Your phone may charge slower with this cable11/11/2013 8:08:14 AM

Pros: I've been using two of these cables for a few months. It's well made and the right angle is a very nice feature.

Cons: BUT, if you are using this cable to charge your cell phone from a wall charger (as opposed to a computer), you should be aware that this cable cannot provide rapid charging. This occurs on my Nexus 4 and my wife's Samsung S3. There are several Android apps that allow you to monitor the amount of mA (miliamps?) being pulled by the phone while charging, and using the stock charger that came with the phone, this cable appears to max out at around 580 mA (and is more consistently in the 200-300 mA range). This occurs on both phones using both cables. If I swap out this cable with the stock USB cable that came with the phone, it immediately jumps up to 900+ mA and the phones will charger much faster. Just an issue to be aware of, and one I would like to see the manufacturer address.

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Great Keyboard2/6/2013 8:45:32 AM

Pros: Very solid keyboard, well made, and great to type on. I bought this after trying out several different mechanical keyboards by other manufacturers and I think this is by far the best value for the money. Nothing fancy, no macro keys, no media keys, no backlighting....just great to type on. I like it so much I just ordered another for home use. For build quality (especially now that the USB connector has been improved), I think this is comparable to a Filco or Ducky for a lot less money.

Cons: I wouldn't have minded a few simple dedicated media keys (volume, mute and play/pause would have been nice) if they were well placed and didn't increase the size too much.

Overall Review: I recommend the right-angle (or left angle) mini-USB connector made by StarTech instead of the bundled connector. Item numbers N82E16812200984 and N82E16812200983.

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