Better Quality11/28/2020 6:05:51 PM

Pros: Family is tough on these cables because they are in constant use. The angled connectors work best for us, makes it easier to use the device while it is plugged.

Cons: Price. Seems higher than it should be based on cost for other types of cables; but I am willing to pay a premium for a better product.

Overall Review: Yes, I bought and we are happy with them - would recommend them to friends and family.

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Nice, works well2/27/2020 10:01:04 AM

Pros: Happy with purchase and would recommend to a friend. Price is reasonable, delivery was quick, and product is of good quality.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Yes. I choose this particular cable because it has the microphone capability (i.e. it has right channel, left channel, and microphone) noticeable on the male jack (which has four segments including ground / return).

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FYI - Mine includes Micro-USB8/2/2013 10:55:48 AM

Pros: Looks nice, just what I expected - but I just received it today (02Aug13), so not much experience using it.

Cons: None so far other than I purchased the micro-USB separately online and now I have duplicate connecters (None of the websites I researched indicated what connectors are included - but I can confirm the Manufacturers comment that they are now included).

Overall Review: FYI - my package included the micro-usb, my five are: (GMPT003MU) Mini-B USB, (GMPT075UM) USB Type A (Male), (GMPT076UF) USB Type A Female, (GMPT059SS) Samsung Phone, (GMPT004MU) Micro USB Power Tip (Male) but not sure what you will get, wait until you receive it before you buy any extra tips!

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Worth The Effort1/2/2011 11:54:23 AM

Pros: Works as promised. Gives a broad range of capability, from the Intel i7 spec of 1066 up to module spec of 2000 (I did not try and go higher). As previously commented, you have the choice of going for clock speed or tight timings.

Cons: Requires above average overclocking skills. Initially booted at 1066MHz on my mobo; which required me to adjust the settings manually through the BIOS (or by using overclocking software). I use the module specs of 9-10-9-28 (9-9-9-24 is BSOD at DDR3-2000)

Overall Review: SonataIII w/ 850 OCZ PSU X58A-UD3R @ 200bclk 3.8GHz i7-950 (x19) w/ Freezer Pro Rev2 G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3-2000 (x10) @ 9-10-9-28 (per label) OCZ 240Gb Agility2 SSD & 3 WD 640Gb in RAID5 These are premium modules at a premium cost; they are for Users that want a full range of memory options, but are willing to do the extra work to get it.

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