Fantastic Budget Case!8/25/2021 7:55:11 AM

Pros: For such an inexpensive case, this thing packs loads of features. It has ample cable management space, a decent amount of storage capability, and great airflow. The front I/O is decent enough but I feel Type-C ports should be standard by now and not reserved for higher end models. -Inexpensive -Good build quality -High Airflow -Small for a mid-tower -Great cable management -Front panel comes off easily to get to the hard drives and to clean the panel -included fan is 4-pin PWM

Cons: -No Type-C port -Only 1 2.5" drive sled included--you'll have to buy a 2nd if you want to install a 2nd drive on the back of the case, but you can use the front drive sleds if need be. -Only 1 fan mount at the top. -Only 1 fan included

Overall Review: -At $59.99 or less, I'd definitely recommend this case for the budget builder. Don't expect a great amount of water cooling support if you're into that, but can support tall air coolers. Look out for rebates as you may get it for less, like I did.

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Great tactile feel8/25/2021 7:50:52 AM

Pros: -The lighting is great -Typing feels good. There's a 2-step feedback you get when you press a key. One when you hit the actuation point, and another when you bottom out. It's different than my Cherry MX switch keyboard, which just has the bottoming sound. -For the discounted price, not bad. Would prob. not buy at full price.

Cons: -Can't think of anything at the moment.

Overall Review: -Would love a detachable Type-C cable for easier cleaning. -Would recommend.

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Good RAM, but the price has gone up!2/20/2014 1:26:17 PM

Pros: Well reviewed by users and magazines, fast, and priced only a fraction higher than the Clearance 10 version. I have a closed loop cooler, so I can't speak to running into issues with CPU coolers. It took to the XMP profile easy enough when upping from 1333 to 1866.

Cons: The price went up over 30 bucks since August 2013 and has never gone down nor been on sale through New Egg's various deals (including Black Friday). This is about the only con, that and the color doesn't match my MOBO.

Overall Review: I just bought another 16GB to max out my set up at 32GB. Hopefully there won't be any issues caused by buying two chunks of the same RAM at different times.

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