Intel? Who's that? Everything you need for today's computing3/25/2014 10:17:29 AM

Pros: Everything about this processor is a pro. If you asked me, Intel can take the extra money they charge for their processors and try to compete with this thing. Actually, I have nothing against intel, they make great chips, but the price point for this CPU and what you get for that price is a major plus. I'm talking battlefield 4 maxed out with dual graphics cards it barely hits 50% utilization on average. How about stock 4.0 GHz? That's not enough for you? Boost it to 4.2 GHz then. This thing is extremely fast right out of the box. I am amazed at how fast and responsive my applications are when I open progs, to compiling video or processing RAW images. This processor makes my old quad core 3.2GHz phenom look like a pinto.

Cons: Stock cooler, but hey really, other than that, this thing is extreme. No cons about the processor.

Overall Review: I am an average computer enthusiast who enjoys upgrading about every 4 years or so and am always looking for the best bang for my buck. In my experience, AMD products are up to par with the competition or ahead in some instances. This processor is no different. My previous processor I’m upgrading from lasted until now, and I could have milked it for longer, but I felt it was time to let her go and upgrade to this beast. I have no regrets and know that I should be more than enough to get me by for some years into the future. You won’t regret your purchase.

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Fully Compatible performance boost12/19/2011 7:14:55 AM

Pros: Fully compatible to my Dell Inspiron 1440. Vastly improved my laptop's performance.

Cons: NONE. I can't believe I waited this long to upgrade the RAM!

Overall Review: You won be sorry going with Crucial. I've bought RAM from them for years and never had any issues.

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So far so good12/19/2011 7:12:37 AM

Pros: Fit my Dell inspiron 1440 notebook with one of the provided adapters. Doesn't get overly hot. Works as a great replacement to the oem cord at half the cost!

Cons: Voltage detector changes upon installation of different adapter tip and doesn't change when plugged into the device. If you want to call that a con, really negligible.

Overall Review: Overall after about a weak, it works fine and powers my laptop. I'll put the extra tip adapters away in a desk drawer.

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Floral Pendant Necklace12/28/2010 9:18:15 AM

Pros: Great price (~$36!), beautiful, and the wife loves it.

Cons: None, not real diamonds ;-)

Overall Review: Great purchase, super fast shipping and got it on sale. Exactly as advertised and it looks great! Will keep them in mind when I need another jewelry purchase.

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Great Performer11/24/2010 6:59:37 AM

Pros: I did much research before purchasing this card. I am not a hardcore gamer, but wanted something that was going to push dual monitors and at 1080p and alos play some games. I was spot on. This card as not problem running dual monitors with Bad Company 2 pretty close to maxed out. I have had some widows aero theme warnings pop up when running dual monitors, but cancel it out and no crashes or anything. Have not run fps test yet but have been pleased with all the games I play on it. If I you ran this card in crossfire, look out! I also edit pictures and video on this card. Photoshop runs great as well as the video editors that utilize.

Cons: None. Fan kicks it up a notch under load, if noise is an issue for you, but it doesn't bother me at all.

Overall Review: I play Bad company 2 maxed out, left for dead 2 maxed out with no jitters. Battlefield 2 & Counter Strike (if you are old school like me, teh heh) no problems maxed out no lag.

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Wow Fast3/26/2010 7:21:01 AM

Pros: Total Domination. Super fast. Win XP Pro loads in 10 seconds flat. Gives Intel something to sweat about.

Cons: Heat-sink and fan were rather difficult to lasso onto my Asus board. After about 30 minutes of finagling I finally got both sides of the heat-sink mount loops to slide over the hooks on the CPU socket. I had to move it around and work it into place.

Overall Review: The heat-sink that came with the processor is great, it cools it down no problem. After heavy gaming, I have net gotten it above 48 degrees Celsius. Monitoring the temp, it drops down 35-36 degrees within a few minutes.

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No Doubt...3/11/2010 10:25:07 AM

Pros: ... a Great case. Ventilation, screw and mounts, plenty of HDD and peripheral bays, quick twist peripheral mounts, and mesh metal front backed by foam padding. Came with everything I needed to mount the gear, even have plenty of screws left over. That may be in part of my lack of knowlege of where it was supposed to go.

Cons: Didn't come with the blue lights like in the picture, though it really doesn't matter to me, my stuff fits great in there. be careful with the quick twist peripheral mounts, the plastic easily breaks, which happened to on of mine. Oh, and I give the few page manual about 2 eggs. Don't count on those Chinese interpreters to guide you through each case wire very well.

Overall Review: There is plenty of room in this case for my pci expressx16 radeon 5770. The card is huge, and maybe not as big as others, but I still had plenty of room from my HDD bays. I say plenty, but it is more like 2 to 3 inches. All in all this case did the job for me with no problem and I am very happy with New Egg and my purchase!

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Good for the money7/21/2009 1:35:11 PM

Pros: City mode mutes frequent X-Band hits to one audible beep and then flash only. I have owned this radar detector for a while now. It went off yesterday morning and I slowed down. I then watched the officer pull over the guy that sped passed me as I slowed down.

Cons: Doesn't have all the bells ans whistles as compared to the other brands, literally speaking!

Overall Review: This is a decent radar detector. I have had no problems with it, and if I would have had it on all the time, it may have saved me some money on speeding fines! It may not be the fanciest one in the world but if that is what you are looking for, then go spend $300 bucks on souped up model. This one does the job for CHEAP. Don't pass it up.

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well worth the $807/21/2009 11:10:30 AM

Pros: Small/slender. Almost unnoticeable in my already cramped computer bag. 2 USB cables: one for power, one for data x-fer, therefore not sacrificing data x-fer capability as with one cable sharing power and data. No huge power inverted taking up space.

Cons: None really. Cables fit a bit loosely in the back of the burner. Be careful not to disconnect during a read/write; could cause errors during burn/read. I can get over that fact, just make sure not to move it when in use.

Overall Review: A great product that does everything that I need it to. Not to savvy about the light scribe, haven't used it yet, but for my laptop missing a dvd burner this device fits my needs perfectly. Easily stores away in any bag... Great buy.

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Firewire Cable4/15/2008 7:58:56 AM

Pros: Connects a Sony handy cam that recorded my wedding so I could copy it to my computer via windows movie maker. Movie format was originally "DV" recorded on a mini dv cassette. Was able to copy to computer in dv format to retain the tape's original quality with the firewire cable. Fast and easy, worked like a charm.

Cons: Only 3ft, but that is not really a problem you can't work around.

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Good, quality RAM12/12/2007 9:09:29 AM

Pros: Installed easily, quickly, and immediately recognized. Works like a dream. I am always impresses with New Egg, and Crucial.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Having 2.5 GB's of ram installed really shows my processor's low cache performance. I have gotten no where near maxing out my memory usage. 2GB is usually always plenty. Even for VISTA in my experience for general computing.

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Good Monitor12/12/2007 9:05:28 AM

Pros: Great physical movement range. No dead pixels upon arrival. Great quality.

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: I wanted to get rid of my dying CRT, so I wanted an average flat panel that would get the job done whilst still being able to enjoy good video quality for playing games, movies, and picture editing. I am very pleased with my purchase from New Egg!

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Great12/12/2007 8:14:11 AM

Pros: Average playable fps for modern games. (Doom 3 platform, Counter Strike Source, etc). Increased overall video performance as well. Best PCI card on the market. Hands down.

Cons: PCI. Updated driver on ATI's website is garbage. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. It made all my games error out. I could not even start some games. I had to revert back to the original driver supplied with my video card. Works like a dream now. Also pricey for other comparable slot options.

Overall Review: If this is your only option for graphics expandability, then this is the choice for you! In my E-machine trash all I have is one PCI slot. This cars soups up my graphics frames rates tremendously compared to my on board. Stress test in CS-S gave me 28.3 FPS. Definitely pleasurably playable! I can't wait to install BF-2. If serious gaming is your cup of tea, then you might want to save the money for a new mobo, and pci-e x16 card. I love this card though, it was the cheapest and best option for me.

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