Not the quality I had hoped for1/14/2018 7:33:33 PM

Pros: It works

Cons: For all of the five egg ratings it has, I expected something a little nicer. It works fine and I don't suppose I'll have any issues with it's function but it looks and feels cheap. An object that you touch every time you use it should at least feel somewhat of quality. This thing feels like a flimsy piece of plastic. I was hoping for better.

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Decent, affordable mouse.1/7/2016 5:57:02 PM

Pros: Works well.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: For the price you get a great little mouse. Not a spectacular mouse hence the four stars, but for ten dollars you can't beat it.

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8/22/2014 3:16:23 PM

Pros: It's a great little machine if you want something Old School, solid and indestructible with lots of features. Being a touch typist I appreciated the keyboard. Has a lot of stuff for such a little unit. Good battery life.

Cons: It was built to military specs so I guess I'm not surprised that it is a bit of a tank. That could be in it's favor depending on what you bought it for. I"m finding the 12" screen a bit small for my old eyes. It arrived a bit more worn, scratched and dented than I had anticipated. I've been pretty lucky in the past I guess.

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2/25/2014 6:41:43 PM

Pros: This is a great monitor for the price, very sharp, good color, thin and light weight.

Cons: I would have given it five stars but I guess I didn't do enough research. It doesn't have a standard four screw mount. I bought it knowing that it had a flimsy stand but I was hoping to use a sturdy, adjustable spare I was keeping for just such an occasion.

Overall Review: I'd still buy it but I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to upgrade it with my own stand.

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12/25/2013 7:52:13 AM

Pros: Only one small scratch on the outside of the case. It's very quite. A perfect computer for my friend's wife who only surfs the Internet and plays solitaire. The price wasn't much more than what I have paid in the past just for an operating system.

Cons: There were really no cons unless you consider the keyboard and mouse that came with it. I chucked them. I knew what I was getting and it fit the bill perfectly

Overall Review: If you need a spare computer for an office or something for an elderly parent, you can't beat the price on this one.

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Nice Laptop10/26/2013 6:45:25 PM

Pros: Light weight, thin, looks sharp.

Cons: It's a fingerprint magnet,

Overall Review: Not too excited about Win 8 but for the money, if you can live without a DVD drive and don't mind that the battery is built in, it's a great machine. Some folks mentioned the flex. Yes it flexes some but it doesn't feel cheap, inexpensive but not cheap.

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Good Stuff4/27/2013 2:23:45 PM

Pros: Well built, nice looking, easy to use and set up. Fortuately I had a spare USB printer cable. When setting up the wifi mode you can do it either manually or automatically but for the auto mode you need to be hard wired from your computer to the printer. Once I had that in place it was a snap. I have been faxing and WiFi printing ever since. It's a lot of machine for the mone

Cons: Supprisingly, none. I suppose you could get better print quality and more resolution for scanning by spending more money but I just needed something that worked well and was easy to use.

Overall Review: I wanted a new printer that wasn't going to scalp me on ink cartridge prices.

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4/21/2013 10:25:02 AM

Pros: It does what I need it to do. For as much as it had going for it, the price was nice. Finish is nice.

Cons: Others commented on the keyboard. They were right. It takes a bit to get used to. The keys are fairly flat making them hard for your fingers to recognize. After a week I'm getting the hang of it. The door on the DVD player seem a bit flimsy. It came apart during normal use. Nothing serious, I was able to snap it back into place but it feels a bit on the flimsy side.

Overall Review: I probably don't need this much speed but it was hard to pass up for the price. I'm glad it had Win 7 and not Win 8. Guess I'm not ready for the future.

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11/14/2012 3:48:44 PM

Pros: Best product on the market for the money. It is also one of only a few units that will fit on an existing work station. To be able to sit and stand at your desk usually requires a hand crank or electric device or desk. This thing is balanced to the weight of your monitor, keyboard and mouse and raises and lowers with the touch of a finger. No cranking or electricity required. I know I sound like I work for the company but I have been working in the field of office ergonomics for fifteen years and built some of my own equipment. This thing rocks.

Cons: With the mouse tray extended, the keyboard tray feels a little tippy. It's the only problem I have with it. The rest of it is built like a brick (a beautiful brick) but for some reason they under built the keyboard tray.

Overall Review: One coment I read, said it was too expensive. Compared to what? If you compare it to the other alternatives on the market it is very cheap. Price an electric, variable height desk.

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Great Toy6/30/2012 1:43:53 PM

Pros: It works! Judging by the low price and prior experience with these types of toys I expected a piece of junk but I trusted in the Newegg rating system (which I think was four eggs for this item) and pulled the trigger. It's a fun toy and is easy to use first time out of the box.

Cons: None really, other than they messed up on the shipping and I had to call the toy company after two weeks to get them to ship it out. It finally came and was worth the wait

Overall Review: Buy one, you'll like it. Get on for a sick friend who's stuck at home or in the hospital.

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Wrong Model6/12/2012 7:10:08 AM

Pros: It is made very well.

Cons: There are two model of the transformer. This one fits the later model which I don't have. My mistake for not looking into it further.

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Sudden Death3/7/2012 7:18:58 AM

Pros: Small size, simple, has FM radio

Cons: odd image came on screen and would not turn off. Stuck in limbo, unable to use.

Overall Review: Hope you get one that works.

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Great Buy!8/14/2011 7:39:27 PM

Pros: It works great. It's so nice when you get a bargain and it also works better than your expectations. What a great little razor. I wasn't expecting much but that dang thing sheared off my whiskers with ease and comfort. It has a great feel in the hand and does the job.

Cons: None what so ever.

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Bigger is better.5/27/2011 5:49:55 PM

Pros: It looks to be everything people say about it.

Cons: I was expecting a much larger monitor. Guess I should have measured my current one and compared. I currently have an older 17" Samsung. I figured a 20" would be a big improvement. Turns out it isn't. This monitor actually feels smaller than my 17" because even though it is wider it's an inch shorter so it feels "scrunched". I don't need the extra width.

Overall Review: Measure your current monitor first. This one is ten inches high by seventeen wide. The 20" refers to the diagonal measurement. I knew that but I didn't figure that it would only be 10" high.

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5/15/2010 4:35:46 PM

Pros: I do love the "Lane Assist" feature. It is very helpful on those sections of freeway with multiple exits and lots of traffic. The verbal instructions were audible although possibly a little robotic sounding.

Cons: The touch pad was not accurate. Taping in an address without mistakes was virtually impossible. Correcting the mistakes was equally frustrating. The screen brightness seemed OK until I was driving into the sun and then it was almost impossible to see the screen. Initially acquiring a satellite signal some times seem to take minutes.

Overall Review: I went back and read other people's reviews and it seems like Garmin either doesn't have a very good quality control system for refurbishing or this model is a dog. I like Garmin but this one is being returned.

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