King of the 30 series6/7/2021 12:41:06 PM

Pros: -fantastic performance -ASUS build quality

Cons: -massive card -quite heavy

Overall Review: I was lucky enough to get chosen in a shuffle to purchase this card. Unfortunately for me this was intended for a friend's build that I was assembling. Fortunately for me I got to get some firsthand experience with the card during and directly after the build prior to handing it over to said friend. The card ran cooler than I expected, I honestly figured a 3090 would just run hot no matter what being such an overkill beast. I feel like there's nothing an average consumer could throw at the 3090 that would stress it or that it could not handle with ease. Anything we loaded up and tested looked fantastic and I cannot imagine my friend will throw anything at this card that it cannot handle with ease.

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Fantastic RAM6/7/2021 12:34:33 PM

Pros: -extremely low latency -pretty zippy at 3600MHz

Cons: -refuses to cook dinner for me while I play games

Overall Review: I acquired this kit for the specific purpose of pairing it with my Ryzen 5900x and it does not disappoint. You don't have to get a super high-end kit to enjoy a new PC build, but since I had managed to get my hands on a 5900x I figured I would spring for the premium speeds/latency to pair with it. Yes this kit carries a premium price, but you are getting what you pay for with it. You are paying for a kit with both high speed and low latency. I've not been disappointed in any of my G. Skill purchases this year (this is my third kit in 2021 as I've put together two other systems for friends). It was as easy as flipping on the DOCP in the BIOS for me to let this kit really start shining. I have run some stress tests and had numerous multi-hour gaming sessions already and have experienced zero issues as of the writing of this review. *Results may vary and I always suggest checking QVLs on mobo manufacturer site and ram manufacturer site to ensure you can get the advertised speeds when getting a new RAM kit.

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Excellent small ATX case4/13/2021 8:01:16 AM

Pros: -Good cable management-Amazing airflow design with bottom, top and front filters-Easy disassembly for maximum ease of component installation

Cons: -Slightly tight quarters for cables if using the drive cage under PSU shroud-Slightly heavy

Overall Review: If you want an airflow case just a bit smaller than the standard mid-tower ATX build then I highly recommend this case.I decided on this case after watching the GamersNexus review of it. I wanted to have a great airflow case and Fractal delivered on this one. I swapped out the included fans for 2x140mm fans as front intakes and 1x140mm top exhaust with 1x120mm rear exhaust. All are pwm Noctua chromax fans. My system runs cool and is quiet. The two front fans allow me to have the lower one direct airflow over my GPU while the top fan can more directly focus air at the CPU cooler.For building the system the most impressive thing to me was just how much this case breaks down to allow maximum ease in getting everything installed. Both side panels are tool free for removal, which made me think might be a little easy to pull off but they are quite secure once attached.

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