Excellent quality as expected from WD10/10/2020 5:03:09 PM

Pros: I bought this product to hold my collosal library of Steam Games. Easy to setup, easy to use - I haven't noticed any latency at all when trying to load games. The best part is, if I want to use my steam games on another PC, I can just bring the drive with me!

Cons: The Data cable could be a bit longer, it would make it easier to leave it set up on the desk rather than next to/behind the PC tower. Also wish they would sell additional A/C adapters to keep next to a secondary machine for ease of portability.

Overall Review: I would definitely recommend this for digital hoarders like myself. As the size of games keeps increasing to well over 100GB for AAA titles, these kind of drives are going to save a lot of time especially if you want to use the games on multiple PCs.

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Hands-down the Best Monitor I've Ever Owned10/23/2012 11:18:12 AM

Pros: Huge amount of screen space Super-High Contrast Ratio 144Hz Refresh rate 3D Lightboost Ready Did I mention its big?

Cons: The speakers aren't needed? Tilt-Adjustment doesn't work well. No Display Port (See comments)

Overall Review: This is without a doubt the best monitor I've ever owned. It looks so crisp, so clean, so... awesome! Sure, the 144Hz refresh rate isn't THAT much over 120, and in 3D mode it drops to 120, but you can still SAY its the best out there. Everything runs so perfectly smooth with this monitor, there's no tearing, no color issues, the menus are wonderful... it's just perfect. I have ordered two more (coming in today) so I can use them in wide format 5760x1080 for gaming in 3D!

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