Great for the price, has issues though.6/1/2018 11:20:30 AM

Pros: - Great price point for the hardware - Runs modern games at the highest settings with 60 FPS. The only time I've had a game lag was Total War: Attila when using the largest possible armies

Cons: - Had an issue out of the box with updating Windows 10. Update would always freeze part way through. Was able to fix it with Windows 10 Update Assistant. - Case fans worked great until about 2 weeks ago(I bought the PC in November). Intake fan works perfectly fine but outtake fan now makes a loud clicking noise on start up and continues to make it unless you open the case, stop the fan with your hand, and then use the friction of your hand to let it slowly speed up. My best guess is that the fans wobble and it causes the blades to hit the case. Tried removing the fan from the case and it stopped clicking but resumed clicking when I put it back in. There are no wires that it is hitting.

Overall Review: - Overall, a great PC but you might want to consider replacing the fans and there is the possibility of having issues with the OS. I've seen other reviews saying they BSODs but I haven't had that issue, as of now.

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