Plug and play, happy about everything except longevity9/16/2020 9:37:11 AM

Pros: - The extra port is a nice option for me, I tend to use it for a camera as its easy to get to and unplug again when I'm done with it. Also isn't clunky to use. (A previous keyboard of different kind couldn't fit certain USB devices due to restrictions around the ports, this one won't have such an issue). - Good price for a short term keyboard - Stands are acceptable. - Still functional at a year. - LED brightness control is onboard the keyboard, so no software issues. - Multimedia controls works well, have never had an issue with them

Cons: - The W key has started getting finicky, has to be pressed straight down and if there is any deviation in any direction it will stop registering. (Irritating while gaming and something's trying to eat you.) - Only lasted a year before any problem started occurring. If you buy, expect it to last about that long, and plan accordingly. - Doesn't have a Num lock light. (Minor) - LED's will turn on if the computer is off and a button is pushed, and they will stay on without user intervention. (Minor)

Overall Review: I would have liked it to have lasted longer. I rejected other products because I judged them too cheap, but this one I thought was a good in the middle, and the USB port a bonus. I guess not, especially since it seems that's about how long this lasts for many others. Mine does still work, just a little more finicky. - It looses one and a half eggs for its longevity, and the other half for the collective other issues. (I would put a 1/4th since the other issues are so minor, but that's how the rating system works.)

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