Intel 7260 wifi wireless AC network card1/8/2017 11:33:09 AM

Pros: Awesome, does as advertised. very reliable card. AC wireless runs circles around G and N cards. Popped this puppy in, and have "fire in the wire-less". Not painful at all. awesome priced as well.

Cons: None that I've seen, dropped signal, frozen on occasion due to laptop overheating not do to networking issues.

Overall Review: Ok, this was my very first time in upgrading a laptop, wireless card, was over nervous about it. Was gonna buy new laptop just for new AC; when I came across this card; it was about as easy as upgrading ram. was careful about the wire connections and researched the web on how to do it, only took a couple of minutes and changed the laptop to new. Able to extend not so old laptop for future use. Upgraded cheap G card that came with it to AC with Bluetooth. Will save you some $$$, if you can upgrade. To take full advantage, make sure you upgrade your router to AC as well. Got drivers directly from Intel as I always do with any new upgrade, always go to manufacturer for latest driver, never use cd, unless I have no choice; its just good practice to download fresh driver. This only comes with card, nothing else, and that is all. Pay attention to how the wires go on, as you remove old card. May need new phillips screwdriver as I did, cause size is very small, but needed new tiny driver for the toolbox anyway. Smaller than floppy drive screws.

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TP-Link Archer C5 AC12001/8/2017 10:56:25 AM

Pros: Ok, after year of abuse, this is my review; lol. I love TP-Link, moved to them back in 2005 after having my fill of Linksys and other routers. TP-Link in general is very reliable, always on, strong signal on wireless like Tonka truck of routers. The TP Link this unit replaced still works fine, after three years nothing wrong with it; why did I even replace it, needed AC for upgraded laptop that needed more power. AC is best, cuts through the walls and distance that N just can't do. Ease of use and configuration is nice. Five eggs, had to take off one egg do to complex setup, it had problems talking to my surfboard. Took a little time, to get network up and running, not as plug N play as the "N" routers were, maybe fixed in future update. These may not be the cheapest on market, but when it comes to routers, i'll spend extra buck to get strong router, and names mean nothing, they gotta do the job they gotta do. I'm also a gamer.

Cons: With new AC units, came new interface, not a big fan of simpler version, but has an advanced tab. Out of box, wasn't plug and play as I used to get. Had to configure network couple of times to get it right. Once I got it on network, no problems since then. Won't clean my room, and it wasn't free. Has probably paid for itself, so there's that. I much liked old interface on TP routers, so had to "look around" and learn again. Probably has more features than needed, but has ability to control everything. I'd use caution on most settings.

Overall Review: If you worried about TP Link, only had one router die after two years of continues service, I suspect that bad surge protector, and bad surge may have caused its demise, but it was running 24/7; so routers have to take a lot of abuse in 24/7 environment. With 15 years experience in networking, mostly SOHO, and home users; I have used other brands, from well known to not so well known, and TP Link does outperform them in my opinion hands down. G was ok wireless in 2005, (I used wired); 2008 moved to Gigalan wired and Cat 6;been there ever since. N came to town and saved us from connecting wireless of only 20 ft. in some cases. AC has changed the playing field, finally; wireless that is as strong, maybe stronger than wire. I like TP for pricing and reliability. Works and doesn't drop signal, no restarts, only upgraded firmware first time out of box, set it and forget it cause it works. Setting privacy, passwords, renaming it and other features, easy and nice to see. (if you are new to wireless world, you have to set privacy and passwords to keep neighbor boy from using your bandwidth) or not if you prefer to "hotspot" its users choice. Range, AC has got the range for ya, at roughly 1/2 mile; at 2 bars yeah that's your range, no joke. Walls, levels, line of sight issues; of the past, this router says "what issues", haven't experienced no drop signals and couple of times that has happened wasn't due to router, its laptop overheating, being older model. Other devices was singing along no problem. You wonder how many devices? I'm using 7 on my network, one being a server, and couple added smartphones that guests show up with, all running at same time, and no one noticeing any bandwidth of the others including major download, i'm using heavy cable internet, 70mbps input to Gigalan output. I don't use any fancy routing tables or rules, don't use guest account, I just give password to those that need it, my password I use is simple (five digit name/number) you don't have to encrypted these things for soho or home use, just change the default to something only you will know. Always change the default if using wireless, is a must do.

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Pantum P2502W1/8/2017 10:02:08 AM

Pros: Does as advertised, wireless not as good as hoped. Great after one year use. Cheaper than most.

Cons: Tried after using HP model Laser, its ok at best, good on ink, and prints fine, wireless is flakely at best; wanted a good laser and does the job, currently using on usb cable, wireless just won't happen, tried off brand to save a buck and got what I paid for.

Overall Review: Will use until toner dies, and will probably replace with HP color laser, they are getting cheaper; HP wireless seems better and easier to use; can't beat manufacture on this, if you need a good mono laser to save on ink instead of inkjets, and you need cheap, this is way to go, but won't impress you, does what it does and works fine, no jams, but for me only wants to work on usb on my network. Good for personal printer, not robust enough for office, and it is loud, for budget minded, need to get off inkjet for mono printing, its not bad.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for purchasing the Pantum product.I'm sorry for the case you have met, and please kindly contact our service mail box ( with the details, we will assist you to solve the issue together.Thanks in advance!
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Garmin 5.0 Nuvi56LM1/8/2017 9:40:56 AM

Pros: Excellent, replaced old Tom-Tom; love exit assist; very reliable on major interstates, hiways; used it over past year, extensively, weekly for deliveries; and trip to Canada and back. Only updated right out of box; very good at finding and navigating; places never been. Traveling very nice. Exit assist is nice and accurate. Will probably use it in RV when get one. I'm a delivery driver see comments; I use car not delivery truck.

Cons: Day to Day use, on finding home addresses, like all GPS's I've encountered, you have to use common sense, this is NOT, autopilot, you drive the vehicle, it doesn't drive you; have experienced it routing me on backroads to small ATV trails, and private roads, it likes to route through "as the crow flys" this may be because some will use it for ATV/offroad; so with that in mind, if "she" directs you to wrong road, stop turn around and drive yourself, via main roads, she will "recalcute" and get back on track, automatically, it can, be frustrating, but its nature of the beast. Only steered me wrong couple of times; in dirt road, backroad navigating, I'm using a car btw, so use caution.

Overall Review: Home addresses, frustrating at times, only "misses" addresses couple of times, I've learned, not to fully trust it; start looking at numbers on approach, home might be before gps, or after gps, but usually only off roughly a city block, but it usually is as gps says, on right but not right where she says house is. For delivery drivers like myself, just use cautiously, don't fully trust completely, cause of this. It has on couple of times been right on money, when house has NO address displayed saving a lot of time. In town/city use; where addresses are very close, its usually good, but I still look for numbers on approach. For regular traveler; for finding things, banks, businesses, etc. you probably won't have any issues, and its very nice. It was a lifesaver for first time navigating through Canada, from US and running through Toronto with poor visibility at night and changing road to road right to destination. Coming from old map reader, not using tech too much; I will say after three gps's, Garmin is only one i'll use and trust. Ease of use and precision can't be beat. Used recently on trip into Boston into Amtrak; late at night, thank you Garmin, turned a nightmare into; all is well trip, could never have pulled it off by google or maps alone, she got me in, and out with ease and (beat wife's smartphone when she lost signal in worst place, downtown; she was google mapping beside me), Garmin saved my bacon. Garmin, Shows you what lane to be in, in multi-lane environment, no more missed exits, or misdirection.

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WD is back4/12/2011 12:35:33 AM

Pros: First drive was doa; didn't feel good to start with WD and a black drive that way, but second one, fast rma' as always to the newegg team; not only was it good; but after reading transfer reviews sata III vs. sata II; i wasn't expecting too much, but was i surprised, yes maybe the higher cache but with huge transfer file, 45mb/s on sata II; 55-65mb/s on sata III, not impressed; encoding went from 20min on half hour shows to 8mins on sata III. i'm happy. For bang vs. buck; this one is big cache, speed, and is cost effective. worried on doa's? get extended warranty, or don't worry on it, rma process is painless.

Cons: for the ones saying that ssd is faster and better; i video encode; ssd would be burned out in a year, this will last me 5 years+. SSD is faster, but not cost effective, mechanical drives are not thing of past, not till we get to petabyte chips in star trek, then we'll see.

Overall Review: so its not an ssd; can't have ssd on what i do, no its not a velicorapter; but budget wise, its the next best thing for a faction of the cost. WD has a wide selection on the Sata III platform, sizes, capacities, drives are cool, quiet, when they work, they are trouble free. my 5 year old 320GB seagate is still going, but is now too slow, small for its purpose, i'm sending it to my new whs build to finish its life in server duty. If i get 2-3 years outta this, i got my money out of it, probably last full five or six, but by then we'll be booting off some big drives; 5TB; 10TB drives.

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green big and mean4/12/2011 12:15:11 AM

Pros: when i first ordered this drive, not what i wanted, but gots to have, and budget was able to go to black side on storage only drive. This is my second WD in almost 8years; prior to 2002; WD was not great, overheated, and every other one failed. reason for my return, good reviews, and selection vs. price vs. capacity; WD has better options.

Cons: not a VelociRaptor, but its for storage needs.

Overall Review: Getting a green drive, i was "gambling" but WD didn't disappoint, this boy is quiet, cool, almost motionless; and capacity was to good to pass, spindle might not be 7200+ but as a storage only, not my concern, using a WD Black 500GB as boot, caches are huge, transfers on Sata III vs. Sata II is not only noticeable but faster even on the green drive better than my sata II seagate at 7200. Raptor would ideally be the way to go, but my budget, just couldn't do it, i'd love to have 10k boot with 600GB, but if you can't swing it, you get the next best thing. WD has proven themselves as reliable; that is everything in my business. size vs. cost; this is the way to go. if you like me, don't be scared of green, green is good, its still reliable, just not as fast as the rabbits.

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Smooth Beast4/11/2011 11:58:19 PM

Pros: Upgraded from AM2+ running strong for past 3years; time to get some power under my 6 month old 1055T; wasn't dissapointed, going from 1066 4gb ram ddr2; to 8gb ddr3 1600; with sata III boot drive; things on my new workstation is now flying. Since i've upgraded primaryly for video encoding; bang for buck and power is always welcomed. Gigabyte is top of the line, and the only boards i use since 2006. For the new builders, welcome; use gigabyte can't go wrong, do alot of research, and always extend the warranty if your concerned; newegg never fail ya.

Cons: after some "shaking" starts with two 880 chipset mobos; video slot prob on atx; and cpu fan header doa on matx flavor; this new board, installed and fired up without any hiccups, i was begining to worry, but not on newegg, always superior on rma; just the tech; on boards. As an experienced system builder; i NEVER, jump on new tech till it proves itself, waiting only allows the "bugs" to get fixed and price to get reasonable. sure i have no bragging rights but its all new to me. If you want full atx board, with simple and direct solutions this one will do it. running two year old "brick" video, but not pushing anything with WoW, or sims2; HD 4850 btw. new vid? maybe when 58-6800's drops down some. can't justify one right now.

Overall Review: After video problem with a lower board; RMA'd a version 2.2 board; after an unusally long rma process; over a week later; recieved to my surprise not only new mobo;but version 3.1 complete with new 2011 markings. whether its bulldozer compatible is and has not been a concern of mine, i'll worry about that in 2013, when am3+ boards are plentiful, and cpu's are common place and cheap. Big plus's usb 3 for future; sata III, transferring data<2tb> worth at 65mb/s was averaging 45mb/s on sataII drives; big increase on encoding, cut time down in half.

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outstanding performance update5/30/2010 11:39:42 PM

Pros: The first time I bought this board was 7/1/09. Used 5200+ AM2 cpu, upgraded to 550BE 6months ago. started with 2GB ddr2 1066 win xp sp3. Upgraded to Win 7 64; home prem. with 6gb ddr2 1066. had to do bios update for the AM3 550BE; overclocked to 3.6ghz for couple of months, after few bsod's. now clocked to 3.2ghz both pretty stable. I have used for video editing heavyly; gaming and pretty much alot other stuff. Been reliable and steady for almost year, no probs. Looking into another upgrade to new X6 core, and yes another bios update, i use win flash from gigabyte server for trouble free flashing. From xfx 8600gt vid to xfx 4850; this board has been pushed beyond what it was built for and has still performed rock solid. As of 2007; this is the normal for Gigabyte boards, i use nothing else. This is just a sample just to show what you can expect from these mobo's; they will last but be sure to research into what your needs maybe. I and my customer's have been very happy.

Cons: not too many, have rma'd boards, out of about 20; only 2 have failed, and mostly right out of box, so if it runs its a diehard, if it don't, they will replace. these are various types of mobos, from 2006-present.

Overall Review: Highly recommend Gigabyte boards, have used msi; and Asus in past, reliability from socket A to socket 939; been questionable at times. from socket 940 to AM2, AM2+ and yes AM3; gigabyte is only boards I use. The quality is built in. Upgradable; it grows with you. I was going to buy new board with ddr3 and usb3.0 and sata III. But probably try squeeze little more outta this one until win home server 2008 r2 releases, and this one will be server bound to live out the rest of its life, i expect till 2012 and maybe beyond.

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Awesome Drive11/24/2006 3:10:14 PM

Pros: As a Computer Builder for the past 5 years; I take my hard drives very seriously, with serious RMA and drive failure problems with other brands; switched to Seagate last year and I will not use anything else. Heat problems I used to have with the "old" Seagates, four years ago; have been fixed and are gone. These are very stable. With a 5-year warranty, they are the first to stand behind their products. Other manufactures need to take notice. We demand Quality and Performance.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Super quiet, no heat, and very fast. Waiting for the price dropping, then going 750GB Perpendicular. Been running these 320 perpendicular, for past 6 months, no problems. Definely Quality all the way. Take note: pull small jumper to get full SATA II speed.

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Awesome Gigalan11/20/2006 11:50:34 AM

Pros: Connected it to existing router and boom; instant connection of 1.0GB. Works great, just connect up to existing router and crossover needed. Instant 20% to 50% speed increase over current.

Cons: none.

Overall Review: Only lag is my cheapo router I got for 20bucks, will be upgrading it soon; don't know if getting a giglan router will give anymore speed or not, but will try it and see. On a budget, go with this switch.

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shocka shawn9/19/2005 7:01:39 PM

Comments: I have used Sapphire AGP cards for the past 4 years and Newegg just as long. This was my first PCI-Xpress card, and I don't write many reviews. This is thing has blown me away. Just as much power as my AGP X800 Pro with 12pipes. This thing rocks for half the price of mine. I think in the future, I will soon be upgrading to PCI-Xpress.

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shocka shawn9/19/2005 6:55:50 PM

Comments: As a computer builder, for many years; not much can surprise me; I am one not to jump on "new" technology to quickly, this being the first time ever using PCI-Xpress, I was curious. This board has got more features, and power than my AGP, just left me in AWE! I am giving this board two thumbs and two toes up!! One of the Best that MSI has made yet. Thinking of going PCI-Xpress, this one won't let you down.

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shocka shawn9/19/2005 6:48:05 PM

Comments: Have purchased a couple of these boards recently, and a few months ago, I will only use MSI, and this board doesn't disappoint. Very good quality and features; extremely stable.

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shocka shawn9/19/2005 6:39:24 PM

Comments: Have purchased three of these in the past month; very excellent, as a builder, my customers expect the best; and Planar are. No problems or dead pixels on all three, can handle some gaming such as FS 2004, Ghost Recon. Overall Excellent.

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good card12/22/2003 2:33:23 PM

Comments: I tested this board with not much expectations since I am already running a sapphire with a 400mb gpu, but I have to tell you, can't afford the 9800, try this one on for size very stable and great graphics, haven't overclocked it, but is very good for the price.

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double thumbs up12/22/2003 2:26:19 PM

Comments: Bought this motherboard, two weeks ago, running strong right out of the box, a little tweaking on the Fsb and it runs at 3200+ with a 2500+ barton and 512 mb of Geil Golden dragon. Very stable, all the power, from now on its Msi for me.

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12/16/2003 6:47:45 AM

Comments: Have bought four of these boards, in the past several months, had nothing, but reliable success with them. Boots right out of the box with no hassles, Msi is rock solid.

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