Unique keyboard - quality product4/19/2019 8:03:23 PM

Pros: 1) Good solid feel (but not as good as mechanical switches). 2) Very quiet (and I'm using this in a music studio application). 3) Good build quality. 4) Attractive. 5) Best part for me is that I have two PCs-- an old Dell laptop and a new build tower. All the documentation seems to say you can only use one dongle (USB) and two bluetooth devices. I found that I was able to use with a Logitech Triathalon mouse and pair both the keyboard and mouse to each dongle so I can now control both PCs from the same keyboard using USB dongles on both-- no bluetooth. There is no other solution out there that I could find to do this. It can connect to three devices so I use the third to connect to my phone via bluetooth. 6) Also, the FLOW software allows the mouse and keyboard to move between both PCs and. even share the clibboard even though one is a Mac and one a PC-- a very unique feature.

Cons: 1) Overpriced! Should be $100 max. 2) Uses a rechargeable battery. I much prefer long-lasting with traditional batteries. I have such keyboards that are over 10 years old and I can just replace the batteries and they still work like new. I suspect that the rechargeable batteries in this unit will fade over time and not sure what I'll do then. 3) The FLOW software allows the mouse and keyboard to move between both PCs-- a very unique feature. It is great but seems to not always work smoothly.

Overall Review: Would recommend if you have special needs like I do or if money is no object.

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