Great processor, single threaded monster, runs hot for ITX stock (upgrading from R7 2700)12/9/2020 4:52:31 AM

Pros: - Great multithreaded performance - Exceptional single threaded performance - Was able to secure an x570 motherboard well in advance thanks to backwards compatibility - Hugely customizable and user friendly when using Ryzen Master for testing configs

Cons: - Runs HOT - after first installation it idled at 50-60*, cranking to 90* and capping when under mild use, barely even load. That being said - it is in a 7L ITX case (Lazer LZ7) - but the reality was that IT didn't know that, so it tried to give me all the power it could not knowing it was relying on a lightweight air cooler (Noctua L9a stock). In my case, undervolting and lowering the clock a touch resolved the issue, and 4.4GHz with a higher IPC is still a major improvement over my previous overclock to reach 3.6GHz. - This is less of a con of the processor, but more of a warning to future upgraders; I bought the mobo a month or so before R 5000's launch, only to find that the bios did not support the CPU out of the box. I had to make a table top setup with my 2700 installed to update the bios (this mobo was ITX and didn't have a flash), then disassemble the whole thing only to install the 5800X. So unless you're reading this well into 2021 when mobos have the bios updated from factory, make sure you update it yourself so you don't have to disassemble the system 3 times!

Overall Review: I would definitely recommend this product to someone - despite the temperature issues I faced, the average user likely would have no issues in a midsize. I will say that it was a tad pricey compared to the value of the 5600X, but I couldn't afford the jump to 5900X (glad I didn't now especially considering the heat kickoff from that thing in 7L would not have gone well). Finally, sort of a niche statement, if you are a heavy Adobe Illustrator user on AMD that has sluggish slow performance while designing with your current system - and you have the cash laying around for an upgrade - it is SO WORTH IT. The single threaded boost makes it super responsive. Happy building!

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