Good computer for the price1/26/2018 4:02:20 AM

Pros: 3rd gen CPU, lots of usb ports, 4 slots for expansion, Windows 7 pro, and as the person who did the first review mine came with 8Gb of memory instead of 4

Cons: Cover was scratched, the only detail for which I would not consider it as grade A but grade B

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Great product to share your drive on the network4/30/2016 7:08:27 AM

Pros: Nonsense easy, just connect and it works. Provides Samba (Windows) share. Very small (much smaller than it looks on the web)

Cons: No DLNA support, would have been more usefull with a battery to be used with my phone when out of the house

Overall Review: If you want to share a drive in your home this thing is great. It is easy to use, and don't use much power. Usefulness is limited by the lack of battery, if you want to use it "on the fo" you need to provide your own batery

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OK but kind of useless for me4/30/2016 7:03:41 AM

Pros: Sturdy product, right size for my Dell D630

Cons: Useless for me as I discovered too late. I had to dismantle my CD caddy to get this adapter in, then I saw my Dell CD wasn't with a SATA connector, like the caddy adapter has. So even if this wasn't an expensive item, it is totally useless for me

Overall Review: Check your laptop for compatibility of interfaces before buying...

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Mixed bag feelings3/15/2016 4:27:48 AM

Pros: Small, quiet, cheap, windows 10 included

Cons: Doesn't seem to be able to provide enough power on USB port of the dock, very unstable with the Orico hub/ethernet I purchased along with that PC.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Pierre, I am sorry your hub is not working. I would try both ports (2.0 and 3.0) for your hub port. I am glad you are enjoying the other qualities of the device. If you ever have any technical issues, feel free to call 877-388-8360. Thank you, Sarah R., InFocus Customer Support
Draws too much power3/15/2016 4:24:25 AM

Pros: integrated ethernet and usb3 hub

Cons: draws too much power to be used with Kangaroo PC (reason of my purchase), I had to use a powered usb hub between the PC nd this one to get it to work stable

Overall Review: Wouldn't have purchased it if I had known, makes an expensive ethernet adapter

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear PIERRE L. Thank you so much for choosing ORICO. So sorry to the issue that had happen to you, and thanks for your kindly advices. Any problem about this product ,please contact us in the first time .we will try our best to solve your problem . our email address is, should you have any other problem ,please let me know It will be highly appreciated if there are any news from your side. We are looking forward to hearing from you and purchase from ORICO again! Best Regards Maite
Nor refurbished but "used" drives2/5/2016 9:55:41 AM

Pros: Physical state of drives was fine, packaging was top notch for the first batch. Two out of the five I purchased were 100% good. Returned three and got them replaced through Premier membership (no cost).

Cons: Three out of the five I originally purchased were showing SMART reallocated sector counts so would soon fail. Exchanged them for three others and once again had another in the same status. Returned this last one but Newegg wouldn't replace as they're out of stock (as they say, but web was still showing in stock). Got reimbursed though...

Overall Review: Sadly most of their batches have the same issue (reallocated bad sectors), failing drives should not be resold as refurbished, they should be trashed. Thanks to my premier subscription I returned the bad ones to Newegg but ended-up missing one because they were out of stock. In conclusion, I think no one should purshase these "refurb" drives without premier account and if they're not ready to spend time making quality control on Newegg's behalf. Will not buy again...

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Yet another DOA10/14/2014 4:15:23 PM

Pros: High capacity, good looking, low price

Cons: Dead on arrival :-( I ordered two of these drives and proceeded to the Samsung Diagnostics (included on the drive) long tests (took around 8 hrs per drive) and both drives failed the test (they were OK on the short tests though). I strongly recommend opting for Newegg Premier service for such orders as it would have costed me $30 return shipping over UPS to exchange those bad drives. RMA process went smoothly, and I'm now expecting replacement drives in a few days. Hope they will be fine, if they're DOA too I will ask for refund and never purchase Samsung drives again.

Overall Review: Attractive prices on drives now mean you have to play games to get what you order. Might be working might not be. You need to purchase from an honest and supporting seller. Newegg used to ve very supportive for DOA but I suspect they are no more, as they sell their "premier" service now, so you won't have to pay if they ship you damaged (DOA) products. Customers should never ever have to pay anything for DOA items, even not any shipping costs, The manufacturer should be accountable for his lack of Quality Control,

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Good entry level NAS9/30/2012 8:42:45 AM

Pros: Does what you expect from home NAS, in addition to media sharing features, while not needing any expertise on Linux. I purchased it mainly for its Logitech Media Server (LMS) feature, which just works out of the box once the package is installed. I've also been able to stream video content from the NSA to my Samsung smart TV without any problem. Backup feature is very easy and use CIFS/Windows shares, so you can backup device contents to any device supporting such shares, you don't really need a second NSA for this feature. Backup is made in "zdar" format ( which can be read from both Linux of Windows.

Cons: Like on other NSA or DLNA devices using Twonky, no navigation controls are seen on TV while streaming from it. Fan is a little ennoying (noisy) and blue light (power) is way too bright. While some additional Linux features can be added thought FFP (, this is not for the faint of hearth. I would have preferred the device to more easily support other linux commands

Overall Review: Shipping from Newegg is always very fast, package is well protected. All in all I'm pretty satisfied of my purchase, but only had it for a little more than one week.

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