Stylish and sturdy3/28/2021 11:48:30 AM

Pros: Almost everything is metal and glass. Very sturdy build. Spacious for an mATX chassis. Ample mounting locations for hardware and cooling.

Cons: Cable management is not easy to hide as it is almost completely open. 3m spacers to put on SSD for front mount too thick.

Overall Review: Was easy enough to build in. Only real issue was the 3m spacers on the SSD mounts being too thick. Other than that was very happy with the finished look. Also, this thing has some weight.

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Not bad for it's price.8/15/2020 8:06:30 AM

Pros: Response times average for va. OSD has plenty of options and is not too obtrusive. Has freesynch so it "can" use G-synch through geforce control panel Easily adjustable color and sharpness

Cons: Did require serious color adjustment, seemed washed out, blacks kinda grey etc. Freesynch acts up. When on can cause flickering in certain scenes\windows and during certain games (wilmots warehouse specifically) caused the screen to completely black out until I got out of the game and deactivated it. Does however stop usually after tuning off then back on.

Overall Review: For the price, I couldn't find one cheaper, it did not totally disappoint. After playing with the settings, it has a nice image and handles AAA titles like CoD well. Great for games. Do not buy 21:9 if videos are a major part of your routine. Few support the ratio. I don't thinkI could go back to 16:9 for gaming now though. 4 eggs cause I did need to play with colors and sharpness. Wanted to do 3 for the freesynch. But price point makes up for it to me.

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Does what it's supposed to.4/30/2020 8:30:34 AM

Pros: Nice black braided look. Simple and straight forward splitter.

Overall Review: Does what it needs

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Lot of power from little price4/8/2020 9:33:27 AM

Pros: Great CPU for price. Wraith cooler with preapplied paste adequate if not overclocking. Easy to install.

Overall Review: Perfect for a modest system but not the most powerful. Easy enough for a first build. Strong enough to enjoy it's potential with the right configuration. Would recommend.

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Easy peasy for my first build4/8/2020 9:23:49 AM

Pros: Everything you need for simple but upgradable system. Solid form with an easy layout for even beginners. Built in wifi seems plenty fast.

Cons: Missing a few creature comforts like high speed usbc and only 2 4pin fans onboard. So my case has (for now) a dead usbc and 1 off fan. Be sure to get a 4 pin splitter if using more than 1 case fan.

Overall Review: Would recommend for beginners or for a modest build but enthusiasts may want more. Overall pleased. Posted quick and took relatively no time to cannibalize my old hp into an all new more modern system. Thumbs way up.

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