Huge, Pretty 2k Monitor With Flaws12/11/2018 7:42:23 PM

Pros: -It's huge. I've been using an Asus VH236H 24" monitor for nearly 10 years and this thing utterly dwarfs it. If you are using a 24" or smaller screen be prepared to be blown away at how much larger 32" is. This is really the main draw of this screen and I was not disappointed. -It's cheap when it's cheap. This thing has seen some insane price swings up and down recently but for what I paid it was a total steal. This monitor is the best value on the market right now IMO if you can catch it at a reasonable price. -It's pretty. All marketing stuff aside, this monitor has above average color accuracy out of the box and with some minor adjustment's provides a very consistent, neutral picture (at least to me, I'm in no way an expert). Compared to my old monitor this one demolishes it in color accuracy and brightness and I was very pleased with it in this respect. It's 10-bit panel (8-bit+FRC) is useful for those who can/need to leverage that ability but for the majority of users is irrelevant except in directX games that support 10-bit output. -2k resolution. Compared to a 32" 1080p monitor, 2560x1440 provides a much better pixel density of about 92 ppi vs 69, giving you an image quality in regards to ppi a very similar appearance as a 24" 1080p screen. This is by no means bad but if you want a higher ppi, consider dropping to a 24-27" screen or shooting for a 4k monitor. This has the added benefit of not requiring any sort of Windows UI or text up scaling as everything appears about the same size on this screen as it does on a 1080p one: no squinting at tiny icons or minuscule text here. -Build quality is pretty good for a monitor of this price and doesn't impart a feeling of cheapness. I like it's simple aesthetic. -Other stuff: FreeSync is neat and not wallet destroying like G-sync although AMD has no real compelling GPU solutions right now to drive a 2k monitor at higher game settings apart from Vega 56 & 64 which are fairly "meh" cards awaiting replacement by Navi based GPU's. 75Hz is a decent improvement over 60Hz but is impossible to notice IMO. IPS does provide better accuracy with lower color and brightness shifts as your viewing angle increases, but this monitor is so huge you will still notice some distortions near the corners even sitting dead on to it. It's not drastic but it's there. It's response time of 4ms may not be the fastest but I notice absolutely no difference between this and my old monitor's 2ms in games.

Cons: -It had 8 dead and defective pixels, which is a total shame. Having to RMA this and return to my old monitor was a seriously difficult affair but trying to live with permanent black specks on your screen is an even harder one. -2 eggs for this. -It has a fairly thick, medium anti-glare coating that, yes, does it's job but also degrades the clarity of the monitor. Compared to my old Asus with it's anti-glare coating removed you absolutely do notice a fairly large difference in clarity and sharpness. Anti-glare coatings are a standard and the majority of people will not even notice or care about it so not a real objective con and more a personal gripe. AOC's predecessor to this screen used a light anti-glare coating and I would have been happier if they continued to use it on this one. -"IPS glow". This sort of glowing effect is very noticeable at the top and bottom of the screen during darker scenes and is really exaggerated due to the size of this screen as your eyes are at a greater angle to the corners than on a smaller screen. You can mitigate this by tilting the screen to "push" the effect to the top or bottom where it is less noticeable. -VGA? DVI? What? Both of these connectors are very upset about being exhumed from their graves to be used on this 2018 monitor and I don't blame them. Maybe AOC is going for that "retro" look that's so popular now a days? -No VESA mount compatibility. Not a con for me but might be for others.

Overall Review: Newegg's policy of needing 8 or more dead pixels to have the monitor replaced is absurd; even AOC declares a panel with 2 "full black" stuck pixels as being defective and eligible for replacement under their own warranty. Yes, you can still return it for a refund but you eat any tax and shipping costs you may have payed and if you plan on just buying it again you have to pay those costs again which is annoying to say the least. That said, Newegg is very quick and in my experience hassle-free with their RMA process and I was happy with how they handled my case.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Matthew, Thanks for taking the time to post your AOC product review. We are sorry to hear about the dead pixels you received with your monitor. We hope you were able to successfully process your exchange with Newegg and now have a good replacement. If there is anything we can help with in regards to your monitor, please feel free to contact us through the link below and we will be happy to further assist. Thank you for choosing AOC! Best Regards, AOC Support
Defective but Reliable12/3/2018 7:19:35 PM

Pros: -Has ran nearly 24/7 for over 7 years paired with an overclocked i5-2500k with no dead ports or other major issues apart from the overclocking issues below. That alone is a pretty impressive feat and I have no reason to believe it's going to fail me any time soon. -Lots of I/O on the back panel and plenty of PCI and PCIE slots. Lots of features for it's 99 dollars. -Decent UEFI bios for the time with plenty of settings. -I like the aesthetic of the board.

Cons: -This particular mobo is defective and exhibits odd behavior when you overclock like it cycling on and off 3-4 times before finally booting and having to push high Vcore settings for pretty mundane overclocks (I run 4.4GHz @ 1.375 V, 4.5GHz requires nearly 1.4 V which is silly). This seems to be a common thing with ASRock Z68 boards and it really annoys me knowing I'm leaving performance on the table due to a buggy board. -2 eggs for this. -Flimsy construction, mobo bends very easily even when handled with care. More a nitpick than a real con and it was a 99 dollar mobo so what can you expect? -VRM heatsinks don't even contact the VRM's, they just kinda hover above them and are mostly for show. I put some thermal pads on to fill the gap in hopes that this makes them functional but honestly it probably does very little.

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Decent Cheap 120mm Fan2/22/2018 11:06:18 AM

Pros: Not much to say other than it's a basic and cheap case fan. It moves a decent amount of air on low and is reasonably quiet. High is about what you would expect from a cheap fan: loud and annoying but moves a good amount of air. Doesn't move much air through the fine dust filtering mesh on the front of my case but then again I doubt any other fan would do much better trying to move air through a filter like that, save maybe a high pressure fan that costs 4x as much as this. Best used as a basic exhaust fan on the low setting or maybe an intake fan in a case without dust filters.

Cons: (insert witty joke here)

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The Best CPU Ever Produced9/1/2017 4:35:34 PM

Pros: As someone who has owned this CPU for nearly 7 years I can say without a doubt that it is the greatest CPU ever produced in terms of price/performance ratio. This thing obliterated the competition then and still, 7 years after its release, plays every game and runs any app without the slightest complaint. I've had it running at a conservative 4.2GHz for nearly 6 years now and have never seen any real reason to go much further. I've made 4.6GHz stable but there is just no reason as I see no improvement in performance. Intel was still using solder in 2011 so it runs very cool even under a mediocre air cooler. Nothing, save maybe ARMA 3 and it's hideously un-optimized game engine, makes this CPU break a sweat. I have no plans to replace it and will only do so when 4k gaming becomes the new standard. Even then I'll just retire it and my current monitor for a racing sim setup where it will live on for who knows how long.

Cons: Sandy Bridge ushered in an era of total Intel domination and caused the market to stagnate horribly until Ryzen was released earlier this year. Bad for innovation and maybe the reason why the 2500k has lasted me so long, but goes to show just how dominant Sandy Bridge and it's derivatives were/are.

Overall Review: When we talk about longevity for computer components we mean 2-3 years and then It's out of date. No, the 2500k is not the fastest thing anymore of course, but 7 years ago when I bought it I expected it to be "fast" for a generation or two and then need to be replaced. I never expected it to still chew through games as well as the new CPU's a full 7 years later.

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Great7/5/2017 5:38:43 PM

Pros: It's exactly what I needed to power a graphics card in an older computer with no PCI express power adapters.

Cons: None

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Just Another Great i57/5/2017 5:36:22 PM

Pros: Installed this in a build for a friend. We didn't even bother overclocking but having the option is nice.Not a whole lot to say about it since it's essentially just another i5 in a long line of i5's dating back to the legendary 2500k. This is essentially the 2500k after six or so years of polishing. Like that processor it overclocks well, runs cool and performs flawlessly in games and out. You will not see a CPU bottleneck unless your building something silly that shouldn't be using a 4c 4t processor anyway. The i5 has been the go to processor for gaming for a long time now and this processor is no different.

Cons: Kinda pricey. 30$ more than my old 2500k and that came with a (very cruddy) heatsink. You can tack on at least $20 to its price because of the need for an aftermarket heatsink. At the time I wrote this review Ryzen has been out for a few months and the price on this is still the same. I doubt it will go anywhere except when it goes on sale.

Overall Review: Intel has had no reason until Ryzen to rock the boat so the last 7 or so years have been a serious case of deja vu. The lack of innovation on Intel's part isn't entirely their fault but hardly anyone gets excited for their new stuff when its really just the same thing with a few % points more performance. I honestly cannot tell a difference in games and out between this and my nearly 7 year old 2500k. Either a testament to Intel's design prowess or the stagnation of the software and hardware market. Probably both. I see no reason to replace this or my old CPU until 4c 4t becomes obsolete, which we might be seeing the start of with the introduction of Ryzen.

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Junk7/5/2017 4:16:58 PM

Pros: The antenna's can be removed and used to increase the gain of other wifi adapters or anything else that can use them. They also look kinda cool sticking out of your computer.

Cons: Hardly works as an actual wifi adapter. Judging from the other reviews buying this adapter is like spinning the roulette wheel. I must have lost because this thing is just a nightmare. When it wasn't dropping the connection for no reason for hours at a time it would hardly keep the connection and ran at dismal speeds. After suffering with this thing for far too long I just moved my computer to within wired connection range of the router, plugged it in and threw this thing in the trash where it belongs.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Matthew, Thank you very much for your feedback and we sincerely apologize for the troubles that our product brought you. Please rest assured that we stand 100% behind our customers as well as our products. We do offer technical support for the products we sell. For technical support or warranty issue, please contact us with a copy of your order invoice as below. Phone: 1- 800-575-9885 Email: Email2: Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
Best Graphics Card I Have Ever Owned7/5/2017 1:35:31 PM

Pros: I've owned everything from old ATI 9600's to the monstrous GTX 295 and SLI GTX 8800's when that was fashionable and can say without a doubt that this is the best graphics card I have ever purchased. Pros: - Runs everything I play at 1080p on higher settings with ease at a smooth 60fps. - It's dead silent. You literally cannot hear this card's fans until they are well above 50% which only happens in stress tests. Even overclocked and in a warm room it remains nothing more than a barely audible whisper in games. Some less demanding games don't even cause the fans to turn on ( they remain off until a certain temp is reached). The cooling solution on this card is very well designed and leaves the GPU with tons of thermal headroom. - Fantastic overclocker. It comes with a fair overclock out of the box but I managed to get 1500MHz core and 7500MHz memory speeds out of it without even touching voltage. 100% stable. - I think it's an aesthetically pleasing card. Simple and clean.

Cons: - It's massive. Not very wide or tall but boy is it long. Either make sure your case can fit it or be prepared to cut a hole in your HDD bay to fit it like I had to. This is the price you pay for such a beefy cooling solution. - This 4gb 960's were overpriced, but 2gb cards are becoming obsolete. I picked this card up when it was on sale for the price of the 2gb model. For what they were asking for this card normally it would have made more sense to just buy the GTX 970.

Overall Review: Graphics cards used to fall into two categories: Slow and loud or fast, loud and hot. This card ( and a few newer ones I have worked with) is fast, cool and quiet. It utterly crushes my old SLI setups and the GTX 560 I was using before in every way. Technology sure has come a long way since the dark ages of tiny shrieking fans and blistering temps.

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Great Quality Ram2/1/2014 9:14:37 AM

Pros: Good quality ram with a relatively low heatsink design. I've always had luck with G.SKILL and will stick with them.

Cons: I'm not really a fan of the heatsink design but then again I never see it.

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Nice, but not for me12/22/2013 11:44:07 AM

Pros: This pad is monsterous and dwarfs my old Goliathus by a good couple of inches. Made of a high quality cloth material which is very smooth and consistant. Mine came free of any wrinkles or bad odor.

Cons: After years of using my old Razer mousepad which is starting to get kinda beat up I decided to try this mousepad. Used it for a few weeks and I just couldn't get used to the change in resistance compared to my old, coarse mousepad. Switched back to the old pad and gave this one to a friend.

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Nice Ram So Far11/21/2013 8:36:17 AM

Pros: 8gb at a resonable price by a reputable vender. No huge gaudy heatsinks that do nothing but get in the way. Grey design goes well with the rest of my computer.

Cons: None unless they decided to die in the future.

Overall Review: 8gb is the ideal amount of ram for gamers/multitaskers. Dont bother with 16gb running at silly speeds with towering heatsinks unless you know for sure you need it for professional/niche applications.

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Great HDD So Far11/21/2013 8:25:34 AM

Pros: Its 1TB at the same price I paid for a 150gb IDE drive the last time I re-built my computer not too long ago. Was causing blue screen errors when I first recieved it but I deduced that it was due to the drive being very cold from being in transit; once It warmed up I saw no more errors and It has been rock solid since. Time can only tell if it will last as long as my WD 500GB boot drive which has been on nearly 24/7 for the past 3 years and is still going strong.

Cons: None for me unless it explodes.

Overall Review: I never thought I would fill my 500GB HDD when I bought that but I did. Having so much space makes you want to download a ton of junk you really dont need.

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Great11/21/2013 8:05:56 AM

Pros: Ordered this for my uncles computer build. I own an older Asus 1080p monitor that's always impressed me and decided to go with another Asus product and I'm glad I did. This monitor is very crisp and clear and has an impressive contrast ratio which makes for very rich colors. No dead pixels. Perfect for my uncle who uses this just for web surfing and Youtube though im sure It would be fine for gaming or BD playback.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Asus monitors have never failed to impress me or die on me, unlike other brands I have owned in the past.

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Great so far11/21/2013 7:49:12 AM

Pros: Got this to replace a rather noisy fan on a Corsair CPU heatsink. Is dead silent even without the reducer and moves enough air to keep my CPU at the same temps as the old fan. The white fan gives some nice contrast to the rest of my black case. No annoying LED's.

Cons: The rubber "screw" mounting system is a bit of a pain to install and I feel like they will strech out and break after a couple of uses. I opted to use the metal screws so its not really a con for me.

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Basic CD Drive11/8/2013 9:00:35 AM

Pros: Cheap, Bought this basically just to install Win7 and mobo drivers and an odd game or two from my collection.

Cons: Very slow and Very loud. When in use it sounds like an off balance blender and it takes an hour to install something or read from disc.

Overall Review: Its crude but I'm not expecting a silky smooth quiet drive at this price. It gets the job done but not very well.

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Great Heatsink11/8/2013 8:52:49 AM

Pros: Purchased to replace the stock cooler on a Sandy Bridge i3 based system as everyone knows they are a pain to install and are generally just bad. Keeps that system very cool and is surpsingly quiet. Small and compact.

Cons: Was kinda clunky to install but once it was in it felt much more secure than the stock Intel heatsinks.

Overall Review: This heatsink wasnt really needed in the build I did but my hate for the stock ones is so much I opted to get this.

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Great11/8/2013 8:42:05 AM

Pros: 50ft of CAT 5 cable. Allows me to connect wired as opposed to wireless. Easy to disconnect and easy to route. Rather flexible. Works just as advertised.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Simple product, not a whole lot to say about it. 50ft allows me to route this thing pretty much anywhere in my one story house.

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Almost Doubled in price?6/9/2013 12:23:40 PM

Pros: WAS cheap for the GB's, works well for pretty much any application

Cons: One stick died about a year ago Price is now nearly doubled from when I purchased this kit

Overall Review: I originally purchased this kit two years ago for about half the price they are now on sale to save money over the silly ram with (useless) heatsinks. At this price you might as well spend the extra few bucks and get something fancier. Looks like the memory companies have found a solution to the RAM market becoming cheaper...

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Manufacturer Response:
. Dear Customer Glad to hear you got the RAM at a great price. DRAM pricing is based on global supply and demand. Last year, pricing was at an all time low. Since then, it has recovered back to normal condition. Keep in mind G.Skill does NOT control pricing, it is based on global pricing. Though if you compare G.Skill pricing with other brands, you will notice that it is always the lowest since we do not mark up. As long as you purchase G.Skill memory, you will always get the best quality, performance, support, and service. If a module is defective, please visit the G.Skill home page to complete the RMA procedure online. The G.Skill RMA process is quick and hassle free so you can receive new modules in no time. For any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email: G.Skill Forum:
External Link(s):
G.SKILL home page
Cheap10/18/2012 10:14:03 AM

Pros: Cheap Works without drivers Works in BIOS menu's Long battery life

Cons: Extremely flimsy and cheap feeling You can bend the keyboard with very minimal force Mouse is light and the clicks are loud

Overall Review: Good for someone who wouldn't notice/care about how cheap it feels.

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The Good Stuff10/18/2012 10:05:35 AM

Pros: This has been the only thermal paste I have ever used since i started working on computers and doing builds. While stock thermal paste tends to turn to "thermal dust" after a while, this stuff remains viable for much longer than that. One tube will last you a very long time if you use a proper amount. Have used it on everything from Prescott Pentium 4's (which crank out absurd amounts of heat) to i5-2500k's and it always works great. Does have a noticeable impact on temps after the cure period.

Cons: Does require a lengthy cure time before you will see any real improvements over stock paste.

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Nice Case!10/18/2012 9:50:51 AM

Pros: Was used in a basic web surfing build. Plenty of room and at a great price. Stock airflow isn't bad and the front dust filters help keep the interior clean. The dedicated SSD mounting point is nice. Comes with a huge cache of various screws and most importantly, thumb screws. Lots and lots of thumbscrews. Lots of space for more fans if you need them.

Cons: Im used to working on ancient cases and still use my Raidmax Scorpio (not the newer one either) that's seen everything from a AMD single core build to my current i5-2500k based one. This cases build quality just feels flimsy to me in comparison. The plastic feels rather cheap and wiggles around. The power switch feels like it might break someday. The metal used is of a lower quality and much thinner than what I'm used to. Its not to say that this case feels like it might fall apart (it most certainly won't), its just that the materials used could be of a better quality. For $50 though, these are really just personal nitpicks.

Overall Review: I guess they just don't build em like they used to.

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Decent10/18/2012 9:30:28 AM

Pros: Very cheap. Ran an old AMD single core system 24/7 for about 2 months without a hitch. Had enough juice to power a i5-2500 and a GTX 660ti during some diagnostics. Good number of connectors for such a cheap unit. I use it for screwing around with old parts and for diagnosing problems, for that it works great.

Cons: Very cheap. Has nearly no weight to it. Fans are loud and one of them is starting to die. Wires feel very thin and cheap. I really would not trust this with parts that actually draw a good amount of power such as a gaming computer.

Overall Review: If your looking for a PSU to power a low-power system or a cheap PSU to use for diagnostics, this is adequate for that. Whatever you do DO NOT cut corners with PSU's, do that elsewhere in your build. If you get a cheap PSU and it blows, it could end up taking some, if not all, of your build with it.

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Great10/18/2012 9:12:51 AM

Pros: Used in a basic web surfing machine, Win 7 installed very quickly and boots disturbingly fast. No issues to speak of so far.

Cons: I dont have an SDD in my system yet.

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Flawless10/18/2012 9:09:55 AM

Pros: Used in a basic web surfing machine paired with a SDD. System boots so fast you'll miss the Win 7 splash screen if you're not looking for it. Unlike the ancient Dell it replaced the build runs super cool and is seriously overkill for what its being used for. Paired with a cheap aftermarket cooler as the stock Intel cooler is garbage. This processor in regards to gaming is very capable and will beat or at least match everything from AMD, while running much cooler and using less power.

Cons: Stock Intel cooler feels like its made of tin foil; far, far below the stock cooler in build quality that I had sitting around from an old E6850 dual core, no copper to be found anywhere. The push pin mounting system is horrid, AMD's latch system is light years ahead. Integrated graphics are strictly for low power applications like flash games and the such, don't expect to be able to play games like Skyrim on it. Locked multiplier means no overclocking, which is a bit disappointing knowing how well sandy bridge overclocks. These really aren't cons, just things the buyer should know before purchasing.

Overall Review: AMD really needs to step up their game considering the Pentium G680, a pedestrian dual core w/out hyperthreading eats everything in the FX series and almost everything in the Phenom II series in terms of gaming. I sincerely hope AMD regains some competitiveness; I like doing builds from each company, just not when the performance disparity is so huge.

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Nice Chip10/13/2012 5:29:13 PM

Pros: Great CPU with way more than enough speed to handle everyday tasks like watching movies and surfing. Have it installed in a basic web surfing build and its very fast, maybe even overkill, for that. Would make a nice drop-in replacement for an older system needing a nice speed increase. Not the best thing for gaming, but it could probably do it at a passable level.

Cons: Not really suitable for a gaming rig, as it is only a dual core (no unlockable cores) and is based on older tech. Stock heatsink is very tiny: it keeps the CPU cool enough at stock clocks but I really wouldn't do any OC'ing on it. I wouldn't even call these cons really as the buyer should know these things beforehand.

Overall Review: Great all around chip. If you want something for gaming move up to at least the Phenom II 955 quad core and OC it, or possibly an i3-2100 which is slightly faster.

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