Amazing case for the price2/13/2016 4:06:00 PM

Pros: Lots of space for expansion cards Lots of space behind the right panel for cable organization Plenty of velcro straps pre-installed for cable organization Grommets on most of the holes for cable routing Large "window" on motherboard mounting tray for easy HSF bracket installation Included fans seem to be high quality Filters on most air inlets Rubber mounting pads for PSU Included fan controller hub Solid build quality

Cons: Huge (larger than I thought it would be, but that's mostly my fault) Mounting only one hard drive cage results in the cage being wobbly, so better to either have both or none Ventilation grilles on the rear panel could turn into unfiltered air inlets if you don't set up your fans properly Side vents on the front panel are unfiltered Hard drives mount slightly loosely in the cage.

Overall Review: This really is an amazing case for the price. I checked out a handful of cases at a big-box store today just to see how much better it is, and I found that the design and construction is well ahead of anything else in the sub-$120 price range. The cable routing options are fantastic, and the versatility of the fan mounting locations is impressive. I particularly like the quality of the filters on the air inlets. The filters I've seen on competing Antec, Thermaltake, and Corsair cases seem cheap by comparison. I do wish they had set up the front intake filters to include the side intake grilles on the front panel, but that should be easily rectified with some custom-cut foam media from the craft store. Hard drives mount well in the screw-less brackets (although I secured my WD Black drive with screws, just because), but the bracket mounts loosely inside the cage. I'm hoping it doesn't result in excess vibration. Took off one egg for this issue. I'd much rather screw a hard drive down than have noise/vibration problems due to sloppy mounting. Still, a better design than some others I've seen. All in all, I'm very happy with the case. If the hard drives mounted solidly and the side grilles on the front panel were filtered, this would be a perfect case.

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Great for the price11/10/2012 9:40:39 PM

Pros: Affordable, attractive looking case with plenty of room for expansion ports. Good front port selection and a nice area behind the drive bays to hide the wiring.

Cons: No filter on the side fan mount, thin gauge steel, flimsy front cover.

Overall Review: I'm pretty happy with the case, considering I only paid $40 for it. Yes, it could be better, but I could have also forked another $40 for a case with thicker gauge panels and a better front cover. The only thing that bothers me is that the side fan intake grille has no filter. I still need to mount some cheese cloth or some other fine mesh there to keep dust out.

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Got what I paid for11/10/2012 9:35:12 PM

Pros: Fast, easy on the wallet, just big enough for Win7 64bit and some core programs.

Cons: Failed after several months of use=/ Complete failure with no warning. Apparently the SandForce controller doesn't like sleep mode. I didn't discover this until after it crashed. Fortunately I didn't have anything of worth on the drive, just the OS and core programs.

Overall Review: OCZ replaced the dead drive under warranty with no issue. I submitted a trouble ticket, they verified the drive was toast and then sent me an RMA #. I was shipped a brand new drive as soon as they received my dead unit. The new drive has the updated v1.37 firmware. We'll see how long it lasts. If it dies again, I may fork for an Intel drive. I'm not disappointed with the drive; it's an economy-minded SSD and I knew that a lot of people have had issues with them. Fortunately I was prepared for a crash and kept everything on my 500GB WD Blue drive.

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