Unfortunately Overhyped...12/2/2020 4:56:24 AM

Pros: -I enjoy the deep curve for gaming. You want to be 1 meter away for it to have the desired effect (to create the intended radius). Everything looks bigger and your eyes catch corner details quicker because they aren't re-focusing to a slightly more distant surface. -Joystick for the menu is pretty decent.

Cons: Yikes... -Backlight bleed is horrendous, and mine is actually better than most it seems. -Colors are too saturated and feel "off" compared to other monitors I own. -Text looks terrible. I might return it on this factor alone. No settings overcome this. -Pick your poison; flickering or jitter. Some claim they don't get jitter but I think they just don't notice it. You can eliminate jitter by choosing VRR off, but then you may get bad flickering. I can't handle handle any stutters in my competitive FPS so I tolerate a little flicker in the menu screens as it's only moderate in the game I play.

Overall Review: Can't recommend it. Samsung rushed it to market to be "the first" but it's plagued with issues. Wait a few months you'll be glad you did.

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Sleeper product. High quality and the cheapest.1/7/2019 2:46:55 AM

Pros: Was going to get 3200 gskills or corsair but found this for just a few bucks more. The pro reviews were solid to I went for it. XMP profile 1 is rock solid with my OC'd 9600k. Immediate improvement in cinebench scores. Less stuttering in games vs my old 2666.

Cons: None thus far.

Overall Review: Look at the timings. Much better than most. In fact, most of the 3600 has much slower timings so it won't be any faster than this. Heat spreaders are better than I'm used to. Very solid product.

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Went from silent to mildly noisy...12/27/2018 7:54:31 AM

Pros: Editing my review because the unit developed coil whine and fan issues after a couple weeks of use. Positive; I went from a roaring OC'd 1070ti that could barely pull 120fps to this card doing much more work and only pushing about 55% load during gameplay. The card is such a beast I had to bump my 9600k up to 4.8GHz just so it would catch up. I'm still 50% cpu bound. Despite the power, it doesn't have horrible energy consumption like the ti version either.

Cons: Annoying coil whine buzz developed. If I use the DP that's next to the hdmi port, the screen cuts out periodically. Also, during idle or low use, the fans click on, then immediately stop. This constant clicking noise sounds like a clock and is obnoxious. There's a strong chance I'll end to returning this card for something else.

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Pleasantly surprised.11/18/2018 2:39:36 PM

Pros: After our Roomba started giving us fits, I was never going to waste money on a smart vacuum again. But... my wife really wanted one so I decided to roll the dice on the iView. Really glad I did. It's not too noisy, it doesn't get stuck every 5 min like the roomba. Doesn't slam into furniture as roughly either. I'm surprised at how well it navigates, and how much junk it picks up!

Cons: I haven't run into anything negative yet, which is why I was motivated to write a review. My wife says that once in a while it fails to find the dock, but whenever I see it running, it finds it on it's own.

Overall Review: This is a steal for the price. If you were thinking of getting a smart vacuum, this sweeps AND does a light mop for less than most that do either one or the other.

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