Couldn't be happier.4/9/2021 5:28:58 AM

Pros: Installs easyMinimal Extra packagingRGB lights are excellentRuns at advertised speed

Cons: Not a con for the product, but in my installation I had to do some bios updates to get XMP to work correctly.

Overall Review: I was previously running a single stick of 2400mhz 16gb ram. Upgrading to this unfortunately wasnt super simple because I was a few (22) bios updates behind on my motherboard. After I downloaded them all to a USB stick then walked through the upgrade process (thankfully only had to actually apply like 4) I was able to gete these running at the full 3200 mhz. Be warned that as with any high speed ram, you may have to modify your memory settings to take advantage of it. I had to turn on XMP in my board, but then it auto chose the correct voltages, timing, and speed.Looks absolutely phenomenal, I love that you can change the colors, but I actually have a blacked out case, so after experimenting, I just put it back on the default, and itll be a nice surprise the next time I open my case up. Despite having the RGB strip on the top, these werent actually as tall as I expected, I had no issues with fit.Performance I definitely notice a difference in day to day usage of memory intensive operations. I ran some benchmarks and Im getting between 20 GB/s and 21 GB/s in mixed read/write regardless of single or multi core. My old memory was clocked in at 11 GB/s, so there has been a definite improvement.All in all, I would highly recommend, and Im considering buying another 2X8GB kit to finish off my motherboard now.

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Solid hardware, poor software8/6/2020 4:16:59 PM

Pros: Factory mount is nice and secure The spotlight is a very nice additon, but I chose not to use it as I didn't want the extra battery drain. The PIR motion activation seems to activate when you'd expect it to. Customer service is highly available, and effective.

Cons: The mobile app is horrible. It effectively forces you to sign up for a subscription, even though the camera comes with a free 3 month trial. I had to engage their support for a refund. Mobile app would give me a thumbnail of a notification, then when I selected it, it would take 3-5 minutes to load, then it would take me to the live stream, not the notification. Events took a further 5+ minutes to show up on the timeline. For a security camera, having to wait 10 minutes to see what just happens is completely inexcusable. I ran through the camera setup about half a dozen times before the app would find the camera. I could see the camera on my wifi (and ping it), but the app would just sit there and hang. I have a robust home network, and saw no connectivity issues with any of my other IOT devices (cameras included). Battery life: Bad, just Bad. I used the camera for two days, and estimate in my relatively low traffic area that I'd get about 29 days of usage out of a charge. That's much lower than competitors. No Magnetic mount option, most competitors offer this. Sharing the camera with my spouse was clunky, and took three attempts before the correct options showed up for her. Geo-fencing was so slow and inaccurate to basically be useless.

Overall Review: Decent hardware let down by extremely poor software. For backstory, I work in IT, have an extensive networking background, and have used multiple NVR's at work, along with a few different product lines of home camera solutions. This was by far the worst home solution I've used.

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Good hardware, bad software11/21/2019 2:44:26 AM

Pros: Once I installed ghub, it was relatively easy to set the lighting to just white inside the software. Macros’ were likewise easy to set up. However, due to a lack of the manual, I have no idea what the M1-3 and MR keys actually do. The Logitech software gives some hints, but doesn’t really tell the full story. Media controls are extremely pleasant to use, about on part with my Das Professional. Key travel: If you like a mechanical keyboard, but miss the shallow action of a laptop, this is the keyboard you need. I’ve been looking for this feel for years now, and finally have it. I’ll have to get a “linear” version of this for work now too (if the lighting gets fixed). The clicky version is much too noisy to have at the office. I was worried that the G keys would make this keyboard too wide for my standing desk, but it’s only about ¼” wider than my old Das Professional 4 that it replaced, and it fits fine. Extremely nice looking. I love the solid panel of aluminum, with the keys floating above. Should be relatively easy to keep clean long term.

Cons: There isn’t actually a manual included, just a single piece of paper that partially, in pictograph form shows you how to connect the keyboard with Bluetooth or USB. There is a URL on this piece of paper that takes you to the support site, which also currently doesn’t have a manual. Changing the light pattern to something non RGB was not as easy as it could have been as a result. The light settings don’t seem to survive the keyboard being connected to a new computer until I stored the “default” option as number 8. I can’t change the color of this option from a cool blue, but I can at least make the keys a constant single color and brightness, just wish it wasn’t blue, apparently solid color of any other type can’t be stored as a preset. How is that possible? After using the keyboard for a few hours on just a single computer, the lighting reset itself about 10 times while typing on it. Currently my biggest frustration as I’m not a big RGB person, I’d just like a nice white back light and that seems next to impossible to achieve reliably. Why micro USB? It’s 2019, soon to be 2020, and they couldn’t swing for a USB C connection? Come on Logitech.

Overall Review: There is an inactivity timer on the back light. Unfortunately it’s not based on your physical presence, in front of the computer, like some keyboards (mx keys for example). Nor is it based on your pc’s wake status, like others. This one is actually based on when you last hit a key. This will undoubtedly increase the battery life, but at a cost of me having to press the space bar or something similar to that to see the keys in a dark room. I expect the software side of this keyboard to improve over time, and as a result I’ll continue to use it to see, and I’ll update this review if it changes. I have to say though, I got this for free. Had I paid the full price, I’d be sending it back.

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Very quiet case, good cable management4/9/2019 5:03:35 AM

Pros: Extremely Quiet Love the "front" ports all being on the top panel Love the magnetic top cover (that I have closed because I don't need any more fans) I think the case looks fantastic with one complaint (more on that later) I like that both sides of the case easily come off, with captured screws

Cons: Front cover doesn't open for a 5.25 bay. I don't intend to use one again, but it's something you should be aware of. Cable management options in the case look quite nice, but in practice have some issues. There is a board that multiple cables terminate to that could be located in a better area. as is I have to have lots of cables pressed up against it, and some pulled at angles that are just a bit too sharp nearby it. the dedicated 2.5" SSD trays on the back wouldn't fit my PNY SSD, I had to use my old adapter and one of the 3.5" bays. There is a big white LED at the bottom of the case on the front. I like the look of it very much, but I wish there was a button on the top to turn it down or off.

Overall Review: I'll continue to use this case, it looks good, and it's very quiet. I wish they got rid of the 2.5" bays, and added a button for the front LED. My next build will likely have PCIE onboard storage regardless so it'll eliminate most of my drive bay concerns.

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Quiet, efficient, short cables12/23/2018 6:28:20 PM

Pros: Extremely quiet and efficient Fully modular Good warranty Comes with adapter plate for using in a full size case

Cons: While it comes with an adapter to use in a full size case, I was unable to use it in my antec 300 due to how short all the cables were. I couldn't reach my sata or cpu power cables to where they needed to go (even taking direct paths, not using cable management).

Overall Review: I tested this on my antec 300 by leaving it unmounted, suspended above the MB, and it performed admirably, but had to put my old corsair PS back in due to how short the cables all are. I'd only get this if you actually had a SFF case, and I'd ignore the adapter plate for a full size case.

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Good Cheap storage5/23/2018 6:18:27 PM

Pros: Long USB Cable (~2', compared to about 1' for most external drives) Light (about half that of my last 1tb portable drive) Nice blue status light on top (circle, instead of just a LED point)

Cons: No rubber feet on bottom to keep drive from moving around on desk Not usb c?

Overall Review: Benchmarks are what you'd expect for a 5400 rpm drive running on usb 3.0: 114.2 MB/s Average Read (100 Samples) 79.6 MB/s Average Write (100 Samples) 18.54 ms Average Access time (1000 samples) Tested on my desktop, ubuntu 16.04, Ryzen 1500, 16 GB DDR4, EVGA 1050 SC 2GB.

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I’ve always built my own pc’s. Now I’m not sure why4/20/2018 6:40:44 PM

Pros: Shockingly fast out of the box. PCIE storage is amazing. Windows 10 no longer tries to force you to log in via a microsoft account, I created a local account during setup, that was a nice surprise PC prompted me to install a windows update that needed to download ~3gb. I was able to continue setting up the pc with chrome/steam/google drive, ect while it was doing so. Speakers sound surprisingly well. If I wasn’t sitting 10 feet from a pair of klipsch’s, I wouldn’t search for other speakers for this computer, the speaker module is that good. The included wireless keyboard/mouse look quite nice, but I decided to keep my mechanical keyboard in service. Used the built in wireless instead of wiring the pc, comes with a nice intel 2x2 AC card (8260), easily able to max my 250/50 connection. “Control Center” application seems to be the only samsung specific piece of software installed, and it’s just there to control the 3d sound, and the led for the speaker. I set it on one of the pulsating “scenes” and left it there. Nice to not have to remove bloatware on a new pc

Cons: Came behind on updates (microsoft and samsung), but Samsung update was able to get the firmware and drives up to date pretty painlessly. The need to buy a usb c to hdmi adapter to hook up a second monitor is a pain. Wasn’t able to find a storage module for this PC for sale.

Overall Review: So who is this for? This is for whom either space is at a premium, or who appreciates high quality design. This PC is beautiful in person and performs quite a bit better than I expected it to. I used it in all the instances where I normally use my desktop, and it performed admirably. My pc use these days is 80% web browsing, music, media, 5% network/server administration (putty, rdp, ect..), and 15% gaming. I normally play older titles (portal, TF2), and turn based strategy games (Civilization). Both of those games played on my LG 27UD58-B 4k monitor at native resolution just like they do on my gaming pc. I was pleasantly surprised. This would be the perfect media center PC, it’s a piece of modern art, and screaming fast.

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Excellent1/12/2018 3:58:22 AM

Pros: -Quiet -Running my pc at lower temps -Easy to install with thin cabling -Love the lights

Cons: -None so far

Overall Review: When it comes to the new H150i Pro AIO Liquid Cooler the sheer size may seem daunting however when installed in a vertical position on the front of my case it seemed quite at home. The instillation is simple and what we have come to expect from most major AIO suppliers. Corsair it feels like has up their game in the color ranges of the RGB when even compared against their Vengeance RGB RAM, also the additional ring of RGB around the base instead of just the logo is a nice touch to bring more RGB into a build. Now the most noticeable change is the new type of fan that Corsair is shipping the H150i Pro with, these mag lev fans truly delivered on the claims of being quiet. The 120mm fans on the H150 Pro can ramp up to 1,600 RPM while pushing 47.3 CFM and 1.78 mmH2O at a 25-dBA noise level. Under a full synthetic load, I noticed no increase in audible noise even with the additional 120mm fan. Another nice feature is the fact that using Corsair Link the fans will actually shut off when they are not needed, as a gamer who enjoys leaving my PC on “almost” 24/7 for quick sessions this is great. It reduces wear on the fans and power usage from the system. Another small feature that I enjoyed was the diameter of the hoses that from run from block to radiator, these are much smaller than previous generations which made them less noticeable when ran across the top of case, while small this seemed to produce a cleaner inside. Now in terms of cooling my prior AIO was a Corsair H100i V2 on a Ryzen 1800X overclocked to 3.8GHz and under synthetic load I was hitting around 48 degrees Celsius and under idle around 32 degrees. Now with taking into account the extra length of an another 120mm fan, I am seeing synthetic load temps around 35 degrees and idle around 23 degrees. I would only ask that Corsair add RGB to these new Mag Lev fans since RGB is life it seems but at the moment that is all I could ask for.

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My favorite brand of power supplies11/8/2017 5:59:27 PM

Pros: Modular Quiet Cheap Long Lasting

Cons: none that I've found so far.

Overall Review: So, this is my third corsair power supply. One lasted over 7 years before I replaced it as part of a re-build. The other two I got from newegg and reviewed as part of the expert program. I won't buy another brand both are happily working running high powered builds. This one is running my ryzen 5 build, with a evga gtx 1050sc, 16 gb of ram, and 5 hard drives.

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Looks great, love the extra usb ports9/3/2017 8:42:58 AM

Pros: Looks great extra USB ports work, and are a very nice touch Games are working well off this (~3tb on it now)

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: Why oh why does microsoft not have a "move all games" function. That would have saved me lots and lots of time, It literally took me hours to move 3tb of games from an older 4tb drive to this. Also, having a small usb hub with a couple extra ports on an external drive is a feature that I've never thought of before, but us awesome. I ran game installs through the hub, and even did ~1tb of the transfer that way, couldn't tell the difference. More easily accessible usb ports are a great thing. If only xbox controllers could re-charge AA batteries on their own, I'd be set! Great product.

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Expensive, but a good product besides that7/15/2017 4:50:54 AM

Pros: Sequential read/writes max out sata 3 at ~540MB/s 3 year warranty Lower power and cool running

Cons: More expensive than similar drives, but this one has different firmware too Seems to have good random write speeds, but relatively poor random read speeds Other drives in this same size/performance spectrum can be found cheaper

Overall Review: I put this in my HP work laptop, using bit locker and windows 10 (after performing benchmarks on another windows 10 computer). Overall, it was a great fit for me since it's HP to HP, and that makes mangement happy, but if I just needed a SSD for my home computer, this one is a bit expensive for the space/performance, and I'd likely look elsewhere.

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Great performance for AM4, poor overlocking5/12/2017 12:10:49 PM

Pros: One of the first wave of boards to support AM4 Ryzen Supports USB C, and has several usb 3.1 as well as usb 3.0 ports Ryzen 5 cpu cooler bolted right on, and motherboard installed in a few minutes without any issues. I later found that I had a defective case, and have since swapped the motherboard over to the new case, also with no issues. When I first booted up, I had a windows 10 install on a ssd that I had moved from my old desktop. I had to select my boot device from the f9 menu, then it remembered and held the setting on subsequent boots. I’ve had to make no other changes to make my pc bootable. Windows 10 even was able to completely reconfigure itself to a new MB/RAM/CPU with zero involvement from me except to re-enter my key so it could re-activate, VERY impressed Microsoft.

Cons: The lights are cool for some, but a detraction for me, wish there was an option to turn them off I wish there was less “plastic” covering section of the MB, makes it difficult to maneuver in some of the cases. Current overlocking options are a joke, which while really unnecessary for me, are what this board is advertised as possible.

Overall Review: Ryzen has been such a huge leap for my PC. I went from a Phenom II X4 945 (8gb ddr3) to a Ryzen 5 1500X (16 gb ddr4), in ~30 minutes, and the performance difference is astounding. My pc now ranks 89th percentile on passmark’s benchmarks (mostly due to my relatively low end graphics card, EVGA 1050 SC). This board is performing well, but due to the limited bios options, and it’s poor overlocking options, I’m going to give it only ⅗ stars

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Modular is the only way to go2/20/2017 5:14:01 AM

Pros: Modular cuts down on the amount of junk in your case, and is the only way to go if you are building a pc today. The variable speed fan will slow down if your load is low, so I frequently don’t hear my pc at all during idle times. Even when i start gaming, I haven’t seen the power supply fan speed go up noticeably My pc has run stable with this supply for the past ~2 weeks, if I encounter any problems I’ll update my review.

Cons: Only the CPU and MB power connections are braided, I wish the other accessory cables were as well. I had an old power supply ages ago that came with a zippered pouch for the accessory cables you weren’t using, and it’s a shame that corsair doesn’t do the same.

Overall Review: My last power supply was a 400 watt modular corsair, and it ran my pc 24/7 for 7 years without a hiccup. I’m happy to replace it with another larger model from corsair and I’m sure it will continue to work for years to come.

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Inexpensive, and seems to perform its designed function very well2/20/2017 5:12:48 AM

Pros: Comes packaged as a bare drive, I can’t imagine somebody who is buying a surveillance drive, but doesn’t already have a chassis for the drive, or a spare sata cable, so this just means it’s less packaging for me to throw away. +1 Crystal disk mark results were better than I anticipated for a drive that is focused on surveillance 185 MB/s read/write for sequential, and .53 read, and 1.88 write for 4k. I added this drive to my existing storage pool (windows 10 storage spaces) for media and my surveillance cameras without any issues. Drive is running cool under my (admittedly light) workload.

Cons: I haven’t found any so far

Overall Review: I’m very happy with it and will buy more in the future if I need to expand my existing storage pool

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Inexpensive compared to mesh wifi, but slow and makes poor decisions2/20/2017 5:12:02 AM

Pros: Both the ethernet adapter, and the ethernet + wifi adapter have multiple ethernet connections, which is handy Because of the nature of powerline, you could buy 2-3 of these kits, and sprinkle access points and ethernet connections all over your house in a matter of minutes. The AP’s have a wifi push feature that keeps all their wifi settings in sync between paired units, which is extremely nice The ethernet only plug has an outlet pass through and is fairly small When connected, the access point + ethernet plug gets an IP address via DHCP on your network, so if you can check dhcp, you can find it fairly easily to log in and setup your wireless. The user/pass is admin/admin and the web setup is very intuitive like all TP link products I’ve used lately

Cons: The ethernet connections are only 100 mbps. It’s advertised as 500 mbps, but not a single portion of it is capable of those speeds, and I find the marketing dishonest. The wifi auto channel selection is very poor, multiple times during usage it picked 2.4 ghz channels other than 1,6, or 11. I’m in an area with absolutely zero other visible AP’s, there is no reason it should have picked one of those channels, and you should only ever use 1,6,11 The 2.4 ghz wifi performance was poor. I connected the AP + ethernet unit to my network, and set up an iperf server on gigabit on the local network. I consistently got about 30 mbps, with occasional bursts up to 35mbps. Other brand access points with the same settings are normally at least double that for speed. The 5 ghz ac performance was better, but hampered by the 100 mbps ethernet connection. I consistently got 95 mbps upload and download on my iperf test. For comparison, my existing AP’s will give me ~375 mbps on 5 ghz ac iperf tests. When testing the powerline portion of the network, I also got slower than expected results. Both connections were on the same breaker, both with less than 50’ of power cables from the breaker box. I got ~50 mbps download, and ~35 mbps upload on my local network. Worryingly, when the connection was idle, pings on my local network were ~10 ms, instead of <1, and when I was maxing out the connection, pings jumped to 70-250 ms on my local network. I get much better results than that with my ubiquiti AP’s, and just straight wireless (1ms when idle, 2-3 when busy).

Overall Review: I’ll stick with my hardwired AP’s for now I get better speeds, in a more consistent manner using pure wireless then I got with this system using wireless or powerline. This would make a cheap replacement for a mesh system in a larger house since you can just keep adding base units, but you’d have to be ok with the 30-60 mbps speed cap that would be the effective limit. For just office work, skype, and some streaming it would be fine. But if you are doing things really latency sensitive, or in need of higher speed for bulk transfers you will be unhappy with these.

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Definitely my favorite cheap performance mouse1/12/2017 3:36:41 PM

Pros: No software required to run it Easy to use button to change DPI (and the colors change with it as well) Good feel on the buttons/scroll wheel Light

Cons: I wish the cord was a bit more flexible, as I've had it kink up *in front* of my monitor a couple of times, just mildly annoying. I should have straightened out the cable before I started using it.

Overall Review: Corsair continues to win me over with their input devices. This is now my 4th between my work pc and home pc's.

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Great drive if you don't need the speeds of an external ssd10/5/2016 10:37:58 AM

Pros: Speeds were good, using my windows 10 desktop, a usb 3.0 port, and Crystal Mark, I got: 142.0 MB/s Read 143.6 MB/s Write (Sequental) .54 MB/s Read 1.47 MB/s Write (4k Random) For a portable HDD, this is exactly the kind of performance you should expect. This 2 TB seagate drive is exactly the same thickness as a 500 GB seagate drive I got about a year ago, so they have managed to squeeze in some other platters without making the drive too fat +1 there The finish is silver matte on the front, and black matte on the back. It’s obviously been styled to blend in well with Mac’s, but I like the look very well for my PC, and I’ll continue to use it there.

Cons: The setup to get the free 200gb of onedrive space was a pain: Launch the app on the drive (don’t format it first, or you are out of luck) Register your drive’s warranty Create a onedrive account (if you didn’t have it already) Install onedrive (again, if you didn’t have it already) Upload a file to your onedrive Create a document in your onedrive Click a final link to upgrade your storage. There could have been a code included that would have just let you go to and punch in the code, but I think they wanted to force you how to use the service, which is annoying. However it also greatly confuses me that a company that makes and sells external hard drives for consumers both wants you to use a cloud storage provider, and will show you how to use it. Seems odd no?

Overall Review: Overall, very happy, the initial setup of one drive was a pain, but I’m sure I’ll be happily using this drive for years to come just like the rest of my seagate external drives. It’s running cool and quiet as backup/media storage connected to my desktop for the time being, but it may get moved to a tablo DVR next.

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Excellent inexpensive memory9/20/2016 4:21:45 PM

Pros: Cheap Manufactured to specs Lifetime Warranty

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: Ran this on a memtest loop for ~12 hours. Passed with flying colors, and now running in my HP probook for about a week with no issues.

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Excellent speeds/stability and good looking to boot8/30/2016 2:34:56 PM

Pros: Got slightly better speeds with this modem vs my old one (120/20 vs 110/15) Easy to install, call provider with MAC, install, and reboot Modem stands upright to save some space Looks very nice (interesting pattern on the sides Been 100% stable for me

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: Very happy with this modem, faster speeds, and I've saved myself $7/month on my internet bill every month. No brainer.

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A Bit “rough hewn”, but it gets the job done8/10/2016 5:03:56 AM

Pros: Inexpensive Adjustable weight Easy to use software Nice Braided USB cable Easy to use DPI switching

Cons: The whole finish is a bit rough, joints aren’t quite flush, and you can see alot more of the manufacturing than what you would with a high end mouse DPI can only be adjusted in set intervals I don’t find it that comfortable Glossy finish picks up junk quickly Scroll wheel has some left to right wobble

Overall Review: The fit and finish let you know it’s an inexpensive mouse, and I’m not a fan of the glossy top but this mouse does perform well for it’s price segment. My complaint about comfort is coming from the higher end Logitech MX desktop mice, and missing the height because this mouse is much lower, and doesn’t quite fill the hand like I’m used to. I’ve used the mouse for day to day office work for a couple of weeks (DPI2000), as well as some light gaming (DPI 6000), and I appreciate how easy it is to switch back and forth, the weight layout, and the smooth tracking. I’ll give rosewill a shot on my next mechanical keyboard to see how it fares!

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First TP-LINK product I've been dissapointed with7/30/2016 6:25:25 AM

Pros: Inexpensive Passive cooling

Cons: Throughput isn’t as good as unmanaged netgear switch (see other thoughts) Settings have spontaneously flipped multiple times I received v1 of the hardware, which hasn’t seen a firmware update since 2013 VLAN settings page is a bit odd (see other thoughts) Can’t tag management traffic with a vlan No ssh, no https, no console port, http only Won’t take passwords longer than 16 characters, invisibly barfs (discovered via lastpass) LAG didn’t work

Overall Review: Looks good, webui is fairly easy to navigate except for the VLAN page. The vlan page should note that it’s talking about egress traffic on each port, and it’s not immediately obvious how to edit vlan’s you already put into place. Once you wrap your head around it, it’s ok though Bad news: iperf3 testing via this switch maxes out for me around 650 mbps. This switch replaced a unmanaged netgear switch that would max out at ~950 mbps. I don’t need that extra 300 mbps, but I find it very unsettling that it can’t do full line speed. The built in cable testing shows that these cables are good, and it was the same cables/pc’s used when testing the netgear switch I don’t like that there is no ssh/https/console port, http only is a deal breaker in most companies these days and I’d not deploy it anywhere but my house because of this PVID setting has flipped multiple times on my main lan ports, taking down my desktop pc’s, annoying at home, a deal breaking in a business This is the first tp-link product that I”ve tried and been unhappy with. I will be replacing this switch with my old netgear switch, or a managed switch from a different vendor

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Dustin, Thank you for taking the time to review our switch. Our support team would appreciate an opportunity to assist you with the switch and the concerns you have. At your earliest convenience, please send an e-mail including your contact details to our Support Team at the address below so we may have a Support Agent follow up with you for assistance. Please include case reference number 160803-020821. We thank you again for your feedback and certainly hope this experience will not discourage you from checking out more of our great networking products in the future. Best Regards, TP-LINK Support Team 844.287.4762
Great mouse, but UGLY7/30/2016 6:22:18 AM

Pros: Works quite well for office work and casual gaming Software works well, easy to adjust settings, and it's simple to understand

Cons: UGLY, look at the other color combinations The top is glossy, the side is matte

Overall Review: I hate the way this thing looks. I have another color scheme, and it's ok, but I wish they made a more muted version of this (matte black, on matte black, with a side of matte black). Software works well though, and the mouse performs great, so I'll give it a 4. I've got plenty of other SteelSeries gear that works quite well, very happy with the company as a whole.

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Excellent7/30/2016 6:18:01 AM

Pros: reads/writes at class 10 speeds, very happy with it. Comes with the full size SD card adapter. Works in all devices I've tested it in so far, can't ask for anything more.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I have both this and the 32 gb version, both are working well.

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great SD card, just like the other silicon power products I've had in the past7/14/2016 7:39:00 PM

Pros: Reads at about 75 MB/s on big files, drops down substantially on lots of small files (as does everything) Inexpensive Stable so far

Cons: None that I've found so far

Overall Review: Great microsd card, I've been using it multiple places without incident so far, working really well.

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I'm growing to love SteelSeries5/20/2016 6:09:00 PM

Pros: Simple and straightforward Easy to use software Great feel in the hand

Cons: I don’t like the color scheme of the one I got (purple cable), but there are plenty of others The LED’s are color adjustable, but the logo/scroll wheel are colored, so you miss out on some ability to fully use the adjustable LED’s

Overall Review: The cable, logo, and LED colors were all purple when I got it, not exactly my style. However, the software that comes with the mouse is some of the easiest to use that I’ve yet found (unlike Corsair’s software which is awful to use). I was able to get the colors adjusted to something that I liked a bit more, and I started using the mouse for the past ~2 weeks. The mouse has good weight, but still slides easily, and the clicks are definitive, and satisfying. It’s got just the mouse buttons, scroll wheel, and a back and forward button. I don’t need macros on my mice, and I appreciate the simplicity of this model It’s been a solid upgrade. I’m not using the mouse for gaming, I’m using it for office work (but I appreciate nice input devices, I use a mechanical keyboard at both home and work). However, the benefits carry across to gaming. I brought it home for some CIV and TF2 last weekend and used it to good effect. I’m coming back around to wired mice in general so I’m not charging my wireless mice all the time, and dealing with 2.4 ghz interference The SteelSeries brand is definitely up and coming in my book. I’ve got a set of their headphones as well, and they are the most comfortable, and one of the best sounding set of cans I’ve ever used SteelSeries has moved to the top of the list for me when I look for peripherals going forward. They make excellent gear, and this mouse is no exception

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