Fails with my i9 9900KS CPU4/18/2020 2:14:03 PM

Pros: Price Available

Cons: Programs fail, sites such as YouTube fail to load pages or get stuck on a specific page, cannot start internet search engine and so on. Occasionally my corded mouse will not turn on when the computer boots up.

Overall Review: Updated review: I wanted 32GB of RAM and my i9 9900KS needs 2 sticks of RAM with my Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master, according to Siliconlottery guidelines. I purchased the motherboard from newegg and it is doing a fine job with AVX offset to 0 due to the AVX offset bug in newer versions of Gigabyte BIOS, in my case version F11c. I included my CPU and motherboard for those that have a 9th generation Intel CPU and a Gigabyte Z390 main board. I have some Samsung B die memory I purchased for RYZEN and it works in this Intel based rig. Newegg got it to me quickly.

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Sabrent SB-RKTQ-2TB3/3/2020 5:32:53 PM

Pros: Fast Price 5 year warranty if you register it with Sabrent.

Cons: Sabrent's web pages are convoluted and very difficult to find information, including TBW lifespan. TINY letters used in manual and for the serial number on the back of the drive.

Overall Review: Make certain to look at the back of the drive and record the serial number before install, you will need it to register the drive. After installing the drive I entered BIOS to make certain the drive showed up, it did. After entering Windows 10 I opened Computer Management, Disk Management and formatted the drive I ran CrystalDiskMark7 x64 and the drive yielded the following performance [Seq block size 1 MiB, Ran Block Size 4 KiB]: Seq Q8T1: Read 3429, Write 3057 Seq Q1T1: Read 1776, Write 2232 Ran Q8T8: Read 1256, Write 1928 Ran Q1T1: Read 34, Write 160 I used the above because normal desktop uses seldom goes beyond Q8, including gaming. Compared to my 1TB Samsung 970 EVO this Sabrent drive was a little slower with reads except Random Q1T1 where it was a little faster and faster in writes except a little slower in Sequential Q1T1. When comparing numbers drive size matters and larger drives are faster than smaller ones, however those read & write numbers for this Sabrent drive are good for a 2TB drive at this price. My motherboard is a Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master, CPU is an Intel i9 9900KS.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Great cooling, good components10/7/2019 8:56:17 AM

Pros: Outstanding cooling and good build quality are the primary reasons I purchased this card. The fans should last 5 years or more with normal settings [speed].

Cons: None

Overall Review: This video card is LONG, measure inside your case to make certain it will fit. If you want to manipulate the lighting or do not like lighting download MSI MysticLight 3 Heat kills components. MSI Lightning and Gaming X Trio video cards run cool and have done well for me over the years. For example, my MSI GTX 980 Ti still runs strong after 4 years of use. I do not consider this card overkill for 1080p 240Hz monitors or 1440p 120Hz monitors. Expect to turn settings down to high or medium in many modern games at 4K, depending upon the game, because some are improperly coded. Overall this is an outstanding product and I recommend it.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Daniel, Thank you for reviewing the RTX 2080 Gaming X Trio! If you ever require technical assistance or warranty support, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
Great3/19/2019 5:17:59 PM

Pros: Fast

Cons: 32GB kits are too expensive, so I picked up a 16GB kit. I would prefer 32GB because of the tasks I perform.

Overall Review: I put them in my Intel build and they ran fine. I am planning to build a Ryzen system when the 3000 series are released in June or July and Ryzen computes faster with fast, low latency RAM.

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Will not run at 1.2 volts3/30/2017 1:22:44 PM

Pros: Short profile, XMP [in BIOS] picks up the proper speed, timings and voltage. Other than that No Pros.

Cons: Will not run any program at 1.2 volts I tried to test the RAM with Memtest 86+ and the screen partially came on then instantly shut down. It would not even get far enough to begin testing the RAM.

Overall Review: Gigabyte Z270X-UD5 motherboard [with latest BIOS update], Intel i7 7700K, two SSDs, Windows 10 Pro. I know everything is fine with the motherboard because I tried different Corsair RAM and it worked perfectly. I very much wanted this RAM to work.

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Very Good12/8/2015 6:36:10 PM

Pros: Fast Does not get hot [as some have reported]

Cons: Less than advertised speed. Roughly 198.7 MB/s Read Roughly 193 MB/s Write [according to crystalmark Sequential benchmarks]

Overall Review: I transferred 4GB of music files from my SSD to this Flash Drive, it took 36 seconds, and a few of the music files were ~ 30 minutes long, the rest were normal length. Although slower than spec, it does not get "hot" as some have reported, possibly due in part because there is an exhaust fan in my medium tower case adjacent to the SanDisk Extreme Pro, and the Pro is running at a slower than spec speed.

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Bad Luck - 1 stick DOA12/8/2015 6:05:34 PM

Pros: One stick was very fast. Passed Memtest 86+ with no problems at 1866, no matter what memory slot it was in.

Cons: The second stick DOA. I ran Memtest 86+ on the second stick and there were MANY hundreds of errors within less then 10 seconds. I put both sticks on a shelf and it they are still there - unusable. -- Can't have dual channel with one stick...

Overall Review: I tried all of the normal check proceedures, such as running one stick at a time in each of the four RAM slots, I went so far as to turn the speed down. The stick that failed would run at 1600 but not 1866. I paid a lot of money for this RAM at time of purchase and expected better. Also, I became very ill soon after the purchase and I have had this RAM too long to return it to Newegg. I have built more computers than I can remember. And, I am simply disappointed with this "higher quality" RAM.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Hi Daniel We can take care of this right away. Beyond NewEgg's 30 day return and exchange policy, you are backed by a manufacturer lifetime warranty. At any time a module is not working to specification, we can send you new replacements right away. With G.Skill RAM, you are guaranteed good working memory in your computer for life. Once you receive a new kit, it should have no problem operating at DDR3-1866 CL9. Visit the G.Skill website for complete RMA procedure. For any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email: G.Skill Forum:
External Link(s):
G.Skill RMA procedure
Update from my Jan 9, 2015 review12/2/2015 8:34:29 PM

Pros: Same as 11 Months ago.

Cons: I forgot to mention: Same as 11 Months ago, except -- it does get hot when I listen to music from it for a few hours. Also, gets hot when not being used in my front USB 2.0 slots. When in my rear USB 3.0 and not being used it gets warm but not hot.

Overall Review: I have 3 of these and they all run the same speed and have been reliable, except for getting too hot when being used in a USB 3.0 slot, or any to no use in a front USB 2.0 slot. Motherboard: Over 3 1/2 year old Gigabyte Z77X-D3H motherboard. I built the system in May 2012. Great case cooling, HAF 922 with three 200mm fans, one 120mm fan plus the 140mm fan on the PSU set to run continuously [Seasonic Platinum Series].

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Outstanding11/14/2015 1:39:00 PM

Pros: no coil whine, no unusual fan sound, quiet, cool running, at fan speed as high 66% sound is below my ambient room noise level. Good overclocker if you want to OC. [Please be patient and read my comments below; I apologize for their length, however, it is information many people want and informative to all.]

Cons: Length Older motherboards may have to have BIOS updated to the latest version. [I have a 2 1/2 year old motherboard, Gigabyte Z77X-D3H v1, and I had to flash the motherboard BIOS before this card would work.]

Overall Review: * Core 1026 [1114 boost], Memory 1753 [7010 effective] Temperature: Room Temp: 21C [70F] @ Idle, During Benchmark 21.7C [71F] Idle: Core 28C [ 7 degrees above room temp !] Fan speed 13% and silent Load: [running Unigine Heaven Benchmark] Core 58C, Fan speed 66%, power 82 Max, 78 Avg Heaven Benchmark overclock run at a mild OC, I did not want to increase volts: Afterburner Settings: Core +150, Memory +350, NO volt increase Core: 1176 MHz [Boost 1264 MHz, reached 1340 MHz during bench] Memory: 1928 MHz [7712 effective] Heaven settings: DX11, Quality Ultra, Tesselation Extreme, AA x8, Resolution 1920x1080 [my screen resolution] System Specs, relative to test: Case: Cooler master 922 HAF CPU: Intel i5 3570K @ 4.0GHz for Heaven Benchmark GPU: MSI GTX 980 Ti Lightning LE OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit RAM: G.Skill CAS 9, 16GB I did not try to find the highest stable OC without manually increasing voltage, I wanted to find a safe number that would permit this card to last many years. Fan speed is set to manual using MSI Afterburner. As a comparison, here are the stock numbers for the more expensive *Non-LE version of this card: GPU Core 1203, Memory 1774 x4 = 7096 effective. Tests were done on my system, it is not specially set up for maximum benchmarking numbers for any benchmark, in other words, it is not a clean install of Win 7. I have been using this setup for a long time and have programs running in the background - just like the average computer user.

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Outstanding10/13/2015 10:03:52 AM

Pros: Outstanding longevity Great performance Quiet Comes with screws [black fan does not]

Cons: None

Overall Review: Before purchase, check the specifications to make sure this will fit your case. Some case manufacturers have hole placement in different locations. I built this computer about 3 years ago and decided to pick up an extra 200mm fan, just in case one eventually failed. I overclock using air coolers and these fans have performed in an outstanding manner keeping my case cool.

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Outstanding - Great Performer8/18/2015 2:00:26 PM

Pros: Great back-up unit. It does what it is supposed to, and more. Lots of connections and USB communication with your computer to show status of both the UPS and PC.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Almost everything you need to know has already been said by other reviewers here. You do need to know if your power supply can function without a pure sine wave, most can, a few have problems and some older PSUs required pure sine wave power. This unit provides power utilizing a stepped sine wave. -- And, PCs are supposed to be simple to use..., so goes the 30 odd years old mantra from marketing. I have had this between 2 and 3 years. Battery has not needed replaced. I need something like this to keep my PC hardware safe and last longer. This is especially important because I overclock the CPU and video card, that places more demands upon the power supply. This unit provides protection for the PC power supply, which in turn runs everything in it and is responsible for stability. As nm tech shrinks this becomes more and more important because it is more electronically fragile. I use quality PC components, which means high cost, and I want to protect my investment. I only have one video card, an AMD R9 290, so my Seasonic Platinum 660 watt does a great job - I just want components to last longer. I did have a problem with a previous model, but none from this one. That is why I do not purchase PSUs from Newegg [although I have spent many thousands of dollars in gear from them]. I bought my APC BR1500G from Office Max, if anything is wrong they are local.

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Very Good7/28/2015 1:47:20 PM

Pros: Fast. Plays Blu-ray movies well. Fast CD burns.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: I use CyberLink PowerDVD 15 and movies play very well on this drive.

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Still a great card for the money4/22/2015 9:30:16 AM

Pros: I have owned this for a year and a half, still running strong. *Core Clock 1000, Memory Clock 1400, no increase in voltage - using MSI Afterburner to control GPU and fan.

Cons: More noisy than cards with better coolers. You have a choice of too much heat that slows the GPU down or loud fan noise if you overclock too much. [I wear headphones and have a floor fan in the room and the GPU fan is not as loud as the floor fan unless the overclock is too high.]

Overall Review: * It will overclock more, but I do not want to increase voltage. I paid $400 dollars for this the day it was released, Bit mining drove the price up, but now the price has dropped far below what I paid, even though it has risen $20 or so in the past few months. Search ASUS GTX 960 STRIX review techpowerup - it will list many cards, in a side by side comparison, including this one. 19 games are benchmarked, beginning on page 7, if you get the review I have in mind. Just pick your monitor resolution, or one close to it. I picked the above site and video card review because it was done Jan 2015 and includes video cards that were not released when this one was. Great card, a year and a half old and still nips at the heals of the top video cards [minus the expensive GTX 980]

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Great Drive4/19/2015 1:06:09 PM

Pros: 50% faster than my WD Black 1TB HHD [speed comparison listed below in Other thoughts]. All went well with data transfers as well. The drive looks healthy. Boxed version has a good warranty.

Cons: Inadequate Newegg packaging. I think Newegg management wants us to have good shipping, but they may need to venture to where the packing is done and observe for themselves the packing being done. This hard drive box was wrapped in the very large bubble packs, however, not enough were stuffed bottom, top AND sides. When the HHD arrived the package rattled loudly - a telling sign of poor packaging, and I was concerned. Charge me another dollar for popcorn please!! No CD in the box, if you want one, download the file[s] from WD and make your own - before installing this drive. I was looking forward to a new utilities disk. 1 degree C hotter than my WG Black 1TB HHD. These drives remain expensive.

Overall Review: I normally do not leave a note regarding installation for some, however, due to the high number of bad reviews I felt I should comment. A note to some who may not be able to get this drive to work or you only see less than 4GB: You can boot Windows from a 3TB and larger drive only if it is a 64 bit operating system, such as 64-bit Vista, 64-bit Windows 7, or 64-bit Windows 8, and then, only if you have a PC with an EFI/UEFI BIOS. If you have the correct version of Windows, and this drive cannot be seen in BIOS or use all 4GB, update your BIOS [instructions should be in the motherboard manual or on the motherboard web site - make sure you have the exact motherboard for the BIOS update. If you have a 5 year or older computer, your BIOS may not support drives larger than 2GB. The above does not take into consideration other problems, such as poor packaging, poor handling during shipment or bad drives from the factory. My motherboard is 3 years old, however, I have installed all but the latest BIOS updates [last one unneeded] for this Gigabyte Z77X-D3H [that still chugs along at 4.3GHz on air, Intel i5-3570K CPU]. I did not need a WD utilities disk. My motherboard BIOS supports EFI/UEFI BIOS and I have Windows 7 64-bit. Speeds from various drives: Sequential, read then write [MB/second]: 64GB SanDisk USB [the very short one]: 133.2, 25.12 Intel 335 series 240 GB SSD: 466.5, 226.7 WD Black 1TB: 103.9, 101.6 WD Black 4TB: 151.2, 154.5 Great drive so far, and after benchmarking it, it looks healthy. If this drive lasts longer than 5 years, like my other WD Black drives, then I will be a happy puppy.

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First partition stays fast1/5/2015 9:29:44 AM

Pros: My first partition stays relatively fast when defragged often with Defraggler by Piriform, over 64 MB/s read speed according to Defraggler's benchmark, just after defragging.

Cons: Second partition is slow after getting close to half full - even when defragged often, which is somewhat OK if you are patient and all you do is download hardware and software upgrades and other like data where read - write speeds are not so important. My second partition is a little over half full and Defraggler, from Piriform, benchmarks read speed on the second partition at an average of 4.6 MB/s after defragging with Defraggler [Windows 7 64bit] before defragging it averages below ~ 3.36 MB/s read speed - and I defrag fairly often [2 to 7 days]. I do not like WD's shifty 5 year warranty, where if you submit an RMA and get a second drive that only has a 90 day warranty for this drive.

Overall Review: To Jacob M. that gave a review on 9/8/2014: If this drive is a second drive for installing and playing games from and raw video footage make a partition* no larger than 300GB. On that partition install and run games. Defrag often and it will remain very fast if you leave 45GB free [to allow room for Windows defrag - Microsoft demands 15% free for proper defrag, or you might not be able to defrag at all - I know this from, years ago, when I was a computer consultant to businesses. You would be surprised at how little businesses know regarding computers]. * The First partition will be 300GB Part of my build [for the technical gurus out there]: Power Supply: Corsair TX650M CPU: Intel i5 3570K Motherboard: Gigabyte Z77X-D3H RAM: 16GB GSkill CAS 9 SSD: Intel 335, 240GB Hard Drive: single WD Black, partitioned [primarily for games, storage and back up] Note: Other Information: Defraggler is much better than Windows defrag, however, it is VERY slow when doing a regular defrag on a slow drive or partition, it is very fast when doing a quick defrag, even on a slow drive or partition. I use regular [default] defrags. This is not an advertisement for Defraggler. NOTE: I know that many people read these reviews when making a decision about what hard drive to purchase and I have written this with them in mind.

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Outstanding12/1/2014 1:05:13 PM

Pros: Produces great sound - and for a great price. $60 this weekend. Limited but effective software bundle.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I have had my Z since early 2013 and have had no problems. As to those people that leave negative comments: 1. This is not the older, bad hardware that was sold before the Z series came out, please do not leave comments if you do not own this sound card. 2. Make sure you have a good power supply and motherboard and keep the motherboard drivers up to date. My computer [in part]: Windows 7 Intel i5-3570K [overclocked] Gigabyte Z77X-D3H motherboard [2 1/2 years old] G.Skill 1866 CAS 9 [16GB] Corsair 650M power supply Intel 240GB 335 series SSD Western Digital Black 1TB HHD I listen to music and play games on my computer and the sound is very good.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Very Good8/10/2014 6:53:15 AM

Pros: In a computer using a Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z [equalizer custom Classical settings]. Mid tones and treble are simply outstanding. Bass is good. Microphone is very good. Very comfortable ear pads, comfortable tightness [my first set was too tight until they were broken in].

Cons: As others have pointed out, the plastic holding the ear cups is poor. I used care with mine, with the exception of often taking them off of my head too often with the ear cups. They lasted 19 months, I was very disappointed in losing a great headset. The volume and other controls on the cord were too easily adjusted with the slightest bump. The second set is much more firm. If this is a regular variation - from poor to good, then quality control should be better.

Overall Review: I do not know why a reviewer below said the microphone is poor, I am using a computer and mic fidelity is outstanding. These headsets do not need care when putting them on or removing them, they need great care.

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Outstanding2/4/2014 3:15:56 PM

Pros: Very good for gaming. Very Fast. Very Overclockable. [Because of low voltage requirements of Ivy Bridge, 6 phase for the CPU is good enough for moderate overclocking (up to 4.4GHz ~ 4.6GHz), on air with great air flow and room ambient temperature around 72 to 75 degrees F.]

Cons: Almost none. 1st PCIe [16x] slot is too close to my large CPU air cooler. I have to use a "flat tip" screw driver to unlock the video card latch lock.

Overall Review: I was in the computer industry for decades, owned my own company, and among other titles was a designer and computer consultant; my field of study was primarily computer hardware. I also used to have a hobby of overclocking until something broke, in order to find limits in components. I have gained a lot of knowledge from those experiments. However, I am now disabled and can no longer afford to break things. Although I do other work on my computer, my primary requirement is for playing games and helping others with answers to problems in computer forums. I am old and because of my health I use a great deal of medication, however, I enjoy gaming and even more, the gaming community with the use of TeamSpeak. ******** On another important note, and that is many people giving negative reviews skip important basic information, for example, do not state that they and the computer were or were not grounded during build or upgrade, or provide system details - for example an inadequate PSU can cause havoc and, in some cases, eventual death of hardware. This lack of information degrades the accuracy of some reviews, and sometimes renders them useless; please keep that in mind, especially when reading negative reviews that do not list basic information about their build. I ground myself and the computer, the result is, over 30 years+ in the computer field, with the exception of one stick of defective RAM and a few power supplies and hard drives that were made from the same factory batch and arrived in the same shipment, I have experienced almost no hardware problems, especially over the last 10 years. And, over those past 30 years plus I have built so many systems [and repaired even more - that were built by different companies than ours or mine] that I cannot tell you a number, I built or repaired too many to recall. I know this is a very long review and I appreciate and want to thank you for your patience to those that have read it completely. My Computer specs : Motherboard: Z77X-D3H [version 1.0], BIOS version F16 Power Supply: Corsair TX650M OS: Windows 7 Home Premium CPU: Intel i5 3570K Thermal compound: GELID GC-EXTREME [Prolimatech PRO is almost as good] CPU Cooler: Noctura NH-C14 --- with both fans it clears G.Skill RipJaws X by ~ 3/16 inch [this cooler is good for an overclock up to ~ 4.6GHz continual use [my CPU cruses at 4.4GHz], depending upon CPU quality [luck of the draw] and case air temperature - however, this cooler is large] Video: Sapphire R9 290 [I use MSI Afterburner to manipulate fan speeds on the reference version.] RAM: 16GB G.Skill RipJaws X, DDR3 1866 @ CAS 9 [Ripjaws Z also works as both are 40mm tall] Solid State Drive: Intel 330 Series 180GB SATA 3 HDD: WD 640GB Black, WD 1TB Black Case: HAF 922 [with an extra 200mm fan in door].

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Outstanding12/26/2013 5:19:55 AM

Pros: Outstanding overclocker. Mine went to 4.8GHz with a good air cooler and case.

Cons: None

Overall Review: My computer build is over a year and a half old and it still runs better that a "Swiss watch". After this amount of time for benchmarking in summer months I do not push it past 4.6GHz because of high room temperature, and, I want it to live a long life. For normal operations I drop it down a notch and it cruses through games at 4.5GHz with no problem at just over 1.2 volts. It obviously holds up over time. Don't be afraid of this CPU, and now prices are as very attractive. Notes: CPU cooler: Noctua NH-C14 140mm x 2 SSO Case: Cooler Master HAF 922 [with three 200mm fans] [To Endoz, off topic, your dog needs vitamins. I wanted to help him with his question.]

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Very Good drive9/17/2013 11:25:41 AM

Pros: Very good performance. No problems with the drive or my other WD black drives.

Cons: None

Overall Review: A couple of years ago or so WD began having problems with drives larger than 640GB, however, those seem to have been resolved. In fact, I stopped purchasing WD drives for over a year because of the problems with higher density drives. However, as I said, these problems look like they have been resolved. And, now the prices have finally dropped, with recent sales. I highly endorse this drive.

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High Quality8/30/2013 10:38:43 AM

Pros: High quality, low noise [cannot be heard over my video card, CPU and case fans - note: over 48% my video card fan can be heard, beyond 50% it gets much louder (AMD HD 6950)] I have overclocked my Ivy Bridge to 4.8GHz on air and PSU voltage levels were very stable.

Cons: I have no cons.

Overall Review: I purchased this unit in May 2012. I wanted something that would be stable for CPU overclock and long life. It is listed as semi-modular, so, that cannot be held against it. I used all of the permanent cables and needed some of the modular cables, so, in my case I cannot say this semi-modular design is a con. My case is a Cooler Master HAF 922 and the large cables are stored between the motherboard back plate and the outer case. This makes for a very clean arrangement where airflow is important.

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Outstanding6/29/2013 9:56:46 AM

Pros: Runs at rated speed. Very stable with i5 3570 CPU overclocked to 4.7 GHz [on air]. CAS remained at 8 and 5.01 volts. [I may not have needed the extra .01v, however, I wanted to make certain the RAM was stable at that high overclock.] Note that I got to 4.8GHz with the RAM still at CAS 8, however, the CPU got too hot for my liking at that speed. It is worth the current dollar value [world market].

Cons: Have to enter BIOS and use XMP for motherboard to automatically set speed on my Gigabyte motherboard.

Overall Review: This is very good RAM at the advertised speed. I have benchmarked it, however, it runs my favorite games extremely well at 1.5 volts. It is very fast. No problems at all. Noctua NH-C14 140mm x 2 SSO CPU Cooler, Gigabyte Z77X-D3H motherboard.

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Among the best4/12/2013 5:14:53 PM

Pros: It lowered my core temperatures by 2 to 3 degrees on an Intel i5-3570K overclocked to 4.6GHz under 100% load over Prolimatech PK-1, which is a good compound, however, not as good as GELID GC-Extreme.

Cons: None

Overall Review: To those people that found this TIM too runny, always store TIM with the tip down, never on it's side or worse, with the tip up. This is vital as the oil begins to separate and you do not want a lot of the oil on a heatsink or chip. Unless purchased from a brick and mortar store that has this TIM hanging from a hook, place the TIM with the tip down for at least a month before use, and when finished with a job, place it tip down again. I waited 10 months before using this TIM [with the tip down] and the viscosity was perfect. CPU cooler is Noctua NH-C14 140mm x 2 SSO [air cooler, with air flow toward motherboard]. I made 5 runs of AIDA64 [Prime 95 is not meant for Ivy Bridge and can burn it up, also, AIDA64 adds more tests]. The last run was just over 2 hours, the following are the temperatures. Room temperature was 70 degrees. Maximum Temperatures: Core 0 = 62C [143F], Core 1 = 65C [149], Core 2 = 64C [147F], Core 3 = 59C [138F] Note that my i5-3570 is only a medium range overclocker, requiring more voltage than those lucky people that get a better CPU. During testing my CPU ran at 1.284 volts due to aggressive settings in BIOS, my BIOS setting for the CPU was 1.270, however, the aggressive settings boosted core voltage to 1.284 as mentioned. I have used many TIMs and this is the best.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Good keyboard3/29/2013 4:46:07 PM

Pros: I like a keyboard that give a response when I press keys. Over the decades I have had, only the Lord knows, how many keyboards. 30 years ago or more I liked the IBM steel keyboards that you could both feel when a key was hit, and a hear sound, letting you know that you did not miss a key. Personally, I prefer a little indication of when a key is pressed far enough. I use a light touch when typing, so, a little sound is reassuring.

Cons: A little expensive for a basic keyboard, however, it lasts much longer than a pizza for the same price ... Rubber pads on the bottom are a little small, however, they seem to do the job if kept clean and only a light force used while typing. Yes, the keys are only somewhat mushy, however, the slight sound they make, makes up for it - letting me know I am ready for the next letter.

Overall Review: Pay attention to how long you need the cord and you will be fine. I am an old man now and no longer type thousands of pages, so, I game and for that, this is a fine keyboard. I use this along with a Logitech G400 mouse [replacing my worn out Mx 518 a couple of years ago]. And, I can still hold my own against young players, even though I am now old and on a lot of medication. As far as the noise of the keyboard while gaming, I can't hear them. Because my wife sleeps in the room next to mine, I wear a Turtle Beach Earforce X12 headset connected to a Creative Sound Blaster Z. With that I cannot hear the key strokes. So, no worries for gamers. This keyboard is very good for the price of a pizza.

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Overall good camera10/31/2012 5:54:46 AM

Pros: CMOS Sensor It can record raw format images as well as JPEG If you are familiar with other Canon cameras of this type, it will be very easy to use, very low learning curve. If you are not familiar with Canon cameras, grab the manual and do some reading, it will reward you to do so. Plenty of battery life for 300+ shots, however, no better than higher power AAA rechargable batteries used in older models. Very good fit and weight in the hands.

Cons: Image Sensor 1/2.3" CMOS. Canon is on the cheap here, as 1/2.3 have been used in their compact cameras for years, though not CMOS. Aperture f/3.4 (W), f/6.5 (T) is only fair - though usable in many situations, f/2.0 or lower at wide angle would be much better. ISO 800 maximum, if you are going to print 4x6 photos. You can only get so much out of a 1/2.3 sensor. Maximum usable power is about 20x or so, which is still good for many long range shots, such as wild life. For 50 power at least a 1" Sensor and a very high quality lens will be needed for sharper images.

Overall Review: A shutter speed of 15 to 1/2000 will be fine for most people, however, except for the moon, 15 seconds is not nearly enough for my work in astronomy. Remember to bring your tripod when making movies at long range if you intend to move, smooth panning is difficult at high power, and sometimes that pesky wind makes things even more difficult. Cost is high for this camera, and should drop in the future, unless the American dollar continues to fall in value. The PowerShot line has been an overall good camera since the PowerShot SX20 [it is better than my PowerShot SX10]. It can be used as a point and shoot camera or general photography, even weddings, and spot mode is very useful for me when I photograph small animals that are among weeds, I want the animal, not the weeds in focus.

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