GoneTomorrow is wrong about displayport6/10/2013 3:11:31 PM

Pros: Responding to another comment. I own the SC version of this card, which is identical save for slightly higher stock clock speeds. This card handles everything I throw at it across 3 1920x1080 monitors in surround. Granted, yes there are faster cards out there. And yes there are cheaper options out there for more performance as well... But no other setup has given me the buttery smoothness of this single Titan. Even when frame rates drop to the 30s, it still appears to be running very smooth. The frame delivery is extraordinarily consistent, with very low latency. Not to mention, I purchased this when the 600 series was all that was available. The 690 is faster, but in terms of single GPU cards, the Titan is on top for the 600 series, the 700 series, and if the trend continues it will fall in line between the 870 and 880 in the next generation. This, to me, is extremely good value, as I desire only single cards due to past SLI issues I have had.

Cons: Price to gaming performance leaves something to be desired.

Overall Review: @GoneTomorrow. I don't know where you got your information from, you are falling into the line of thinking of Radeon card owners. Team red requires displayport for a third display, this card does not. You do NOT need to use the display port connection to run three a third monitor in surround or otherwise. I am currently typing this in a browser that has been fullscreened across three monitors. I own the EVGA GTX Titan SC, and I assure you that you are incorrect. From left to right, my monitors are connected as follows: 1: DVI. 2: DVI. 3: HDMI using an HDMI to DVI cable. My displayport is unused entirely. I felt this necessary to point out, because this might cause people to forgo purchasing something like this based on that information which is incorrect. I have no trouble running landscape surround, portrait surround (as I am currently) or all three displays individually with an extended desktop.

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Purchased this through retail store3/23/2013 10:53:36 AM

Pros: Passive 3D, good construction, extremely thin. supports simplink (allowing me to control my PS3 using the TV's remote). Has standard VESA mount, supports nvidia's 3D Play software (costs $40 though) allowing you to game on the TV in 3D.

Cons: Passive 3D. I realize I have this listed in pros as well. The con is that you lose half the vertical resolution with passive. This TV claims it displays full 1080 resolution to both eyes, however it does not, plain and simple. If you are watching 3D, get close, and close one eye, you very clearly see that you are losing half the image. This however is not a problem from 10-12 feet away or better, I don't notice it at all. 3D Play software only allows 1080P @ 24hz or 720P @ 60hz. I believe this has something to do with HDMI and Displayport can manage 1080P @ 60hz... But this tv does not have a displayport connector.

Overall Review: I paid 1000 bucks for this thing... Lack of displayport kind of kills your 3D gaming experience, but frankly 24P works fairly well. Just be sure you properly set your game mode and whatnot, or this tv introduces tons and tons of input lag.

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Flawless for 5+ years.3/20/2013 6:27:38 PM

Pros: Easy enough to apply, resulted in low enough temps (haven't had any desire to try another compound), and after 5 years it still seems to be doing it's job.

Cons: Perhaps not the best thermal compound on the market, but... I have no other complaints.

Overall Review: I wonder, does this stuff have a shelf life? I still have the tube I purchased in Jan 2008 sitting with the rest of my misc case parts... Can I get away with using it still?

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Reliable as all get-out3/20/2013 6:24:46 PM

Pros: Overclocks very well even on air cooling, my maximum stable was 4.0 GHZ. I ran this CPU for 4 years straight @ 3.4 GHZ, only recently stepping back to 3.2 in the interest of lifespan. I have never seen a temp over 70C.

Cons: Uhh.. After a full 5 years and 3 months of ownership, I cannot possibly begin to point out any negative aspects of this processor.

Overall Review: Simply must be replaced... no way can this hold a candle to a new i7. Sad to see it go. Will likely put it to use inside a NAS one day. I realize this review is extremely late, as this is a discontinued CPU, however some people might like to know the potential these had to last.

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5 years and running!3/20/2013 6:21:44 PM

Pros: Good, reliable power output. Modular design, includes many extra cables. I Have been using this PC for a minimum of 4 hours a day since purchased in 2008, making this unit over 5 years old as of this review. I still have zero problems and I will be reusing this PSU in my upcoming 3770K + Titan build.

Cons: Many of the available cables are far too short for use in my Antec. They reach the components they go to, but I am unable to run them under the motherboard tray.

Overall Review: Could stand to be a single 12v rail, but I haven't had any issues.

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Excellent netbook.12/12/2009 12:04:46 PM

Pros: Good quality overall, fairly fast out of the box and has a nice solid feel to the entire unit. I initially thought the built in bluetooth was going to be just a bonus feature but after some playing around I discovered that my Boost mobile phone can be tethered with it! This means internet (slow, but its internet) wherever I go! Battery life is outstanding, I purchased a USB powered external CD/DVD writer and as I type this I am on wireless, with 50% screen brightness installing a game and downloading an update. At 97% battery remaining, it is quoting me at 5:05 remaining. Top notch. Using just wireless, in power saving mode last night it was telling me 3:15 remaining at 35%! The track pad is great! It is pressure sensitive, multitouch and very easy to use once you get the feel for it. You need to keep your rough presses and gentle slides distinct, but the features provided by that make things much smoother. 3 usb ports, VGA port... 1 ethernet. Dont need a whole lot more.

Cons: Keyboard is functional and overall satisfying, but I feel that the chiclet style would have been better. The mouse buttons below the track pad are a single "chrome" bar and are more for looks than good response. For the best feeling "click" you need to hit the bar towards the outer sides.

Overall Review: Battery life! Can't complain about my accidental discovery that my phone supports tethering as well. People have this misconception that netbooks are horribly underpowered laptops. Not quite so true anymore. They are more than capable of doing many of the things that most people use their laptops for anyways.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Excellent cooler2/3/2009 10:47:16 AM

Pros: Does its job fantastically well. NICKEL PLATE copper fins, not chrome like some special ed students are saying. Totally sucks heat off my Q6600. Ran into voltage instabilities due to not being able to raise it high enough past a "safe" level long before It crashed due to heat on an overclock "screwing around" day. Hit 3.6ghz and didnt go father because of voltage, and the temps didnt go much above 58C after hours of Far Cry 2.

Cons: nothing?

Overall Review: I suppose the slower among us could argue about the metal backplate, but if you managed to pull the film off... why would you attache it to the board? Common sense people. Cut out a piece of plastic and put it on there if you are worried. If it contacts the pins... get some small washers and make it stand off the board so it DOESNT contact. You do realize you can check if it contacts before you turn on the board and short it right? And dont tighten the screws down to 150 lb/ft with a torque wrench either and you probably wont bend stuff. Professor Jaji.... CLOSE YOUR CASE FOR PETE'S SAKE! Antec 1200 is NOT designed to keep things cool with both side panels off of it... Im running one of those with all the fans on the lowest setting and everything stays frosty. Thats why your temps suck. The case makes a certain airflow pattern within it that flows past/through your heatsink.

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Screaming card1/16/2009 7:55:43 PM

Pros: Fast stuff man. Takes Far Cry 2 (the included game) like a champ easily managing 30 fps with 8x AA and Very High settings. Ultra high settings doesnt do as well, but setting it that high is demanding at best. Looks great, runs great, takes an overclock like a champ. Excellent performance for the price, and it gets better with every price drop. I think when it hits 150 I will buy a second one.

Cons: I do not have two, and it isnt a GTX 280 or 9800 GX2. But thats a given.

Overall Review: To the guy who said it will not SLI with other cards... It will. Put the SLOWER card in the primary PCI slot. If you have any other 9800 GTX, the black edition probably ISNT the slower one. Otherwise you may have another isse, but I have seen this card paired with an EVGA card with no problems.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Review #2. 1 Month+ later.12/15/2008 7:42:29 AM

Pros: Quiet. Very, very quiet once you turn off unneeded fans. The rattle i noticed before has gone away. Probably during a filter cleaning and the side set back in place properly. The filters, while not exactly HEPA standard, do an excellent job of keeping dust out. I only have the smallest amount of dust inside the case after a month when my old case would be caked. I still stand by this case, more now than before as I play around with it. Front USB ports are in an excellent place for anyone who sets their tower on the floor, and there are PLENTY of expansion slots... in my case this means I have room for any card I can fit in the mobo, and all three I/O panels that came with my mobo... USB, Firewire, and a COMM port, and I still have slots left over. Liquid cooling potential: Excellent. There is mad amounts of room inside, the two grommets on the back to mount the radiator, and a removable tray that you can move to any of the top three bays to place the pump on.

Cons: You can run with 1 intake and the 200mm and still have a large amount of airflow, but then you risk a "negative" pressure in the case which will draw air in other openings besides the filters. If you don't mind cleaning the case out once in a while, you can easily run a non overclocked system using only the 200mm fan. Weight. 35lb+ case. It isnt a lanbox unless you plan on putting it on wheels.

Overall Review: It is STILL very heavy. Time wont change that. Hauling it to a friends house is easy if you have an SUV... putting it in the packaging it came in (so it didnt get dinged up) the box almost didn't fit in my car. Again... full assembled with a large Zerotherm Nirvana cooler, 9800 GTX and a dual 9800GX2 certified PSU brings this bad boy to nearly 53 pounds. Be careful with it. TOOL LESS!... ANYONE who complains about this as a con, needs to not be lazyYou shouldnt be moving your drives around all the time anyways. If you are using it for a server case... go buy a server case. I will admit that it would have been better to be able to remove the filters without removing both sides, but that isnt an issue of tool less drive bays. Which brings me to... The filters. Yes, you need to remove TWELVE screws in total to remove one filter. 2 for each side panel, 8 per filter.

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Great mobo, terrible northbridge fan.11/29/2008 1:54:08 PM

Pros: Looks great, runs great, tri SLI, tons of USB, two firewire, a bunch of sata ports. Many many features and plenty of room for upgrades later on, in my case I can double the ram and add two more gfx cards down the line Not to mention the potential for far more storage than my one hdd.

Cons: The stupid little fan they give you to stick on the northbridge heatsink works great. After putting it on the temps dropped from 90 degrees to 71... but promptly shot my GPU temp through the roof. The fan blows directly on the card below the heatsink. This is terrible! They should have that heatsink turned 90 degrees at least. Also note that the included fan is very loud, it is a small fan with small blades and rotates at a rather high speed with little way to slow it down and keep it effective. ATM I am waiting on sticking a 120mm fan in the side panel to cool both this and the GPU.

Overall Review: I love this thing. OC features in the bios as it stands now are great assuming you know what you are doing.

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Massive and solid case11/29/2008 1:47:21 PM

Pros: Rock solid case, well built and plenty of room for your gear. Black painted case goes well with my parts (everything is black) and looks great. Dust filters are doing a great job of keeping the inside clean and I imagine once I get the side fan installed it will do a great job cooling the northbridge and GPU.

Cons: Here is why its not perfect. With my case, I can put a light pressure on the side window and get it to rattle very loudly. Occasionally the right setting on the fans will do it as well. Not a big deal, but the window could have been more solid. The included 120mm fans do not easily go into the side window if removed from their initial places because of the speed control cords and whatnot. If not for those two things it would be perfect, and I feel this deserves more of a 4.5 eggs rather than a 4.

Overall Review: Effing heavy. You can say its "massive" all day long, but its a full tower. Thats what you get. But fully assembled it weighs 52.4lbs and while some people joke about hurting their back while moving it, I actually did rofl! Also, the side window fan could stand to be about an inch higher to hit my northridge heatsink full on, but thats a one off issue as it cools the expansion slots well.

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Solid Value8/22/2008 2:07:37 AM

Pros: Well, its a processor? Low cost, seems to be fairly reliable for general use. Built for a general day to day computer... internet, email, word processing. Survives 30 hours a day of my grandfather playing solitaire. Money well spent, considering the next cheapest option was a single core that ran 5 dollars less.

Cons: LGA 775 heatsink clips were invented by the devil.

Overall Review: Good buy for an internet machine. Boot time to desktop with only XP running was under 6 seconds. Installed a couple of programs and after fixing an issue with a very old hard drive fully installed boot time is under 11 seconds.

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Worked exactly as it should12/4/2007 6:43:36 AM

Pros: Worked right out of the box with no problems with the exception being the drivers weren't installing so 800x600 was max resolution until you install them. Decided to ignore the included installation disc and download the drivers off Nvidia's site and it works like a charm now. Card runs cool and stable while playing Guild Wars on max settings.

Cons: It is NOT a high end card. Period. Then again it is just a PCI card anyways, and you cannot do much better with PCI. I imagine it would be far better on a computer with something more than a 1.8 GHZ celeron like I have. My CPU is a major bottleneck in Guild Wars, because at full max settings and lowest possible settings I get the same 20 FPS.

Overall Review: UPS = meh, I prefer Fedex. UPS always seems to get here late in the evening. If all you can manage is a PCI slot like myself, go for this card. I don't imagine you can get much better these days. Next spring comes the big upgrade to a new PC entirely, and I will be back here for the parts.

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