Noctua NH-D15 Fits inside!!5/22/2021 3:01:37 PM

Pros: Holds all video cards you can't buy.

Cons: Like all current Gaming towers everything is jammed into one corner leaving the front unused. Better have a modular power supply, not a lot of room for all of the unused sata cables on a non modular power supply. RGB connector is not standard so you get two fans case button controlled and the rest motherboard controlled.

Overall Review: Like all gaming cases a lot of wasted space followed by extreme voids where a 5.25 inch drive used to be. Really good air flow for the 9600K that was installed as well as the GTX970 (I know video card flexing) maybe in another life time when a 3000 series card can be purchased with out hassle my son will get one. Looks just like all the other gaming cases one a bit smaller.

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Works well for the expextations3/14/2021 6:05:31 AM

Pros: Used two of these with an RT-AX56U to make a mesh network at my aunt's house. The router was over a slab and we were not able to run ethernet backhaul. Their Cable connection is 200/15 Mbps. We were able to receive full internet speed through all nodes.

Cons: Without wired backhaul 250-300 Mbps is about the max speed you are going to get. Kind of slow for the NAS for making backups. It does do a pretty good job of covering the other outlet plug!!

Overall Review: For our use it works fine, if they want faster internet we will have to figure out Ethernet Backhaul. I did test wired backhaul (by laying ethernet on the floor temporarily) and was able to get 910Mbps from the NAS server, so I know the speed is there if they want it. Triband in this format factor would be really nice.

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Worked right out of the box.11/24/2020 12:16:36 PM

Pros: Want a 3080...about the only way to get one without being scalped. I picked this up for my wife since she needed a whole desktop comping from a laptop. Add up all the components price it is a pretty good price. Cable management is all tucked away nicely and she likes the excessive RGB lighting.

Cons: Only one fan is plugged into the motherboard so no automatic speed controller through the motherboard software. Correct drivers need installed as well as a BIOS update then run an auto overclock tune on it to get all you paid for. Once over clocked and even at stock the 10850k thermal throttles after mere seconds of full load, which realistically only happens on synthetic benchmarks. Even Cold War only uses 20% of the CPU.

Overall Review: It crushes Call of Duty Cold War, ultra high at resolution of 3440x1440. Need a 4k gaming computer this is it.

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Really Nice Display for the Money11/24/2020 12:08:12 PM

Pros: Beautiful to look at.

Cons: -1 Egg (more like 1/2) for no speakers and not having it in the description as such, even cheap monitors have a little speaker that you can at least show someone a youtube video without have the extra clutter of desk top speakers, fortunately my second "Normal" aspect ratio screen has speakers.

Overall Review: I liked it so much I bought my wife one.

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Good So far6/23/2020 2:31:02 PM

Pros: Ordered 5 of these to go into a RAID 5 array for a NAS Computer. All of them are new drives with valid warranty's. There have been some reviews of none genuine drives floating out there, Segate's web page shows them all good. All of them booted up just fine with no problems. Fast shipping, thanks Newegg!!

Cons: Slow?? 260 Meg/s Read Write speed out of them individually. And forget about random read write speeds. But it is a mechanical drive so whatever!! One of them the read head is noticeably louder then the rest of them. Hopefully not showing impending doom of the drive.

Overall Review: Not too high of a price considering the warranty and capacity. If you need bulk storage that is going to go over Gigabit Ethernet the drive speed will not be the bottleneck.

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Sweet Monitor!2/16/2016 10:54:42 AM

Pros: I had a 19 inch 1600x1050 View Sonic and this is a major upgrade from that. Text is crisp and easy to read, games look great. I have a GTX970 and it can play latest titles at this resolution. Although some games max out the 4 gig of ram and utilize 100% of the GPU to get 60 FPS. Stand is very sturdy. I know that may sound minor but a monitor that shakes every time you bump you desk sucks.

Cons: There is a measuring scale across the bottom of the screen as the monitor has a true to life mode but the scale is in metric, I will probably never use that feature anyways. Can't somebody make a monitor for a descent price that has descent speakers built in. They may as well not put any in.

Overall Review: My dad just got a 28 inch 1920x1080 and at that size and resolution it does not look very nice, do yourself a favor and get at least 2k for anything bigger than 20 inch and smaller then 30 inch. I picked this one up on one of Newegg's one day sale for $264 that really sweetened the deal, should have gotten two.

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Works just like its other siblings.2/14/2016 4:00:16 PM

Pros: Basically the same as the 400GB and 1.2TB, only it is 800GB.

Cons: It did not cook my dinner.

Overall Review: Used this on the Maximus VIII Impact, works like a champ and the board has U.2 native. Perfect combo, thanks asus. I have a Samsung 950 pro on another computer and it is faster on some synthetic benchmarks and slower at others. But the difference is not noticeable. The big advantage with the intel 750 is that it does not take up any room on such a small motherboard allowing Asus to put other addons on the board. The big negative of the U.2 port is that if Intel kinda cooked up the connector why did they make it need external power. The connector should be able to supply 40w or something like that. Needing external power from a SATA connector is messy. Only a minor grip as the node 304 case does not have a window and it looks just fine from the outside. Although having a heatsink and access to more power really makes this drive enthusiast and the Samsung 950 consumer.

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Cools well, Very Noisy2/12/2016 9:44:23 AM

Pros: Works as advertised, keeping an over clocked 6600K under control with minimal fan speed.

Cons: The system I build is a gaming computer with a GTX 970, a mITX board, and an Intel 750 NVME SSD. I was looking for a lot of raw performance in a small package that was quiet under normal usage and only moderately loud in gaming. The H90 however sounds like an old school mechanical hard drive hammering away in the case. the cooler is mounted horizontally in the case and if tipped vertically a bit of air rushes through and the cooler quiets down. I left the case like that over night to let the air work its way out and when put back upright the noise comes right back.

Overall Review: I used a Fractal Node 304 case for the computer. The cooler would be fantastic if it were not for the noise. I am considering replacing the cooler but if you have ever built a mITX computer you know that if you have to pull the mother board, everything has to come out and currently it is zip tied in and running, as my wife says, "the enemy of good is better"; I should probably leave well enough alone. I will probably deal with the noise until I have to open the case up for an upgrade. If you are considering high speed fans then you will probably not hear the cooler, if noise matters you might want to reconsider your choice.

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Fast Enough, and Cheap1/5/2016 12:33:24 PM

Pros: I used this CPU to rebuild my living room Media server box, coming from a Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 there is a lot to like. Speed wise it is a bit faster but the original purchase price for the G4400 is much lower. I would imagine that the actual power used by the chip is much less than the rated TDP. I was not unhappy with the performance of my old computer it was time to get something smaller and quieter. The G4400 fit the bill quite well. Coupled with a Samsung 950 pro M.2 SSD boot time is around 9 seconds and apps are smooth running.

Cons: Would have been nice to have seen HD530 graphics inside for the same price, come on Intel!

Overall Review: If you have a web browsing/netflix machine this is all the CPU you need.

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Great Little Case1/5/2016 12:22:58 PM

Pros: Update 1/5/2015 After building computers for two other I build one for myself as a media server in my living room. As before it works great. just have to be patient with the assembly. Build Specs as follows: 1 x Seagate Archive HDD v2 8TB 1 x SAMSUNG 950 PRO M.2 256GB 1 x ASUS Z170I PRO GAMING LGA 1151 1 x Microsoft Windows 10 Home - 64-bit - OEM 1 x Intel Pentium G4400 Skylake Dual-Core 3.3 GHz LGA 1151 1 x G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 288-Pin DDR4 2800 1 x Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2250 1 x In Win BP655 mini ITX case USB 3.0 Everything fits and is cool and quiet! ------------------------------ Really Compact, very quiet (if you have fan control on the motherboard). Seems solid. Makes a good everyday computer case, I have built two of them now in the last week using ASUS Z97I-PLUS motherboards. The kicker here is that the mother board has both a mini PCI-e and a M.2 (on the underside of the board) so I am able to have a mechanical HD and a Solid state drive with one more solid state drive bay open. However, I used the second 3.5 inch bay for cable management. To top it off there is a fill size blue ray drive in it as well!

Cons: The major con here is that in one of the builds I installed a GT 730 half height card inside and there is absolutely no clearance from the side of the case and the GPU fan. I had to cut vents in. It would be nice to see the case made 1/2 inch taller to allow some ventilation for a GPU. The other is that the front panel audio connector is a bit short for the motherboard, to short to route it around the CPU instead it got over top of the CPU. Other motherboards could be fine. As hinted in the PROS there is was not a thought for cable management and there is old school floppy and molex connectors on the power supply, I just cut them off to save space.

Overall Review: Both of the people that I built them for are really happy with the size of the computers, dead is the full or even micro ATX case for web browsing computers. Most people buy a computer with extra room for upgrading and then never use it, why then have a bigger case. I will probably build one for myself for my living room.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Benjamin, Thank you for a detailed review of our BP655. We like to see all of the positives you listed, but also appreciate the details we may have over looked. Some of those details have been corrected in newer models, but some can still be suggested for future products too. We will forward this to our R&D team. We definitely don't mind hearing a bit of feedback, it's our way of catering to our customers, and improving ourselves at the same time. Thank you for choosing In Win. Best regards, In Win Development Inc.
Great10/29/2012 6:01:55 PM

Pros: Picked this up 9/30/2008. Been running cool and quiet ever since. One of the most reliable pieces of hardware ever owned, no problems out of it.

Cons: They dont make them any more. Power off switch is on the inside of the case.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
Owned one for several years6/10/2012 4:34:55 AM

Pros: I picked this sub up 7 years or so ago when it cost $600. It still works great not a problem from it.

Cons: If used on hardwood floors and at high volume it will have a tendency to vibrate (walk like an old washing machine) across the room.

Overall Review: I would not call it room filling bass, if you can get it for less than two hundred I would buy 2 of them, then you will have room filling bass without the sub having to work hard. Mine gets minimal use now since I built a Transmission Line box and use 2 10inch Dayton reference subs powered by true 1200Watts RMS, but now that I have kids it hardly gets used for its full potential.

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Awesome8/13/2010 6:04:13 AM

Pros: Everyone has already said it. One thing that I have not seen is that I easily get 1000+ photos per battery. TURN OFF THE LCD SCREEN! use it sparingly and you have more than enough battery.

Cons: They should have updated the auto focus to all cross type and exposure should have been in color like the 7D but o well. Not really a con but slow FPS, I miss the FPS that my 40D had but I Have less editing to do now.

Overall Review: No byers remorse after I shot the first photo. Make sure you have a Hoss of a computer the RAW image size kills a lot of computers when working in lightroom, even viewing them can be a pain at full res.

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