Buyer Beware!! Great laptop If you get the right AC adapter6/2/2015 6:00:03 AM

Pros: - i7 Quad-core with hyper threading - Includes Docking station and 18 month warranty Download the Lenovo update tool and getting drivers becomes a simple process. Feels robust - Opening the laptop was simple, remove a handful screws and slide the keyboard. - Has plenty of power options for most scenarios - Has 2 USB 3.0 ports - flashing bios was very easy - Docking station was easy to use and has plenty of display ports, adds an additional 6 USB ports in the back.

Cons: - ***Received item with 90W adapter, requires 135W adapter to run properly. Newegg on Facebook made it right though*** - Laptop has a network adapter white-list so I can't use the Wireless AC network adapter I had purchased. - Heavy - Battery protrudes out the back - Matte LCD - can run hot - Has dual-channel memory slots. However to run dual-channel. you cant just open the back memory panel as they alternate. each spot has a memory slot from a different channel. Consult the hardware tech manual. - Glad that the Trackpoint button cap comes off, was getting in the way( i think mine just wasn't secure to begin with)

Overall Review: Overall great laptop at a good price. Purchased after previous laptop started to smoke. Installed a SSD and the laptop screams ***Make sure to check your power manager to confirm what size adapter you get. The 135W is a very large brick compared to the smaller 90W. The power manager will tell you under the battery menu.*** The cons are minor things that dont take away from the power. Removed 1 egg because of AC adapter confusion

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Great for the price1/28/2010 7:00:28 AM

Pros: Cheap... Long... and it Works...

Cons: none

Overall Review: why spend $30+ when you get it here for under $10. Rosewill has always been a quality name for me

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Great Laptop, great Price5/29/2009 11:07:08 AM

Pros: -Turbo mode -webcam -4gb of ram (3.5 for us 32-bit users) -9800M GS Laptop works great, can play most games on the highest res supported by the monitor.

Cons: -rubber feet on my cam off -Visat 32-bit -little heavier than most laptops(to be expected) -flex keyboard

Overall Review: I would have given this a 4.5 but cant. the user before me complaining about price because he's young..thats ridiculous. this is the same price if you were 10 or 100. just wished it had a bigger HDD.

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Very Powerful card5/19/2009 7:56:27 AM

Pros: -Very powerful -played Crysis with 1.2 patch at 1280x1024 on very high settings, with i believe 4xAA and 4xAF (could be higher,see cons) had a constant 20-30 frames -had to use 32-bit Crysis, Win7 didn't like 64-bit version -can be used with tmpeg express and CUDA,which was a big selling point for me.haven't actually tried it for myself

Cons: -Long card -fan size compared to overall length of card sparks my curiosity. -Requires 2 PCI-e power connectors,making SLI very hard to do unelss you have Molex to PCI-E adapters -takes up 2 slots.

Overall Review: 2 days after i first put this in my rig, fan stopped working. have already sent card back to newegg to get replacement. Seems as if v3 cooler should have been used. I like MSI, i have nothing bad to say about there products that i wouldn't say about other companies. there are always defective or products that fail. i have purchased MSI Motherboards and have a GT627-us laptop by MSI. they continue to prove that there products are very good

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Horrible1/11/2009 9:09:47 AM

Pros: Its an Enclosure. i got it with another item for the bundle price, so i cost me next to nothing

Cons: Nothing internal to protect it from moving around. Works when it wants to, and i mean that literally. If you have to pay more than lets say 5 bux for this thing. then forget it. i have to unplug and replug it several times just for it to be recognized

Overall Review: I would never buy this item by itself.

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Great care for the money1/9/2009 1:44:58 PM

Pros: Good build quality black looks awesome lights are a nice touch

Cons: Case came to me broken, the clips that attach the front panel to the case all broke directions are horrible, very vague, especially for installing the cd-rom's

Overall Review: Didn't use the given Power supply other than that, works great!

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, We apologize for the inconvenience, and will be more than happy to handle this for you. Please contact for your front panel replacement at our cost. We look forward to hearing from you. Best Regards, Rosewill
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Its a cable11/21/2008 8:28:37 AM

Pros: Blu-ray looks great on the ps3,not complaints here 12.99 with free shipping was a great deal compared to the B+M store price. will pick up another when i get the 360 :)

Cons: None what so ever

Overall Review: Get a 2nd one. there worth it

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Good for the price and then a little more7/29/2008 7:25:48 PM

Pros: -Low Price -Lightweight -size -Good video for price -Battery life -file sizes are small -TV out allows it to record tv :) -Screen size is nice for the price as well -zoom isnt that bad -alot of extra settings to play with

Cons: -still pictures are pretty ehhh -when flash is on, you can tell its what took the picture -as the others pointed sound is not the greatest, i wouldnt venture to say it was horrible. -videos output to .mov, which is cool. but you're gonna have fun trying to upload those anywhere. -but then again, zoom isnt that great -it is by far, Not HD

Overall Review: Try to avoid taking stills,use a true digital or not digital camera. Im using this one as a play around cam, while ill save the more awesome stuff for the HF100 im getting in :) Final verdict. i am happy with this purchase. its 125 bux that i know ill put to good use, when out and about

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Game is worth a rent..not buy7/17/2008 12:26:05 PM

Pros: Cool transition of the genres during songs

Cons: game just fails to be like guitar hero.motions can be inaccurate sometimes

Overall Review: rent it dont buy it. hard is just not that hard

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Great System7/17/2008 12:18:03 PM

Pros: Motion sensing,cool game ideas,able to play gamecube games

Cons: motion sensing could be more accurate,graphics arent of the greatest quality.

Overall Review: its nintendo putting out a good systeme for the masses

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Awesome game7/17/2008 12:15:23 PM

Pros: 25 songs :), has guitar duels which is cool, still has that awesome guitar hero feeling, but in a mobile unit

Cons: kinda feel weird at first, strumming with the little stylus or pick stylus can be difficult at first -buttons are real close together

Overall Review: Great game, so worth the money. get it today ;)

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Its a Hard drive folks1/31/2008 7:30:58 PM

Pros: High capacity 32mb cache

Cons: Drives are can hear it loading across room odd clicking every now and then

Overall Review: low priced, high capacity sata Drives, thats about it

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Awesome1/21/2008 9:01:58 AM

Pros: Alot smaller than i though, High capacity.sound quality is great,headphones are great, they block out alot of outside noise. screen is very nice.

Cons: is a pain to get video on here,due to the lack of compatibility. I afraid of scratching the screen hah

Overall Review: great player, and its not an apple product...

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Very nice1/4/2008 10:47:39 AM

Pros: Cools my CPU great, was idling before close to 40c with other cooler, now idles betwee 26-29c Nice big copper cooler, and can barely hear it

Cons: Fins are thin,directionn are rather difficult to understand.careful when using clips, dont strip your restriction plate screws.

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Good Budget Monitor10/25/2006 4:09:28 AM

Pros: Great monitor for the price...Have seen no ghosting what so ever.Played Ut2004,Counterstrike Source, and WoW. Kinda dark but thats without adjusting brighness or contrast. No problem with the viewing angle here.

Cons: Videos can seem kinda pixelated.

Overall Review: Get this if your on a budget and wanna save :)

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Great CPU5/4/2006 3:35:04 AM

Pros: - Great OC'er - Hit 2.7ghz - Stock Heatsink does great job

Cons: Can get hot if OC'ed enough :)

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Great product4/9/2005 10:45:10 PM

Comments: Great Product. plays videos,music, and games... and has a GPS on top of that.. GPS is takes a few times to learn... but very useful... when mapquest gets confusing make sure to get an extra 512mb or 1gb of SD memory the 32mb that comes with it just wont be enough. Newegg = #1

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Great motherboard3/5/2005 8:24:46 AM

Comments: Bought this motherboard recently, ive gotta say it is great.. i had an asrock, and that was trouble, switched to this and no problems what soever. easy overclocking. Price is perfect, some cool software a great buy to anyone who needs a good inexspensive motherboard

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Great card10/22/2004 8:32:58 AM

Comments: I got it, OC'ed it to 410/1140, works great playing games at 1600x1200 doom runs great at 16x12 the downside is i bought mine when it just came out, and doom wasnt included

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