Nice Bag, but not for a laptop6/29/2011 6:19:18 AM

Pros: This is a nice looking bag, lots of storage, durable material.

Cons: This is a HUGE Con. The straps buckles are a terrible design. Let me explain....I take my laptop almost everywhere with me, so in the last year this bag has seen a lot of use. In the past year, the buckle for the strap has come loose 3 times and the bag with laptop takes a dive to the ground from waist high. the first time, nothing happened to the laptop, the second time, there the front corner of the laptop's case cracked. The third time was by far the worst, My Gateway has the power switch built into the hinge on the back corner of the laptop. when it hit the ground the third time, it cracked the plastic around the hinge, broke the power switch, bent the hinge. Now I have a non functional/useless laptop. I'm going to try to do surgery to try to at least get the power switch patched together so the laptop can be used. Bottom line, when you set the bag down, and don't pay attention to the strap when you pick it up, the buckles will get twisted and when you pick up the bag, they try to

Overall Review: continued from above....Untwist and thatas when the issue rears it's ugly head, the buckles twist off of the rind and the laptop plummets to the ground, usually on the corner. The other thing about this bag, is there is next to no padding on the bottom of the bag to protect the laptop. There is a huge padded area on the back of the bag, which really doesn't serve any useful function. Great Bag.....Just not for a laptop....

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