OVERALL ~ Amazing keyboard , Got Design problem12/12/2020 2:02:14 PM

Pros: Wireless + Bluetooth can pair two devices = Amazing! Great Function keys Great Battery Superb software = GHUB is awesome.

Cons: Heavy - but i guess who cares ,its a keyboard Metal frame scratches easily - not a problem if you dont move it too much Keycaps getting glossy and dusty really fast , i guess its the oily texture of it Biggest Problem i have encountered - probably 90% of the g915 (in all variations) have this problem the ctrl button (and some other less usefull buttons) have an extra plastic for the keycap holder , useally , that wouldnt be a big deal , but there is a design problem where these extra tiny plastics , are not going all the way through when are being pushed with abit of an angle. there is a DIY fix , but it is risky and it involves filing those plastics in just a bit so they will go in easier.

Overall Review: if you bought this keyboard , pay attention , getting a replacement probably wont help with the ctrl problem. just looking at it for couple of mins you will understand what to do to fix it, if you need help , email me , danvntr@gmail.com *I DO NOT TAKE RESPONSABILITY FOR ANY DAMAGE DONE*

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