It's ok but the base is not perfectly flat.7/5/2021 9:20:09 AM

Pros: - Good quality - Easy to use - No RGB, no frills cooler

Cons: - Only 4 heat pipes vs competition - heatpipe contact area doesn't feel 100% flat (can feel heat pipes) - price vs competition is kinda steep

Overall Review: I mean when it comes to budget coolers it does the job and does it well. I am working on a SFF build so my options were limited. I can't help but pin this against Vetroo and other very budget tower coolers and I have to tell you, if I did it all over again I'd go with the competition. Paying extra for less is never a good thing unless you get substantially better quality.

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Good power delivery but kinda a letdown if you aren't using an 11th Gen.7/5/2021 9:06:05 AM

Pros: - Descent power delivery for the price - Integrated Wi-Fi - Good placement of the fam and input headers - Surprised it has RGB control for a pretty basic board

Cons: - Forget using both Nvme slots if you're on a 10th gen. Only use is available unless you're on an 11th gen processor. The specs aren't 100% clear on this which can cause confusion. - who puts a cabled CMOS battery stuck with double sided tape on the bottom for everyone to see? - ASRock definitely did not bother on making this aesthetically pleasing. But I guess that's the what the price commands.

Overall Review: It's a descent board for the price but beware for the 10th gen limitations for Nvme storage when buying. The whole reason for buying an ITC with twin Nvme slots is to use them and keep an SSF build as neat and tidy as possible without the use of SATA cables and external drives.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Adrian, Thank you for purchase and review. For the M.2 slots information, please visit board's specification link below under Storage Section to check. It has mentioned that Hyper M.2 Socket (M2_1) works with 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors only. Link: If you have any technical or warranty inquiry in the future, please contact us at We will assist you shortly. Thank you ASRock Support Tech Support Email:
This thing is HOT... as in Hot, Hot not Hot as in Great... Although it is.12/30/2020 7:42:22 PM

Pros: - Fast - Goldilock zone of cores and threads - Comes with all the bells and whistles of the Zen 3 architecture. - It delivers performance right out of the box with very little fuss

Cons: - Runs Hot like the pits of hell - Need a substantial cooler to tame this puppy - It's price to performance in Zen 3 lineup makes it difficult to suggest over the 5900x - You feel like the guy that caught an extremely rare animal since they are so few in the wild and so difficult to catch... Good luck to all trying to buy one.

Overall Review: If I could do it all over again I'd probably go with a 5900X just to work around the thermals of this processor. But overall it's an extremely potent, capable and outright performer on the Zen 3 lineup. Can't really complain.

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A step above the MAG272CR12/30/2020 7:26:44 PM

Pros: - IPS Panel with very little light bleed - 165 Hz display - Wide color gamut - Tilt, height and swivel adjustments - Easy toggle menu joystick - Great response time - Better settings out of the box vs previous MSI monitors - USB pass-thru and type-c and audio connections make this a very input rich panel. - Good materials, base is extremely sturdy.

Cons: - Colors may be better out of the box than my MAG272CR but they are not perfect. - Mystic Light RGB strip at the back which you can't really see and doesn't play nice with MSI's own Dragon Center software (keeps resetting to rainbow puke). - "Frameless" only in words. Useless 1/4" border around it makes it useless for multi-monitor setup unless you can live with borders between monitors.

Overall Review: I really like this monitor when considering it's use as a standalone panel. Compared to my previous MAG272CR VA 1080P panel, this IPS 1440P panel is a step above and beyond. The only point where it lags behind is in contrast ratio as with any IPS panel when compared to VA's. The wide color gamut is very apparent and although it comes out of the box a tad oversaturated, most people will enjoy that "vivid" color range even if it's not accurate. The downside of this monitor is really for those looking for a multi-monitor setup. Where that thin border really makes this panel useless to those looking to do a sim-racing or a multi-panel workstation in an extended display setup. For the single panel and competitive gamer, this monitor will work exceptionally well. My monitor out of the box came with no dead pixels and very little backlight bleed as it's normal in IPS monitors. I have read users having different experiences regarding this and it has been the case in most MSI monitors up until now. I haven't had such experience with either of my last two monitors from MSI but this is basically a lottery. Newegg has updated its dead pixel policy so I wouldn't be too worried about it as it's an easy return and replacement.

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MSI's "budget" 3080 alternative is both silent and powerful but it does come with limitations12/25/2020 5:44:44 PM

Pros: - No RGB, not even a lighted up logo. - Very nice minimalistic design with neutral colors - Out of the box performance is what you'd expect - Extremely Silent! - Twin 8-pin PCIe connectors. Not NVidia's ridiculous 12-pin. - Anti-sag bracket included with the card. - Easy undervolt which brings performance gains and cooler temps.

Cons: - No RGB (if you need RGB in your card) - Power limit is locked at 100% which limits Overclocking potential. - OC version is mostly marketing (see point above). - This thing is big. Not Aorus big, but you will need to be attentive to your case dimensions. (See pictures comparing to a Sapphire 5700XT Pulse)

Overall Review: The MSI Ventus 3X OC is an interesting and unexpected RGB-less option in 2020, where GPU offerings and basically everything PC related get their shameless dose of RGB logos and designs. With its neutral grey/black palette, white lettering in the MSI and required "Geforce RTX" logos, silver fin and tube design (no exposed copper piping) and a fairly minimalistic but elegant design, this card will jive with most builds out there. My only complaint from the card is that the exposed PCB color is yellowish/cream which doesn't match to well with the rest of the card in a horizontal configuration (see side comparison picture). I would have much rather had that exposed PCB painted black or white to match everything. This is nothing a simple fine tipped brush and some paint can't fix if it bothers you. As far as performance; the card performs as expected similarly to every single RTX 3080 available in the market. It boosts way past its rated boost clock frequency and works at or below the spec'd power value. It is an extremely powerful card right out of the box, albeit it does run a tad on the hotter side vs others I've seen reviews of but not really by much. The graphene back-plate dissipates heat and does a good job of not isolating the heat in the back of the PCB. The card does come with an anti-sag bracket which is a nice addition but it clearly is an indication that MSI knew the graphene back-plate was not enough to keep the card from sagging. As mentioned in the pro's, this card is a 8+8 PCIe plug design, and unfortunately irrespective from its OC nomenclature in the box, the power limit is locked into place at 100% in the bios as shown by MSI Afterburner. This is expected based on PSI-SIG ratings for each 8-pin configuration and a rather unfortunate scenario which I suspect might be on purpose to stop it from competing with the Gaming X-Trio version they sell at a higher premium. The card is extremely silent and could easily be adjusted in its fan profile to overclock if you wanted with a higher power limit. There is performance to be had by undervolting the card as well if so desired. Overall, the card is a winner if you can live with the out of the box power limit settings and don't need RGB in your life.

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Great value for the price and a great performer5/13/2020 5:25:33 PM

Pros: - Excellent refresh rate at the price point - Although it does not say it, it does work with G-Sync - VESA compatibility - Great viewing angles and good color saturation for a gaming monitor (although it needs to be corrected since out the box settings are horrible). - Sturdy stand with good adjustability - Joystick and OSD are great - Best I/O in this price point (USB A/B/C, HDMI, DP) - Slim frame design with small edges - The headphone hanger is a nice touch - Macro key makes quick launching the OSD or whatever you choose a breeze which is a nice touch.

Cons: -Colors out of the box are not even acceptable. Colors are acceptable but don't think this is an image processing monitor. This is for gaming and if you go with a clear mentality you will be pleased. -HDR in this monitor is well nope. -Ghosting... Ahh yes, it's there. It's a VA panel people and you have to accept it. But it's not that bad. -No swivel in the stand, only tilt and height adjustment. -The modes in the monitor are not even worth it. User mode is the only mode you will ever use. -RGB in the back although a nice touch it's almost invisible. I've seen fireflies emit more light than that. -I would have loved if it had been a true frameless monitor at least in the sides, instead of the slim frame design. But I'll let it pass. If you are interested in these for a racing rig, you might want to look for a true frameless monitor instead.

Overall Review: If you are looking for a good gaming monitor with excellent refresh rate, freesync and g-sync compatible that won't break the bank in a 1080p format. This is your best bet. It is feature rich, it comes with an excellent OSD system to change everything using software and the image is very very decent for the price point. It's a monitor that you will not be disappointed on and it's good looking to boot. It won't break any records in image quality, it's not a real 1ms display by any chance and it's most definitely not an IPS quality display so you will see some light ghosting effects. But if you are looking for that type of performance, then you're barking at the wrong price point my friend. You can't have it all in this price point, but this one is darn close to the best compromise for the cash at hand.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI Optix monitor! If you ever require technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 888.447.6564 from M to F, 5am to 4am Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team