Nice Case, lots of room,4/15/2018 12:07:59 PM

Pros: -Great for server or multiple GPU builds -tons of space and Drive mounts -0clear window to see you're build

Cons: - cable management is tight, espically with more then 1 gpu -old model, but still good

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Best 144 monitor for price4/14/2018 4:39:22 PM

Pros: - Super fast response time and refresh rate 144hz - image quality is good for a tn panel - over a year of use and no problems -very thin bezels

Cons: - wish it was black instead of red - tn panel

Overall Review: - would recommend a IPS or VA panel for overall experience but i enjoyed my time on this monitor

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Awesome ssd, very fast, would recommend4/14/2018 4:35:26 PM

Pros: - very very fast ssd -very good price - runs good no problems in a year of use, own 2 of them

Cons: - gets hot, I would think this would cause a longevity issue on this. - hot especially when it is placed behind a graphics card

Overall Review: - Try to place it somewhere it will get good air flow, IE , not behind a video card.

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Very good for price4/14/2018 4:32:57 PM

Pros: -great price -quiet fan -almost year of use runs good

Cons: - not fully modular but that's what you get at this price point

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Awesome CPU for anything and everything4/14/2018 4:31:14 PM

Pros: - Solid 4ghz overclock at 1.35 volts - overall happy with the chip, amazing for workstation/streamers editors, as well as gaming, and even both at both of them at the same time. -Got on sale for a great price with 1800x - Future proof am4 socket

Cons: - could not overlock to 4.2 target, on k7 motherboard (4.0 max) -

Overall Review: - If you're a gamer only and not needing the rendering workstation power go for a higher frequency chip like a 8700k, which is the best gaming-only chip, but stream game and record at the same time, the 1800x is better

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Might be the best DIY water cooling kit on the market but4/14/2018 4:26:12 PM

Pros: - great build quality for the price - very affordable custom loop, this is really cheap for what you get, - very easy to install - does a good job cooling under long sessions

Cons: - Can smell coolant from the exhaust fan/ system when pc is getting hot ( no coolant leaking) - loses coolant over time, water evaporates -Maintenance required at maximum every 3-6 months

Overall Review: - I may go back to a new rgb corsair AIO, kind of over the custom loop thing already, only owned for about 6 months, seems like to much work for just an aesthetic look and probably not better at performing

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Amazing RGB ram4/14/2018 4:03:05 PM

Pros: -Gskill nailed it with these, definitely the coolest rgb ram on the market - High-quality build and design - eye candy rgb light, much more pleasing then corsair or some other brands

Cons: - price of ram is high - no rgb sync, (that I know of)

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Nice RGB PSU4/14/2018 4:01:09 PM

Pros: - Very very quiet fan -Nice glow from Rgb light - Unbeatable warranty -Does the job - 6 months of use so far.

Cons: - no rgb sync of any type

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Best Wireless headset4/14/2018 3:54:25 PM

Pros: -great sound, music sounds great. -long battery life - light and comfortable -Wireless is very nice to have - Corsair customer service is A+

Cons: - software could use some work, but not bad -

Overall Review: - I use this next to my high end gaming headset - I prefer a real high end gaming headset for FPS shooter games.

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Best in class Ultra Wide monitor on the market Highly Reccommend!!! 10/104/13/2018 12:49:37 PM

Pros: -115hz overclock freesync- I use a 1080ti and I don't even think g Sync is necessary - super smooth image and fps off this monitor no tearing with my card at all. -This monitor brought my gaming experience to a whole other level, Highly recommend 10/10 -Amazing image and color, this panel is great, very good viewing angle, the VA Panels are awesome - Literally no backlight bleed - Very thin and clean looking bezel -The sturdy and strong feel of overall monitor -Build quality is great, very nice sleek aesthetic look, -200 cheaper then the asus version with the same specs. I got mine on sale at $530 - Would buy another, Acer is an awesome brand, 3 year warranty

Cons: - The height of the stand does not go very low to match my other monitors - Slight glares from heavy light coming into a room, for me this is not a problem, but it is a con. - Really can't even think of anything else lol

Overall Review: -I was hesitant to switch over to an ultrawide monitor and it is the best choice I have made. - I play Pubg mainly and for that game, this monitor gives me an advantage over a higher refresh rate monitor. - Coming from a 144hz tn panel with a 1ms response time, I did feel the difference but its not bad at all and I would do this trade-off , but that depends on what games and how serious you are about playing them, I play at a high competitive level on pubg, and I love this thing, first game on it in a duos I get 14 kills.

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Very Satisfied would put a 4.5 Stars if could but will settle with a 5, check out my detailed review11/18/2017 7:18:51 PM

Pros: - Extremely powerful CPU and GPU- (Please read below about undervolting cpu to keep temps under control) - 1440p 120hz display - big screen - great real estate screen, I use it for my stock trading and love the 2k screen with the extra screen estate. -color is okay, satisfied with it, has alot of settings to mess with I believe this is a TN Panel Screen but not 100% sure. -build quality is a 8.5/10 , thin and light for a 17.3 with a gtx1070 and 7820hk - Durable nice strong feeling chassis made of aluminum, i dropped my alexa right the top of the screen ( outer shell) from at least 3 feet high and did not leave a single mark at all. - Getting nice 100fps on pubg at 2k resoultion, that game is poorly optimized but i was very satisfied with how it was running, I tired just a few other games like h1z1 at ultra on 2k and I was getting 120+ fps, so this has meet my needs, I still wish I got the 1080 version just to be more future proof. So for gaming even at 2k this thing is a great machine.

Cons: - Very minor build quality issues, these do not bother me but it would be nice to see improvement to an A+ standard , two issues ive had, the screen hinge creeks sometimes, the laptop doesn't fully seat screen to base when closed by itself. A small light bleed over the white lights on the front, again these problems do not bother me at all, but it is important to note, if they were as bad as some people say I would point it out. - Have not been able to figure out to make rgb Macro keys to match rest of board , this can be updated in a software, so another thing I don't really care about. - Gets very very hot if not undervolted, I was hitting 95-98 hgihs on max OC and 80-85 on stock clocks. Undervolted with stock clocks and now hitting 70-75 C max which is great , I have not tried overclock undervolting since I want this to run as cool as possible and I don't need anymore cpu, it has more then I need already ( read other for more info on undervolt) - I feel like the pricing could be a little better

Overall Review: - Would highly recommenced this to anyone, I took alot of time researching this pc , my only regret has been not getting a 1080 version =(. - This is a must do thing to this pc, you want to under volt the cpu to keep temperature low as well as overall system temp, I never had a issue with my graphics card temp, I used the default overclock, this thing has plenty of cpu even at base clocks, overclocking the cpu will cause this thing to get very hot and very little to no performance game with GPU is needed most. I did plan to repaste the cpu and gpu but after undervolting I am holding off on that since my temps are nice now around 70C for both GPU and CPU in a game like pubg. - I under-volted it using Intel Extreme Tuning utility, i ld not think it is necessary to overclock this cpu, unless you really need it, but for just genera use and even gaming it is better to leave the cpu at stock clock since the temps will get hot, I went with -0.150 and the system has been stable, that is the highest I was able to get , my temps dropped about 10C or more on my cpu, while running games like pubg. I actually got my highest kill game ever (19 kills) while playing on this laptop and my desktop has a 1080ti lol. -would be cool to see a titanium chassis but that would cost loads but worth it for the cooling benefits, maybe a limited run of that type for a special version.

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Probably the best 1080TI on the Market7/6/2017 5:41:20 PM

Pros: - Easy to use software for overclocking and customization. -Superior cooling design, works best with a water cooled CPU with a lot of case airflow. -Speeds of up to 2100 with temps under 70 C -9/10

Cons: -Only Con is the Geforce GTX logo isn't RGB.......That would have made it 10/10.

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Very nice board. Love it.1/23/2015 10:56:24 PM

Pros: I love this Board, it has everything I need all in one with extras, great board for a high performance build. Great colors as well as LED's in board, makes people appreciate computers more when they see it. Water cooling feature, never used but its nice to know you have it.

Cons: I overpaid when it was new, but the price now is a great buy.

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Great Product, Keeps everything nice and cool1/23/2015 10:47:29 PM

Pros: Comes pre filled, so ready to plug in out the box. Never had a problem with heating while overclocking my 4770k to 4.4ghz, which is a processor that runs hot. Nearly a year and a half of use Works with many chipsets.

Cons: None for me

Overall Review: Great cooler for a high performance build.

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Awesome Product11/5/2013 9:32:23 PM

Pros: Easy To apply Keeps Cpu Cooler under heavy load.

Cons: None

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