Great Pc for anyone starting gaming. For anyone who wants to know this game can run Escape from Tarkov, Rainbow Six, any battle Royal. Just about any game you are looking for. However check pros and c7/8/2021 11:35:40 AM

Pros: Pro - Runs quiet -Easy set up, (I had no issues besides an issue with Windows registration, it said you couldn't make a background cuz windows wasn't authorized. Just click the troubleshoot button and it fixes itself it literally took 3 seconds) -Full RGB to flex on all your console friends -this is an amazing price for the components - said 5-7 business days (I'm in California it arrived in 2. A friend in Florida had it arrive on the 7th day so depending whether ur on West or East Coast is shipping time.) -The packaging was going to guarantee keep the pc safe and it came in prime condition -HDMI connection, you won't need those fancy screw in video cables cuz the 2060 can take an HDMI cord and you are good to go. (Basically you can use a tv if you don't have a good monitor)

Cons: Cons - This Pc has a Wi-Fi card built into the motherboard. If you are not going to get an Ethernet (hard wired/not Wi-Fi) connection to play online then you NEED to buy a different Wi-Fi card because this one cuts out and I get booted from games very fast and consistently. (They are cheap don't worry just look for good reviews, also easy install) - many people said the RAM came in the wrong spot mine came in A2 and B2 RAM slots so I didn't have this issue. However there is a chance that happens so just hope. (Still an easy fix) If you get a dead on arrival just call for customer service and they will most likely hook you up with a new one it's no big deal.

Overall Review: Overall one of the best first buys a guy could ask for so hook yourself up on one of these rigs

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