So far so good11/28/2014 10:52:18 AM

Pros: Fast, Cheap

Cons: Worry.

Overall Review: Had two of these in a NAS and one in a PC as storage for over a year now, the NAS is on almost 24/7 and the PC not far behind, all three retail box drives. So far so good, they are plenty fast, faster than the WD Black 2TB's I replaced, they run fairly cool, aren't overly noisy imo, and SMART says they are all good. I'm still nervous by all the complaints I see about them failing, but my 3 drive sample is still fine so far. I would not run them without a good mirror/backup of some sort, but they have been great so far.

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Good, but DOA's..10/24/2013 3:37:24 PM

Pros: The one that works, works well.

Cons: I bought two, one didn't work at all. RMA'd and the 2nd one is DOA as well. Weird. But the first one that actually worked is still doing fine. Something is up with these.

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No issues9/15/2013 7:10:29 PM

Pros: Heavy, well made, cool looking, semi-modular, reasonable money.

Cons: Semi-Modular, reasonable money, almost too cool looking? The sheathing is a little cheap, cables a bit stiff, the lengths could vary more on the plugable leads, but it's alright enough. No sticker. :)

Overall Review: There are a ton of in depth PSU reviews online, I suggest anyone buying read them, especially jonnyguru. This one isn't made by XFX, and that's a good thing in this case as of mid 2013. Do your homework, the data is out there.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Wolf, We're glad you're power supply is running with no issues. If you have any questions, please contact us at Thank you for the review!
Good but...9/15/2013 7:07:23 PM

Pros: Good air, well made, reasonable price

Cons: PWM low-rpm noise

Overall Review: Good fan in general, high pitched PWM related noise at lowish RPM which is not cool. Still a nice fan and if the RPM's are up they sound fine, but that low RPM noise, like a TV on in a room kinda noise, is a bother. Probly going to return or replace.

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Nice for the price9/11/2013 9:29:06 PM

Pros: Light, cheap, foldy

Cons: None for the price

Overall Review: I'm not an audiophile(anymore) since I got old and my hearing went in the can, but these little guys sound good for the money, much nicer than earbuds of the same price. I game with em, watch movies, music, etc. Cheap enough that if I screw them up or loose them its no biggie. Good stuff.

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Fixable..9/3/2013 1:22:52 PM

Pros: Low RPM, quiet, good volume, well made motor, came in my Antec 1100. Will run OK at 500rpm, and silently but still moving a fair bit of air due to it's size. That's probably the point of a 200mm fan.

Cons: 3pin, if that's a con even, was very noisy and not correctly assembled initially, but quite fixable and is now quite satisfactory. If I could have gone down the street the night I was building my computer and bought another, I would have, but it was 2am and I wanted to see my new box come to life, so I fixed it. Like a carburetor. Only more simple and without the gas.

Overall Review: The thing hangs face down in my 1100, the droop was too much since the assembly was put together missing a rubber o-ring that serves as a spacer, to prevent excessive hanging down. Once you pull it apart you'll understand. Pull off the round center sticker, remove the rubber plug, brace the fan carefully and exert a pop of force downward on the tiny silver shaft sticking out of the center of the fan. This will force the round split clip out of the groove in the fan and release it. Once apart you'll see how it works, lube well, 0-ring it to taste (too tight=slow, too loose=noisy), and reassemble using a deep well 1/4 socket to drive on the clip. The guts of the fan actually seem pretty well made, the one from my Antec 1100 which looks identical is in fact NOT a ball bearing, but a pretty good sleeve design which IMO is fine for this sort of thing if it's lubed and pretty sealed up. For under $20, what does one expect really? I imagine there are really really nice 200mm fan's out there somewhere, but they are probably $50 or so.

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Neat stuff8/25/2013 12:14:16 AM

Pros: Better than regular white thermal paste

Cons: It wasn't down the street for me to buy

Overall Review: Google the correct use, AC has a PDF with a few good tips, do what they say, not what guys on forums say.

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Nice case8/25/2013 12:12:52 AM

Pros: Very large for a mid-tower, good fan placement options, good packaging retail box, not to goofy looking, you can turn the blue LED fan light off, reasonably well made.

Cons: 200mm upper exhaust fan was noisy from the first use, see details on a fix below. It was an manufacturing error, and I suspect not an uncommon one given the number of results online for noisy Antec 1100 200mm fan. Mine was perfectly fixable.

Overall Review: Lot of case for the money, it isn't quiet and that isn't it's purpose, but it runs really cool by nature. Some fan lead extensions and/or splitters may be in order. It's roomy and air flows well, it's slightly cheap feeling by the standards of a guy that got his start on old Unisys servers and Supermicro full towers in the 90's, but it has a ton of really cool features an little details, I'm happy for the money. The 200mm exhaust fan was noisy from the start, being mounted horizontally, the blades were dropping down and being noisy, I fixed it since I don't like throwing stuff away. The fan is actually pretty well made, good windings and coils/magnets, it's strong running, the fan shaft turns on a bronze sleeve bushing that was reasonably well lubed from the factory, but it was incorrectly assembled. Remove it, pull the Antec label off, pop out the center rubber plug, you'll see the tiny metal shaft sticking up with a white plastic 0 looking clip that has a split in it which fits in a slot in the shaft to hold it in. In my case, laying on top of it, was the rubber o-ring that was supposed to be under that white fastening clip to keep the blades from dropping too low and being noisy, it was just laying in there, somebody, or an assembly machine, messed up. So, very carefully, pull down on the fan blade assembly and/or push down on the metal shaft while gently prying that white 0 apart at the split with something thin and ridged till the fan pops loose. Clean all the grease out of the bushing and off the fan shaft, noting that the shaft has another o-ring on the bottom to keep lube in presumably. Now lube it all up, put the fan back in, replace the o-ring or find a replacement if it was MIA (same size as the bottom one more or less), then using an appropriately sized deep well 1/4" drive socket, drive the white affixing plastic white 0 clip back onto the shaft. If you do it right, there will be a small amount of drop on the fan blades when horizontal, but not so much that it's noisy. Mine is quiet now and runs 750RPM hooked to the PWR port on my Asrock 990FX Extreme9, I assume this is full spec RPM or close enough to it. Also lube the thing up good with heavy oil before putting the rubber plug back in. That fixed mine right up, YMMV. I should probably deduct an egg for the fan fixing, but it really was pretty minor. It's a mass-produced world..

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Nice board for the $8/24/2013 11:58:24 PM

Pros: AM3+, will handle 8 core CPU's, overclocable, well laid out, good accessory bundle, well packaged, lots of nifty features.

Cons: The Etron USB3 drivers are unsatisfactory, don't count on USB3 working. Search forums online for details.

Overall Review: Haven't bought a board in a couple years, been sort of our of the loop, I was pleased to find a sub-$200 board with some upgrade-ability that would still run my 1090T for now and had firewire and lots of USB, even if the USB3 is flaky due to drivers. No real complaints otherwise. It's of note that only one CPU fan header and one case fan header are 4pin PWM, and can be set in the bios to increase fan speed over a certain CPU temp threshold, the others are 3 pin and while the fan speed is manually controllable in the bios, they aren't tied to temperature. It may be that speedfan or some such software will do so, but the bios and included Asrock software is not able. No huge thing for me really. Intel gigabit lan onboard is nice, it overclocks well, my 1090T BE did 3.8 with nothing but the multiplier increased on an off the shelf water cooler. The lack of USB3 is a bit of a bummer but overall I'm pretty happy so far.

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