Worth every penny3/19/2014 6:51:57 AM

Pros: The blog reviews for this lineup of PSUs don't even begin to describe it. This thing is pristine. The packaging it comes with is nothing short of luxurious. I can't say anything that isn't already said, but know that this PSU uses the best possible components down to every last little capacitor. Some reviews have it stable well past its 750W rating (not that my system will be pulling that much any time soon). The 750W at the time of my purchasing was significantly cheaper than the 850W. Normally it's just a $20-30 step-up. Still, I have no concerns about this being able to power my future upgrades without any problems. I have always gone Corsair for my PSUs in the last several years (a couple models of which are actually made by SeaSonic and rebranded nowadays). From now on I'll be purchasing SeaSonic directly and exclusively.

Cons: Absolutely none. And I'm extremely picky. This feels like the most high-end component in my system.

Overall Review: i7 4770k @ 4.1ghz Corsair H100i MSI Z87 MPOWER LGA 1150 16GB G-Skill 1866 9-10-9-28 RAM EVGA 770GTX 2GB Crucial M4 512GB SSD Several random storage drives 750W SS-750KM3 SeaSonic PSU Corsair Vengeance Series C70 Arctic White Steel Case

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Not bad for the price, but could be better..3/12/2014 9:37:29 AM

Pros: The board looks nice. It even has LEDs on the back of it for some reason. The construction feels and looks solid. The audio chip is very, very good. The NIC is well-performing. I don't use the 'killer' software for it, though, as it seems to do more harm than good. (Manual) overclocking was simple. I have my 4770K at 4.1ghz using "Auto" for all of the voltages - prime95 ran for hours stable. Anything above that will require more tinkering, which I haven't had time to do yet.

Cons: The BIOS is a bit clunky and won't update (seriously - flashing an update just freezes it. I end up just having to reset the machine after waiting awihle). Hopefully this BIOS doesn't have any crushing bugs, because I'm stuck with it... I plan to try the update again after researching it further, so I may update this in the future. The "OC Genie" feature was useless. It caused my machine to not even post, I had to reset the CMOS to even get back in to the BIOS to disable it. The built-in WiFi doesn't support 5ghz. It's 2014... That's ridiculous, but it's my fault for not researching that aspect of the board enough before purchasing. I just sort of assumed it'd have the capabilities my smartphones had 3 years ago.

Overall Review: Overall, I'm not unhappy with my purchase, but it could've been much better. I'm not sure if I'd recommend this board to others yet. I'll make up my mind on that when I figure out if my BIOS can actually be updated to the latest version or not and update this review.

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All you need (for now)3/12/2014 9:28:26 AM

Pros: I spent countless hours trying to decide on the GPU for my new build and landed on this card. No, it is not the 4GB model, but that is not necessary currently - even at high resolutions, 2GB of VRAM is simply not saturated. It won't be consistently saturated until we are all running over 1080P. I, for one, do not plan on doing so until 4K becomes mainstream. This card will run any game for the foreseeable future at 1080p. If you plan on using a higher resolution now or very soon, consider looking at a 780 / 780ti or SLI options. Overclocking: I was able to get another 100mhz out of the core and 125mhz out of the memory before the card became unstable in Furmark. My temperatures rarely go much above 60C after setting a somewhat aggressive fan curve in EVGA Precision. On the looks: I expected the gold plating on the cooler to look tacky. Quite the opposite once I held it in person. It's a very nice looking card.

Cons: The price point should be adjusted soon. 780 (non-ti) cards can be found refurbished for only $60-100 more.

Overall Review: I have no regrets in choosing this card. It tears up Unigine Heaven and 3DMark. I'll probably sit on it for a couple of years until some strong DX12 cards hit the market.

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Good value12/12/2012 8:07:14 AM

Pros: Delivers a pretty decent amount of cooling for what it is. I notice a 5-10C drop while gaming on my Samung Series 7.

Cons: The Mini-USB (yes, mini, not micro) mine shipped with already had a short in it. I work in IT and had a dozen of them laying around, but that's a tad annoying. Can get a bit loud on the highest fan speed, but it doesn't bother me too much. I don't use it for casual browsing on the couch, after all. Also, it's ugly. My Samsung 650M/i7 laptop is 1" thick with a Macbook Pro inspired design. This looks like a 12 year old designed it in comparison.

Overall Review: I probably wouldn't bother if my laptop had better cooling, but I suppose that's the tradeoff for the 1" thick form factor. If you're running a giant Asus or something with plenty of cooling, this is probably a waste of money unless you plan on gaming inside of an oven.

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Incredible4/7/2009 3:24:39 PM

Pros: Dual wired and wireless mode. In wireless I only lose about 50hz total, staying at about 1000hz in both modes. 5600 DPI is incredible. This is also easily the most comfortable mouse I've ever held in my hand. I can't manage to get the battery to die with the new firmware (1.0.3), even after gaming for 8 hours it's still going. I ordered a Razer Goliathus mousepad with this, and the combo is great. People saying that the laser bounces when clicking don't realize that vibrations exist in our universe -- it isn't a real issue whatsoever and doesn't actually happen at all if you have a proper mousepad.

Cons: 5600 DPI can actually be TOO much for some games, even on the lowest possible sensitivity setting. Thankfully, Razer allows you to create different profiles and easily switch between them with the click of a button, so I've merely made a 2000DPI profile to mock my old Copperhead in those (older) games that don't like 5600. Also, battery life sucks until you install the new firmware (1.0.3 at time of writing). Don't forget to do so. Grab the latest driver and firmware and have them ready before you even plug it in.

Overall Review: I'm generally pretty cheap. I still run with dual 8800s and an AMD phenom, I don't like spending money. With that being said, I would have gladly paid twice as much for this mouse now that I've used it for awhile. I got it within minutes of appearing on Newegg for $130, and the price jumps are entirely justified. It's probably the most expensive mouse to ever appear, but it's worth every penny. Again, be sure to get the latest firmware installed properly, or you will have issues with battery life. Also, there's a ton of reviews here from people who didn't even buy the mouse from Newegg. While some of them may have ordered it from Razer directly, take them with a grain of salt.

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Good for the money4/3/2009 6:21:33 PM

Pros: This thing can throw down in benchmarks with the Q6600 clock for clock, usually winning them. It's also a decent overclocker. If you've got an old AM2+ motherboard, it can really make a huge difference in performance over your current CPU. If you're a gamer, this is probably all the more bang you're going to need for 2009 unless you actually PLAY crysis as opposed to benchmarking it and then closing it like the terrible game it is.

Cons: The Q6600 that this thing is competing with is several years old. AMD's price advantage really only exists if you've already got an AM2+ board -- if you have to buy a motherboard at the same time, the price difference between going C2Q or AMD is non-existent. Even the i7 platform is going down in price, I can put together a basic i7 setup for only about $200 more then a Phenom II setup and get a lot more performance out of it. I hope AMD has something up its sleeve to throw out in the next few months, because I have a hard time recommending this to anyone who doesn't already have an AM2+ board.

Overall Review: The Q9650, for $100 more, can overclock stably miles above this thing. The i7 requires a new mobo/ram, but it is also very much so worth it when compared to the Phenom II's performance. I wouldn't touch this unless you're on a budget or have a special situation where you're just upgrading an old rig that already has an AM2+ motherboard. Also, I must've gotten a lousy chip, because I can't get it stable past 3.69ghz. The second I tap 3.7 all hopes of stability are lost -- it crashes minutes in to prime95 even with insane amounts of voltage. I'm fine with siting at 3.61 on this rig for now, though.

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Amazing drives10/23/2008 10:39:35 AM

Pros: Seagate quality. 1397GB of NTFS formatted space. Incredible speeds for its size. What's more to say?

Cons: I had to take out my video cards to fit it in my case, dangit NVidia remember the term microprocessing? >_> (For the less intelligent, no, that's not a real con)

Overall Review: I saw some of the problems other reviews are explaining, so I did the smart thing and updated my chipset drivers instead of coming to newegg to complain about it. With the newest NForce driver, this thing is screaming fast and doesn't miss a beat. Consider trying to fix your own problems before complaining to newegg. That being said, UPS can be kind of brutal with packages, so if you have issues with getting your boxes beat up by them in your area then maybe try paying a few extra dollars for FedEx. Seagate makes quality drives, there's no way they'd let that many DOAs out their doors.

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Good ram9/15/2008 2:20:25 PM

Pros: Typical G.Skill high quality and speed. Put it in my EEE PC 1000H and it worked right out of the box (or plastic, I guess.) Noticeable performance increase over the stock ram, despite the fact that I only use about 500mb of it at any given time.

Cons: It won't make you a sandwich. Seriously, all I asked it to do was make me a good BLT, and it just sat there all plastic-like. Darn thing!

Overall Review: I think there's a slightly faster version for $5-10 more if you search around newegg, but 667 is the fastest my little EEE can handle anyway.

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Amazing little machine9/15/2008 2:15:48 PM

Pros: This thing's battery lasts me through all of my classes and then some. I'm able to squeeze out nearly 8 hours of battery life with ~15% brightness and bluetooth/wireless/webcam all disabled. The keyboard is just fine for me -- I've typed several 5-10 page papers on it with no issues at all. The screen size is big enough for anything you'd want to do with it. Its performance is absolutely great as long as you're running the latest bios/drivers. It's even able to run some older games, such as Warcraft 3 and Counter-Strike.

Cons: Mine came with a loose "p" key on the keyboard. I was pretty frustrated, but a drop of superglue and it's like new, so I didn't even have to RMA it. Both Asus and Newegg were willing to resolve the issue, however I didn't want to wait for shipping a second time. The case does get fingerprints, but I'm not OCD, so I don't really care all that much.

Overall Review: Don't buy this thing for heavy gaming. I'm sick of seeing low reviews complaining that it lags their games -- it's not supposed to be able to run Crysis. This machine is perfect for a student or office worker. I don't even carry the power cord with me to school anymore, it lasts through the entire day (8AM -> 1PM) with over 50% battery to spare with wireless enabled most of the time. Also, the atom is NOT dual core, it's hyperthreading-enabled. What this means is that it's able to handle two threads at a time like a dual core, but physically only has one core. Not a con, just a fact -- trying to correct what other people have said.

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7/4/2008 12:36:25 AM

Pros: Nice looking, well built, powers everything in my computer flawlessly. Nothing else to say here, I hope it lasts a long time.

Cons: It wouldn't fit nicely in my case, so I had to use a smaller screw and a powerdriver to force it to screw in. I'm not going to knock an egg off, though, since it's probably my fault for not getting something that's exactly the right size.

Overall Review: Hopefully this one lasts a little longer then the Antec 500W that came with my Sotana II case...useless thing is starting to die out and would shut my machine off under load and it's only 6 months old.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
7/4/2008 12:31:41 AM

Pros: It's a neat looking fan that pushes plenty of air.

Cons: It doesn't make you a sandwich when you ask it to nicely.

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7/4/2008 12:30:41 AM

Pros: It's nice looking. I put a glowing PSU and a couple of glowing fans in it to really spice up the side window's view. The airflow is magnificent if you buy a couple extra fans -- I put an extra 120mm in the front and two 80mm's on the side and my CPU idles at 50F. Lots of room for a mid-range case, too. Overall, I'm very pleased, especially considering I got this for free in a combo deal (minus shipping, of course).

Cons: You have to be really trusting with the screwless setup. My hard drive and dvd drive both feel snug enough for my standards, but a PCI cooler that I have was shaking too much. I took it out since the case's cooling is more then enough.

Overall Review: This one had a rough trip home. The box had a huge gouge in it as if someone had tried to stab it with something brutal, and the styrofoam crumbled when I took it out of the box. The case itself was 100% protected by Newegg/UPS's great shipping, though, and came out scratchless. I guess the styrofoam served its purpose this time and went down for the team.

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Worth every penny7/4/2008 12:24:44 AM

Pros: This CPU overclocked to 3.0ghz out of the box with only a slight voltage increase. I can take it higher in a friend's machine, but unfortunately my motherboard doesn't like overclocking too much. I guess I know what I'll be buying next.

Cons: Absolutely none. This is, by far, the best bang for your buck at the moment, given that you're willing to spend 10 seconds and increase the multiplier.

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6/15/2008 6:29:45 AM

Pros: Absolutely beautiful display. Zero dead/stuck pixels, only very slight ghosting on the top and bottom on black or 'blank' screens (but what LCD doesn't?). I ordered this thing Wednesday around noon and it got here Friday at the same time -- 48 hours, absolutely incredible for a 'larger' package. If you're looking for a high quality monitor without the high price, this is it.

Cons: Not really a con, but I found the f-engine to be kind of annoying since it'd change the screen's brightness every time I switched websites etc. Mind you, it made them display much better and made them much easier to read, but I'm picky, so I disabled it.

Overall Review: Be sure to install both the driver AND the forteManager -- they come on separate disks. I found the fotreManager to be very handy for adjusting the display to be exactly how I wanted it. Also, despite what other reviews have said, the stand it comes with isn't all that bad, and I kind of like it since it's easy to take off and on -- makes it a lot easier to transport the monitor between LAN parties. I haven't had any problems with it shaking the screen or anything like that.

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5/15/2008 9:13:43 PM

Pros: It's a cheap 4GB flash drive! If you need cheap storage, go for it! As far as the device itself goes, I've had no problems whatsoever.

Cons: You get what you pay for. I didn't have a keyring come with mine, and putting one on it has proved to be near impossible; a real pain in my opinion since it'll be fairly easy for me to lose if I don't keep it on a keychain. It also seems cheaply made -- it's definitely flimsy plastic -- but I doubt anyone would break it unless they were putting it under stress it shouldn't be under in the first place.

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