Plug and play with lots of storage.7/10/2016 4:58:41 AM

Pros: - No external power required. - Large storage capacity. - Does what it says on the tin.

Cons: - None so far.

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Did the trick!9/10/2011 6:16:42 AM

Pros: I needed this adapter to power the 3rd monitor for my Eyefinity setup. After hooking it up to my Radeon HD 6970 the widescreen glory is all I could have hoped for. It will be better when I go from 3 20" monitors to 3 24" monitors.

Cons: Lack of instructions. It could have come with a leaflet or something to better explain the troubleshooting steps if a less experienced user encounters issues. See other thoughts.

Overall Review: When I initially attached this to my system, the 3rd monitor did not automatically come on. After swapping the DVI, and the Mini-Displayports around, I could only get 2 monitors to display. I had to go into "Screen Resolution" (Windows 7 Home Premium) and manually select to extend to the 3rd display. Granted this is one of the first things you should check, but not everyone has had that kind of experience. So if you get this and you can't get that 3rd monitor to display, just check to see that Windows knows that the monitor is there. Cheers!

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Awesome drive!9/1/2011 6:02:07 AM

Pros: Easy installation. Incredibly fast over the 7200 RPM drive I replaced. No issues. Windows Experience rating on the hard drive rating for my Alienware MX11 went from 5.3 to 7.7!

Cons: Price. It's been a real long time since I've shelled out almost $300 for a drive of this size. But the performace so far has outweighed the price.

Overall Review: This package has the best upgrade kit I've ever seen for a drive. It had the 2.5" to 3.5" bay adapter, a nice solid aluminum one. It also had a screwdriver with multiple heads, and an enclosure for a 2.5" drive. So I was able to do all my data transferring right after I installed windows. I can't speak highly enough of this product. I'll definitely get another couple of these when I get around to upgrading my desktop PC. Can't wait to see what a pair of these will do in RAID 0!

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Great RAM for the price.9/1/2011 5:55:05 AM

Pros: Works great. No issues with installation.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: Installed into my Alienware MX11. Upgrading from 4GB to 8GB. This kit worked great, and there have been no issues. Definitely a bargain for the price.

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