Huge Temperature Drops: High Risk, High Reward.4/12/2017 2:29:15 AM

Pros: +Dropped temps on my Titan XP GPU core 12C vs EK TIM thermal grease. +Card runs cool enough to lower my fan profiles for less noise and STILL be cooler than before. +Comes with a nice cleaning pad, brushes, etc.

Cons: -Not easy to spread. Acts like mercury and beads up. Patience required to spread. -Even a thin, even layer is "too much". Be very sparing as it will squeeze over the die. -HIGHLY CONDUCTIVE. Shorted out my card three times due to the above when little beads touched the capacitors around the die. -Not very safe for your GPU unless you are REALLY careful. And crazy.

Overall Review: Amazing performance, but dangerous for the amateur builder if you don't like smoking electronics. Stick to Artic Silver or something non-conductive unless you absolutely need the best heat transfer. Like I said in the title, high risk gets you a high reward.

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Great Performance for a Great Price2/12/2017 11:28:24 PM

Pros: -Runs fast and stable at 1240MHz out of the box -HAS A FRIGGIN BACKPLATE!!! -Runs cooler and quieter than cheap reference blower design...maybe. -Outstanding ReLive drivers boosting performance -RX 480 for 1050ti price

Cons: -Single fan on a simple milled aluminum heatsink gets kind of hot and loud -Gets to 81C after a few minutes of load, but better than 88C for reference -You need to manually undervolt/adjust the fan for lower temps and noise

Overall Review: Bought this for an HTPC build paired with an i5 7500 that will dual-boot as a Hackintosh. Apple natively supports Polaris drivers after the latest Macbook Pros released so this should go nicely with Final Cut Pro X. Gaming performance in Windows is fantastic at 1080p and decent at 1440p in well-optimized titles that do not guzzle VRAM, but does this really matter when you are buying a card that performs at least 40% better than an Nvidia 1050ti for just $15 more? Stupid amazing deal. 11/10

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Simple and pleasing mod for any build needing white cables.7/26/2016 10:55:41 PM

Pros: - More flexible and easy to maneuver than standard PSU cables, even nicer ones. - High quality sleeves with no loose threads. - Comes with little clear combs to manage the cables and two cable ties.

Cons: - Leaves a lot of original full-length cable lying about that can be very hard to fully tuck away. - 24 pin can be hard to "comb", but I left mine "messy" cuz' I like the look.

Overall Review: -Good product. Would avoid if using a small case with little room to stash full cables. If you have the room, you save $20 vs a full-length cable set from Cablemod. These look just as good, too.

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