerful tool despite it gets a lot of hate. You can program these switches to actually behave like switches instead of buttons with commands that execute when you engage and disengage the switch. There software can be used in a easy drag-and-drop interface or in the "advanced mode" source code, which, at a glance, looks like Java. I have a couple of old Star Wars sims on Steam which, at first, I thought I couldn't use the Warthog with because it is recognized by Windows as 2 devices and the game doesn't support separate devices for joystick and throttle. However, select the "Star Wars" configuration I made in TARGET and run it, it combines the two controllers into one virtual device and it works perfectly.

Cons: The learning curve. I spent a lot of time figuring things out and tinkering with it. Also, the joystick didn't work out of the box, which scared me at first. I had to go download the driver from Thrustmaster's website. Getting the joystick itself to mount to the base was a little difficult as I had trouble getting it to thread just right and I'm worried the connection between the stick and base maybe a easy point of failure. The manual did have some misinformation in it. One feature it lacks which may be a deal breaker for some: no yaw twist on the stick. You'll need pedals.

Overall Review: Games I'm playing with this: Elite: Dangerous, X-Plane, Star Wars X-wing/TIE Fighter sims.

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First was DOA, second began to fail in 10 months8/26/2016 5:36:52 AM

Pros: I saw value in the rant and rave about the Red version of drives.

Cons: First drive was DOA. The second began to show errors in 10 months. The drive is in an NAS as RAIDZ and ran continuously. The WD green drives have far surpassed quality here and I may go back to them.

Overall Review: Go with WD green or competitor. I'm hearing better things about Seagate. There is obviously a quality issue here.

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Manufacturer Response:
Greetings Andrew, Your feedback is appreciated. Desktop drives, such as WD Greens may be used in Raid 0 and Raid 1 only. Raid arrays using three or more HDDs require TLER (Time Limited Error Recovery), to ensure all drives spin up and are ready for duty together. If desktop drives have worked for you before, may we assume your NAS has only one or two bays? We have tested many NAS Raid enclosures from the most common manufacturers to be compatible with specific capacities and models. It may be a good idea to compare our compatibility list against your enclosure for the best fit drive. “WD Red Product Features”: We would like the chance to provide further assistance by phone or Email below. Please mention this Newegg review with our support staff, and we’ll help with diagnostics and further troubleshooting, leading to a solution for reliable storage and longevity. Need Help? Please follow the link below for further assistance or contact us at 1(855) 559-3733.
SSD-comparable performance, HDD price5/5/2016 9:24:41 PM

Pros: Installed and rebooted 5 times, boot times decreased steadily and leveled off. It is way faster than my previous HDD booting up/shutting down and starting frequently used applications. I started a few daily-use applications and closed them a few times to get the drive to commit them to flash. While some say the 8gb flash is enough, I decided to go for the 32gb flash as it'll store more for quicker loading. Can't beat the price when it comes to solid state.

Cons: Remember this is -not- an SSD and takes time/usage for the drive to determine what it needs to use the flash memory for. While a true SSD will produce results out of the box, your first boot with this drive will not produce results. A review I read showed benchmarks that indicated SSD boot performance after just 5 reboots. I took it a step further and logged in each time.

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Hot! Ouch!!12/5/2015 9:20:01 PM

Pros: It's tiny, so you can leave it in the port on a laptop. Makes it great for one of those low-capacity on-the-board storage laptops. It's USB 3, so it's fast.

Cons: It gets really hot on the underside metal. I bought the 64gb model over the 128gb because of all the reviews people wrote about the latter getting so hot - apparently they both get hot. Seems to stay hot even while idle. It's hot enough that I feel the need to pull my finger way from it to avoid burning myself.

Overall Review: I bought this for my sister who has a HP Stream with only about 21gb of usable space (don't buy a laptop based on it's color). I moved all of her documents, pictures, and music to it and you couldn't tell the difference performance-wise.

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Practical, but electronics are not durable11/7/2015 11:28:03 AM

Pros: Tool-less hard drive swaps, power switch, and activity light

Cons: Electronic components lack durability. Had hard drive go out in one of the bracket (I have 3 of them) and the bay went out. So I put it in another bay, unaware it was the HD, turned it on to see the light come on and dim out. So now I'm down 2 brackets. Suggests to me there was an electrical issue with the hard disk that destroyed the controllers in the brackets.

Overall Review: I need to replace these, but I may look for a competitor's product. Or I may just go without as it isn't the first time I've had problems with similar products. Last product I used (Icy Dock 4-drive bracket) had power issues, too, and burned out all the drives I put in it at once (hurt the computer budget).

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Andrew, Thank you so much for choosing ORICO, this is Maite from ORICO customer care team. So sorry to the issue that had happen to you, and thanks for your kindly advices. Would you please kindly tell us what is the problem in details? My email address is, please feel free to contact me. It's will be highly appreciated if you can give us a chance to fix the problem. We are looking forward to hearing from you and purchase from ORICO again! Best Regards Maite
Stupid fast - ludicious speed!8/22/2015 10:40:06 AM

Pros: Decided to take the plunge with this as I was doing a fresh install of Windows 10. My laptop has space for two drives, so I kept the hard disk and setup the windows equivalent of symbolic links to store user profiles and some programs on the hard disk. Windows boots in about 5 seconds which is an insane improvement from before. Something to remember about V-NAND, it's supposed to last a lot longer than NAND flash. You can upgrade to this with confidence.

Cons: None so far.

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It works!8/22/2015 10:36:11 AM

Pros: Was delighted to learn my Pavilion DV7 could hold another hard disk. I actually put an SSD in it. No cable was included with the laptop for expansion.

Cons: The terminator on the motherboard end is oriented incorrectly. The wire had to be routed tightly around it in an already cramped space. I'm concerned this maybe a stress point.

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Burned up my drives10/30/2012 1:02:29 AM

Pros: Great use of space

Cons: Followed the directions installing the unit, put 3 drives in their trays and slid them in. Hit the power button on the tower, heard a snap, the case fans twitched and nothing at all. Troubleshooting revealed the 3 drives I installed were all toasted. They no longer spin up, in fact one of them shorts out and shuts down the whole system. ICY DOCK SAYS THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE! They sold me something in good faith it would work, but it didn't and caused $300+ in damages. Way to stand behind your product, Icy Dock. Stay away from this company. Hope they go under and have to find work at an iPhone factory.

Overall Review: Should be an obvious red flag when the manual says: we are not responsible for equipment within the unit.

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Takes punishment and still works9/10/2012 12:53:25 PM

Pros: It's tough. Really tough. It's been sitting in my garage with the dust and Florida heat and it's still going strong. I've even put this line of switch through worse. In an IT department I used to for had one of these guys outside when I first started. I'm proud to say I took it out of the equation, but it was under a bucket in the heat, humidity and elements and stayed there for a year before it finally quit.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: I've used this switch in the pro environment and the price lets me use it at home. When I look for a switch for myself or someone I know, I usually go to this line.

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