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ViewSonic VX2370Smh-LED Black 23" Full HD 1080P IPS Monitor, 1000:1, 250cd/m2, HDMI&VGA&DVI-D, Build-in Speaker
ViewSonic VX2370Smh-LED Black 23" Full HD 1080P IPS Monitor, 1000:1, 250cd/m2, HDMI&VGA&DVI-D, Build-in Speaker

Pros: Lovely image quality. The almost non-existent frame is very attractive. Light, thin.

Cons: No VESA mounting threads for aftermarket mult-monitor mounts or wall mount. I didn't think any monitor these days would not have them, so I did not check. The monitor is permanently mounted to a pedestal that has the OSD (On-Screen Display) buttons and USB/Video/Audio connectors, so cables/wire pass through it. Don't think it would be easy modify for such use.

Overall Review: I hope the things last longer than the other reviewers have stated. I bought Viewsonic since my experiences have always been positive even when they were making CRT monitors. I hope my trust is not misplaced.

Sturdy Construction, Attractive, Works well. ST4300U3C3 4 Port USB 3.0 Hub - 3 Dedicated USB Charging Ports (2 x 1A & 1 x 2A) - Wall Mountable - Metal - Powered USB Hub - USB Splitter ST4300U3C3 4 Port USB 3.0 Hub - 3 Dedicated USB Charging Ports (2 x 1A & 1 x 2A) - Wall Mountable - Metal - Powered USB Hub - USB Splitter

Pros: The housing has a matte finish anodized a deep black. It is very sturdy construction of heavy (.085"/2.2mmThick) extruded aluminum with .040"/1mm covers attached w/ 4 screws on each end. Indicators: On each communicative port, activity LED's accurately indicate status. They glow if a valid USB device is communicating with the computer, or if any memory device is attached by glowing when active, and darkening when it is safe to remove. The board is held within the housing by guide rails molded into the sides. I have had no issues with multiple devices plugged into it and all ports charging. Not shown For wall mounting, the unit comes with a 5-1/8”x1-7/16”/130mmx37mm flat-black steel plate that fits neatly into a depression on the back of the unit. Provided are 4 countersunk M3x0.5 threaded screws about 6mm long that attach it A piece of adhesive backed rubber .020”/0.5mm thick with four ¼”/6.4mm circles cut into it are intended to cover the countersunk screws or perhaps be used as little feet. Two slotted holes at top and bottom spaced 4-3/4”/120mm allow it to be mounted to something wall-like.

Cons: 1st off, let me say that I am going to buy another one of these. Now to be picky. The unit arrived well packed and undamaged complete with all the items illustrated in Newegg's images of the product in addition to a mounting bracket, screws, and which is not shown. When I powered it up and inserted a device to be charged, all was well, but sometimes when I wiggled the USB connector inserted into any of the USB ports, the normally amber power-on indicator brightened, dimmed, and/or turned red or dark orange. The other LEDs were not affected. I thought perhaps it was an indication of how much current was being used, but that turned out to not be the case. I ignored the issue as I was only using it as a charger for a few months, and never left it unattended. I unplugged it from the power source when it was not it use. Well, finally, actually after another Newegg customer asked about the dimensions of the unit, I decided to look into the matter. I read the manual, which of course I had not done before, to see if there was any mention of the LED indicating power use as well as the fact that it was indeed energized. Nope. So I took it apart and after much goofing around with the thing I discovered that the power LED leads were being grounded against one of the case rails into which the main board slides. I ended up desoldering one lead, bending the lead away from the case, and then resoldered. I repeated with the other lead and then shifted the insulative sheet that was adhered to the bottom of the board over towards the LED leads so that when the board with inserted into the housing the sheet bends down between the case and the LED leads. This appears to be just a "one-off" incident as all the other LED leads are straight up, cut closer to the board, and not at all in danger of being shorted. It appears that the Power LED was reworked as their was flux residue around the leads and the leads were longer and angled towards the outside of the board, unlike the others. The unit now functions flawlessly. No shorts, no sparks, no errors.

Overall Review: 1) I would have given this device 5 stars if I did not have the shorting issue. 2) The lenses over the LEDs are press-fit into their holes and there are little flakes of flash under the lenses’ "rivet heads". It comes out with the point of an Xacto knife and may actually be remnants of a protective plastic layer that may have overlain the housing to protect it during processing.

Works very well with HiDef USB Camera

TRENDnet TU2-EX5 Black USB 2.0 Extension Cable
TRENDnet TU2-EX5 Black USB 2.0 Extension Cable

Pros: Works fantastically with a Quickcam Pro 9000 USB 2Megapixel camera.

Cons: Only thing that has come up is that I have had to unplug/replug in order to get the camera to update, but that only happened a couple of times with a new camera image grab software I was trying out. After that it has been working flawlessly.

Overall Review: I linked up 3 of these at home and at work in order to set up a couple of Quickcam Pro 9000s as weather cameras for cloud formation/sky images. I have had nothing but success with all of them even though one is actually being used outside resting on a roof in a sheltered location.