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Cute7/30/2014 1:57:03 PM

Pros: Message display is very cute. runs on batteries or USB.

Cons: weak air flow. Tips over easily. cumbersome programming.

Overall Review: I put 3 dead batteries in the base to weigh it down a little, but it still tips easily - needs some lead weights in there. Not very useful for cooling anything. If you want it just for the little message display, it's a great toy.

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My Fave Fan7/30/2014 11:22:42 AM

Pros: low profile, no exposed fan blades

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: I have bought about 24 of these narrow ones, and 20 square ones. I use them in a test lab on motherboards mounted on steel plates - open on top. The CPU's are all rated 80-95 watts TDP. They don't cut my fingers like exposed fan blades would. They are never too loud unless the fan speed is manually cranked way up in the BIOS. Even under full (95W) CPU load they do not strain.

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TPG-0750M != TPG-750M5/16/2014 12:00:21 PM

Pros: modular, efficient, high power, single rail. looks nice.

Cons: flat cables, not so flexible, not color coded wiring

Overall Review: When I typed "TPG-750M" in the newegg search window it only shows me this power supply, so I thought this TPG-0750M was a TPG-750M replacement. The TPG-750M (Item#: N82E16817153132) is out of stock. This PS has only 1 8-Pin EPS 12V connection - the real TPG-750M has 2. Next time I'll look more carefully. I modified one of the "pci" 12 v connectors to fit in 7 out of 8 pins on the second 8-pin connector on my motherboard. I buy a lot of supplies like this - the cabling on this one is way below average, though functional.

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weak vga connector1/20/2014 3:45:07 PM

Pros: powerful gen-3 system. IPMI is excellent. Plenty of gen-3 slots.

Cons: wimpy VGA connector - breaks easily cannot get bifurcation to work on any slot

Overall Review: I use this on a test bench. Unless you have the built-in vga connector solidly attached to a chassis or something, you are going to break it easily. Needs a more solid connector like previous Supermicro boards. I have a board with 4x4 bifurcation that works in a competitors MB, but not in this one. A newer version of the bios made very significant changes to the bifurcation options, but it still doesn't work.

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mixed feelings5/28/2013 11:29:59 PM

Pros: Heavy - won't skooch around when you bang on it bright lights programmable keys macro recording options are cool very tactile

Cons: I can't touch type, so I buy illuminated keyboards. On this one, the symbols "!@#$%^&*()_+|}{:"<>?" and "FN" are NOT illuminated - what's the point of illumination??? bad font on the keys The vertical orientation of keys with 2 symbols ( e.g. : and ; ) is BACKWARDS - the shifted symbol is on the bottom and the unshifted symbol is on top. The SW has to be downloaded - you have to create an account and then hunt for it on the web site. SW won't intall on WIN2K8R2-x64 - (it says my OS is "insufficient") unless you dumb it down with "Tropubleshoot Compatibility" to look like WinXP-32-bit. On Win7 Ult. the installer crashed a couple of times before flying right.

Overall Review: I wouldn't have given it more than 3 eggs if I hadn't had an equal amount of disappointment with other keyboards. I think I'll keep it anyhow, for the pros. Why does everyone who sells expensive keyboards think they have to re-invent the layout???

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Missing 12V Connector2/22/2013 11:43:03 AM

Pros: ATX 12V v2.2 / EPS 12V v2.91, modular, Platinum

Cons: It says :Connectors... "2 x 8 pin +12V Power Connector". Not true. It has only 1 "4+4" 12 V Connector. I had to take a 6-pin PCI-E connector, turn it around backwards and jam it in to the 2nd 8-pin 12 V connector on my server motherboard. The modular cable wires are all black - not color coded.

Overall Review: I'll buy a different power supply next time.

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3/13/2012 3:35:03 PM

Pros: small, no exposed fan blades

Cons: not quite as good as the similar Dynatron, but cheaper, and still available at newegg

Overall Review: I use this in my lab on several open-chassis (flat steel plate) server motherboards for testing our products. I was tired of cutting my fingers on exposed CPU fan blades - no problem now. Works great with 80W TDP CPUs and probably more.

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NO FIREWIRE12/17/2011 11:28:36 PM

Pros: usb interface

Cons: NO IEEE 1394 INTERFACE - see the pictures - see the manual

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not as advertised12/17/2010 12:16:14 PM

Pros: it was blue

Cons: Ordered CAT6A Received CAT6 These are not the same, folks!

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plug and play for RHEL11/30/2010 5:17:02 PM

Pros: plug and play for Scientific Linux 5.3, Centos 5.5 (RHEL clones). Measured performance at over 92 megabits/second tx, 92 megabits/second rx simultaneously - can't do better than that with any 100 megabit NIC.

Cons: It's not gigabit Ethernet

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Good Board!10/25/2010 1:17:21 PM

Pros: IPMI, PCIE x8 and x16, dual LGA 1366, Tylersburg - it has everything I need.

Cons: The Cons field must not be empty

Overall Review: Over the last 11 months I've gotten 6 of these motherboards to use in my test lab. I love the IPMI, too. With one of these boards, a couple of Xeon E5620's, and 12 Gig of DDR3 1333 ECC RAM you've the guts of an extremely powerful machine for $1400.

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1 good, 2 bad6/9/2010 4:55:18 PM

Pros: many many gen-2 x8 PCIE slots built-in IPMI runs Westmere or Gainstown CPUs Onboard Video

Cons: 2 out of 3 boards didn't work right

Overall Review: I have been using one of these for 6 weeks as a test bench, and I love it - no problems at all. Then I went through 2 more, neither of which would power-up/down correctly. On the 2 bad ones- as soon as I plug in the power supply, the fans come on, all 3 power rails on the pcie bus light up, but it won't boot. The power button was unresponsive. I was able to use the IPMI to power up, update the bios, update the ipmi FW, install Linux, but I could never solve the power cycling problem. IPMI says it powers off, but the fans are on and the bus voltages are up. I tried single/dual cpus, Westmere and Gainstown CPUs, different memory configurations, 2 versions of the BIOS, 2 versions of the IPMI FW, 3 different power switches, and 4-5 different power supplies. If there's another solution I don't have any more time to find it. RMA'd and ordered an X8DTi-F instead - I have 4 of those and never had a problem with them.

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Good Deal5/28/2010 4:18:30 PM

Pros: compared to a Xeon E5520, it's 6% faster, 50% more L3 cache, same TDP, all for 4% more $.

Cons: Had to borrow a Gainestown CPU to update the BIOS on a new supermicro X8DTH-iF before it would boot the E5620.

Overall Review: Using the E5620 in a Supermicro X8DTi-F to test a dual port 10 gig NIC, I get 12% better throughput than with the E5620 - must be that cache? Not a huge difference, but from now on, I will consider the E5620 to be my preferred CPU.

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