1/8/2013 8:42:09 PM

Pros: -nice looking -feels high quality -speced for 4tb drives -usb 3.0 speeds

Cons: -the full aluminum construction is touted as a means to manage thermal stress but i can't say it does much. i've had my seagate barracuda fully open air in a dock and it idles the same temps. maybe it's impressive that an enclosure can keep that temp. temps hit 42C under several hundred gigabytes of transfer -hd tray is a hassle dis/mount. you would be better served with a dock rather than an enclosure. would be much quicker

Overall Review: -in hindshight, i should have bought a dock. luckily my full sized tower has enough room for 10 drives. i'll be using that now that i've seen how much airflow helps drive temps. -this is a good product if you intend to move a large capacity drive around. looks like it's very durable. -i recommend deploying the legs and standing it up vertically. this will increase the surface area for better heat transfer. legs have this grippy rubber on them. it's very stable actually. -you should really mount drives internally. moving my wd black and seagate barracuda to internal dropped idle temps by a full 10C. this would be huge over 5 years of ownership. don't recommend you keep a drive connected if you're not transferring files. it'll just sit there at 38C....idling. seriously. -icydock has an fan equipped enclosure too. things i don't like about it: 1. lifespan of the fan questionable 2. fan looks proprietary and not replaceable 3. odd shape ruins the portability of an enclosure. if you're really concerned about temps, mount internally

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1/5/2013 5:08:58 PM

Pros: -does what's advertised.

Cons: none

Overall Review: remember these are LEFT angled connectors. i didn't read the description closely and though i was buying some regular ones. oh well. i'm not that nitpicky. my case has enough cable holes that everything going up doesn't make a mess. in some ways, it tidied up the cable behind the mobo. every other cable is laying on the bottom but these are up top.

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1/5/2013 5:06:24 PM

Pros: -tough to find a usb3.0 mobo to female cable on its own. buy this, unscrew it from the back plate and you have your converter. this is because some cases only come with male ended usb3.0 cables.

Cons: -shipped very kinked up. i had a look at the cable and the plastic was showing signs of compression/stretch stress. they should just ship in this by looping it in a big circle -newegg wouldn't ship this as part of my other items. an extra $10 for no reason. but i needed it. maybe newegg will start doing this for lots of other items. mildly annoyed

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1/5/2013 5:03:04 PM

Pros: -addition of swappable hand grips is great idea. i would not have used a wide mouse and hated it. with this, i switched and could not be happier -on the fly dpi is handy -high quality feeling scroll wheel -slides real nice

Cons: -i have never likes the thumb buttons on any mouse, this is not an exception -the side buttons are on the changeable grip, you press the grip button then that acts on the button on the mouse. unpleasant mushy feeling. i use zooming a lot. it's much quicker to ctrl +- or ctrl scroll wheel than those buttons. if you click them rapidly, the input doesn't register.

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1/5/2013 4:59:21 PM

Pros: -fits snug. i have large ear canals. it's tough to find something for me. -good bass

Cons: -no slider to control the Y on the cable. you know, where the separate buds merge to into a single cable. might annoy some people by getting in the way

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1/5/2013 4:56:44 PM

Pros: -moves a ton of air -unmatched static pressure at the 120mm size -very nice looking controller panel and knob.

Cons: -needs a 2 connector, your 3 pin controller panel won't work unless you do some chopping and splicing -NOISY. like a wimpy vacuum cleaner. it's rated at 40dba. according to most charts, this is very low ambient. laughable. this thing does not produce 110cfm at ambient noise levels. - fan frame prevents usage as a cpu fan. it's a solid bushing from one hole to the other side. have a look at cpu fans. they aren't connected because you need a way of insterting the retention clips

Overall Review: this would have made a fantastic cpu fan. unfortunately, the frame style precludes that. i might do some chopping and sanding to get rid of the straight through bushing

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1/5/2013 4:49:36 PM

Pros: does what's advertised. cheap. shipping box is real sturdy.

Cons: plugged it into my mobo and had to move some things around. went to remove it and it took my mobo female end with it. suppose that means the connection is real tight but is that necessary.... inconvenient placement of usb out ports. up and down like how its in the picture means you won't get the full 6 if you had 3 mobo headers. the usb cables will interfere with each other when plugged in as you can't use the middle unit.

Overall Review: i would have bought a usb2.0 header splitter CABLE but newegg is clever and prices everything to have a minimal impact on shipping. i could have gotten what wanted from other place but this was more convenient. if you have 3 mobo headers, this will add 4 usb out. plenty considering you probably have front panel and rear i/o ports too.

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