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A decent budget wireless set2/12/2009 3:54:06 PM

Pros: Helped me live the dream of computing from my couch. The keyboard works just fine (mouse is another story; see below). Wireless transmission is not giving me a problem at all (I keep the receiver under the couch). However, I suspect that the other reviewers may have nearby electronic devices that interfere with the signal. My leather couch tends not to give off much radiation, so this may be working to my advantage. I further suspect that CRT monitors may create relatively more interference than LCD monitors (this is the case with microphones, anyway). My 42" LCD about 8' from the couch seems to produce very little, if any.

Cons: My mouse wheel "sticks," as though the plastic gear has a little burr on it, leftover from the manufacturing process (or something along those lines). It seems that the problem is slowly going away, though (perhaps as I spin, spin, and shave the little burr off).

Overall Review: Not the best wireless set, but certainly worth the money... I'm not at all motivated to return or upgrade...

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Wow - what a fantastic deal...2/12/2009 3:40:09 PM

Pros: I connected my computer's video (Intel GMA 4500) to my TV (Insignia 1080 42" LCD 2009 model) with NO problem, and now I can live the dream: Computing from my couch. And for those concerned about not receiving "true" 1080 Hres, this limitation is NOT imposed by the cable, but rather by your own components. I get perfect-looking 1920x1080 over this crazy little cable.

Cons: None at all

Overall Review: At the retail stores, this cable costs an arm and a leg (don't even ask how much)

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2/12/2009 3:22:14 PM

Pros: Seems like decent construction; no problems there (i.e., connectors fit).

Cons: Might just be a problem on my end... I connected my computer to my Sony A/V home theater amp... gave me LOTS of background hum, even at relatively low volumes. To fix the problem, I picked up a $20 Diamond PCI sound card with a digital coax output (also needed a 12' standard RCA-type plug) -- sounds MUCH better -- definitely worth the $20 investment. If you're planning to connect computer sound to an amp, I highly recommend going digital (don't use an analog signal/wire like this, especially of this length, for computer-to-amp purposes).

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Good deal12/16/2008 10:17:41 AM

Pros: Great picture, no dead pixels, etc. The "bleed-through" problem described by others is not a big deal at all (unless you often use very dark background colors). I think the "bleed-through" problem is a function of monitor height to eye height congruence (i.e., if you set up the monitor height properly, such that your eye hits the middle of the screen, you probably won't even notice the bleed-through). As such, this may not be "the best" monitor for the gamer/movie watcher (though I think it will do just fine). The monitor was a bit bright out of the box, but you can use the presets to easily adjust this (the "text" preset seems ideal for my uses). This monitor is simply a fantastic deal for "office use." I bought two -- rigged them up side-by-side. I wanted the extra space to work with large spreadsheets, etc. -- at the (two) monitor's recommended resolution (and 100% zoom in Excel), I can see columns A through AZ.

Cons: I agree with others... the stand is mildly exceptional. It has no adjustment for height (I used old toner cartridge boxes to lift them). However, it does rotate (i.e., vertical viewing angle adjusts). I had no problem at all adjusting the viewing angle, or attaching the main unit to the stand... not sure what the others are complaining about there. Perhaps just leave the monitor on its back when attaching the stand piece?

Overall Review: I'm satisfied.

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