Decent price for this elegant SSD to USB Converter7/15/2019 1:25:28 PM

Pros: I have bought 5 of these over that last year or so to house older SSDs as I upgraded the 3 in my desktop in terms of both capacity & speed {to a pair of 512 Gig Samsungs & a 960 Gig SanDisk}. I now have 3 x 480 Gig ADatas & an older Crucial BX300 480 Gig in 4 of these caddys. I am awaiting a 240 Gig BX500 Crucial that I bought for a song last Saturday to mount in the last. The build is excellent - brushed black aluminum which is very eye-catching & equally very robust. These are all used for high speed backups, which make my several high speed, large capacity SanDisk Ultra MicroSDs & my many high capacity Corsair, Samsung, Kingston, etc USB 3 thumb drives either seem slow or really pedantic (respectively) in comparison! The drastic drop in SSD prices make other modes of (non video) backup obsolete IMO.

Cons: Only 2 complaints. The first is the "twitchy" way of opening the caddy. It is a little difficult to depress both sides of the caddy simultaneously (to pop open the case) without deforming the caddy. Needless to say, I open the caddys (very) infrequently. The main problem, however, is the twin guide arms holding the SSDs level for correct alignment. These are made of "cheap & nasty" plastic so one has to be very careful when closing the caddy. These plastic arms are a serious slip compared to the rest of the build quality.

Overall Review: This NewEgg sale price is okay, but not the cheapest I have seen, but it's also not the highest either!

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Excellent at the $50 price point.4/24/2019 1:23:59 PM

Pros: I have bought several SanDisk 480 to 512 Gig SSDs and have been very pleased with ALL of them. I also have a 960 Gig SSD in my own PC. My wife's PC has one of the 480s too. They have been very reliable and have a excellent price/performance ratio. These are far above the low end but comparably AData, Team 500 & Silicon Power SSD's that I have also tried but when on sale this brand is head & shoulders better. They are close to the Samsung EVO 512 & Crucial SSDs 480 that I also have in my PC. I have no hesitation in selling this brand to my computer customers.

Cons: None at this price.

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Excellent Product2/16/2019 6:50:53 PM

Pros: Long Life. I bought the 128 Gig here in 2016 for my Honor 5X. I transferred it to my 2017 upgrade - a ZTE Blade 8 Pro - which in turn was rapidly replaced by my current ZTE Axon 7 when the latter went on sale here at a very attractive price in May 2017. The Team 128 Gig worked without issue with all 3 phones. I have also used it successfully in my wife's 10" Kindle HD. I usually buy name brand Flash RAM such as SanDisk, Patriot, etc, but you can't beat the current $25 price for this generic. It's a Class 10 card and is reasonably fast, especially with my desktop's USB 3 card reader. The large size allows me to store my entire 30 Gig + music library as well as my very extensive 80 Gig + E-Book libraries. In addition, it has the capacity to store my other key data files so that when I leave my house with the Axon in my pocket I carry all my irreplaceable info with me (I put all our photos on my wife's phone). Since the Axon's upgrade to Android 7.1.1, Nougat the phone can support a 200/240Gig capacity micro SD which allows me to cram even data on it!

Cons: Doesn't come with a caddy, but that's a minor issue as I have several spare ones when I want to transfer files to/from my PC. I subsequently bought a second Team 128 for my wife's phone which DID come with an SD caddy. Go figure!

Overall Review: I would like to see Team 500 put out a 200/250 Gig Micro SD. The current name brands' pricing is about $75 & up which is a bit rich for me. A $50/55 price would be irrestible! Update: The ongoing decline in flash RAM prices has subsequently allowed me to purchase 2 x SanDisk Ultras 200 Gig as well as a 250 Gig Ultra. These are about twice the (write) speed of the Team 128 Gig Micro SDs. The 250 Gig Ultra works in my Axon 7 & cost me a whole $44 here about a month ago (Jan 2019). For these prices, I would have to recommend the Ultras, especially if you want or need more storage capacity.

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Another Excellent (Cheap) Roswell Product2/2/2019 11:31:00 AM

Pros: My superb 20 year old Li-an-Li all aluminum mid tower case (bought here) comes with 4 front mounted USB 2 ports - as well as 6 rear ones - but, for obvious reasons, no USB 3 support. This 3.5" device now provides 2 USB 3 front ports as well all for a nominal price. The case's brushed silver finish is a near perfect contrast to the Roswell's black aluminum finish. It also matches the black finish of the Roswell's 3.5" flash reader in the immediately lower case slot. as well as the 5" black Asus DVD Burner at the top of the case..

Cons: The ports are a little tight but this should be self-correcting as they get more use.

Overall Review: If you need front USB 3 ports & have the necessary internal USB 3 slot this is a no-brainer for the price, unless of course you enjoy fiddling around the back of your case when you want to plug in a USB 3 device!

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Another Excellent product from SanDisk2/2/2019 11:00:50 AM

Pros: I paid $45 for 250 Gigs of an extremely fast Sandisk Ultra. I am so impressed with this brand & model that I have now bought 2 x 200 Gig & 2 x 64 Gig Ultras for my phones, tablets, etc. The prices are very competitive coming close (on a $/Gig basis) to the pair of 128 Gig Team 500 Micro SD that I bought here. The big difference is that the write speed of the Ultra's is almost twice as fast!

Cons: None

Overall Review: Excellent backward comparability: all my Ultras are recognized by my 10+ year old 3.5" Roswell Flash reader (w/3 USB 2 ports) as well as my 3 year old Roswell 5" reader with 4 USB 2 ports. I am using the spare Ultra as backups for my important data files - pictures, documents, software, book libraries, etc.

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Excellent deal for a good Name Brand SSD2/2/2019 10:27:31 AM

Pros: Difficult to believe that I bought a SanDisk 960 Gig SSD for $110. I hope prices keep falling towards the $/Gig of the old style "electro-mechanical" drives. One can buy a 1 Terrabyte WD Blue (1 year warranty) for about $50. I now have a 500 Gig Samsung EVO as my boot drive, a 480 Crucial as my first data drive and now the 960 Gig SanDisk as my second data drive. No more heavy, loud, hot, fragile old-style drives. Just 2 Gigs of silent, (very) fast, energy efficient SSDs! I have used/sold several 240/480 SanDisks and have yet to have had any problems. The is is fast model and while it's not as potent as, say, the Samsung Pro (5 year warranty), it's MUCH cheaper.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I will definitely buy a 2 Terrabyte drive as the $/Gig price contines to fall. I have one drive bay left in my beautiful, pristine but antique Li-an- Li all aluminum mid-tower case. I am putting all my many obsolete electro-mechanical drives - WD Blacks & Blues, Seagates, etc - to work as backups! I also need another 1 Terrabyte SanDisk so I can retire my wife,s 640 Gig WD Black & covert her PC to an all SSD drive desktop. She currently has a 240 & 480 SSD as well as the Black.

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Very nice aluminum SSD/USB 3 case.1/29/2019 7:53:02 AM

Pros: Very cheap ($5) - excellent value. Attractive & robust SSD holder; brushed aluminum case is light weight & strong. This makes it perfect for travelling. I own 2 Orico holders each holding a 120 Silicon Power SSD, which are made of very good looking transparent perspex. These are slightly more expensive but are much more flexible in removing/re-mounting the SSD than the Saba, but are nowhere as robust.

Cons: Mounting the SSD was tricky. Opening & closing the case requred a small screwdriver. The 2 arms holding the SSD are made of flimsy plastic - if either breaks the device becomes useless. This means it is likely the 480 AData now in the Saba won't be coming out any time soon! I usually refresh the image of my working Samsung EVO 500 Gig SSD (o/system, apps, configuration, data, etc) 2 or 3 times a year using Acronis True Image. This requires the target SSD to be mounted in my PC. Thus I'll have to use a different 480 Gig drive for this purpose!

Overall Review: Excellent SSD external USB 3 case for backing up (large) amounts of data very quickly compared to a thumb drive or even high speed microSD's such as the 250Gig SanDisk Ultra I just purchased here. 1 Egg removed for tricky access to the case, but otherwise very good bang for the buck for this rugged SSD holder.

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Cheap - You Get What You Pay For.1/3/2019 12:00:50 PM

Pros: Good price for a 64Gig USB3 thumb drive.

Cons: The AData is slooooow! Read speed is just okay; write speed - yawn! I have (much) older Kingstone & Patriot USB2 thumb drives that run rings around this thing. The snap on-off cap is plastic & tiresome compared to built in caps such as the Corsair Slider or the Kingston Data Travellers.

Overall Review: Spend a few extra $'s & buy a Corsair or one of the little metal Samsung US3s. I use my 64Gig Samsung all the time - the AData as little as possible. I do NOT recommend this unless yoy have little cash AND are very patient.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for your feedback. We apologize if the product did not meet your expectations. We take your feedback seriously and will use it to address future improvements. If you have any questions or would simply like to get in touch with us, please contact Thank you, ADATA Support Team
Love it!12/21/2018 6:46:12 AM

Pros: Cheap, 3 heat pipe cooler, it is very effective. Anyone used to fitting AMD HSFs will be right at home with installing this beauty. Got it for $16 as a shellshocker - sorry I didn't buy more. Excellent manufacturing quality, but I have come to expect this from Newegg's house brand. Fits in most medium & full towers. Update (Dec. 2018). I have had the pleasure of using this Rosewill clone of the Cooler Master 212 Evo for almost 2 years. The Evo - an excellent HSF - was too big to fit into a full sized case with its 4 heat pipes & 120mm fan. The Rosewill, with its 3 heat pipes & 92mm fan is a perfect size for my antique Li-an-Li mid-tower. I have always been an AMD guy and this HSF was easy to install & fits perfectly. My FX 6300 6 core Vishera running at its stock 3.6GHz ranges between 9 and 35 degrees C (Speccy Pro). I ran the CPU overclocked to 4.1 GHz for a couple of months & never saw the temperature above 45 C. The typical AMD stock heatsink is usually useless & I have found the ROC 16003 to be an excellent replacement for a modest price.

Cons: Didn't come with thermal paste, but someone using aftermarket coolers likely has some Artic Silver lying around anyway. I do't know if it will fit a Ryzen CPU.

Overall Review: Excellent aftermarket cooler with a great price/performance if you can pick it up on sale at Newegg. I used to use Thermaltake TR2's a while back but this is way better if you can pick it up for under $20. The current sale price of $12.5 is a steal!

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Tremendous bang for your buck!10/29/2018 8:43:23 AM

Pros: Unlocked 6 Core CPU running at 3.6GHz stock for $65! The Eazytune app. that came with the $60 Gigabyte 970A-DS3P m/board that I bought to support this baby, easily brought it to 4.1GHz with NO voltage adjustments. I do not play games other than solitaire, etc. I switched the pathetic stock cooler for a beautiful $16 Rosewell ROCC-16003 92mm HSF w/3 heatpipes. This allows the AMD Cool&Quiet aotoswitching to keep this o/clocked CPU's temp's between 16C & 36C (Speccy 1.31). I rounded these two off, also at $65, with a matched pair of (DDR3) PC1866 4Gig Crucial Ballistic RAM chips. I then added a 4Gig Windforce GT750Ti video card for another $90 and a Samsung 500Gig EVO SSD for a further $137.

Cons: Clearly this is obsolete technology compared to Ryzen. However, if you are not a gamer at an overall price of under $420 I have a massive upgrade from my vintage 2011 AMD FM1 2.9GHz quad core system. If & when Zyzen, DDR4 RAM & m/board prices drop over the next year or two, I'll consider getting more upto date!

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Lovely piece of equipment, Good price!7/15/2018 9:36:39 AM

Pros: Bought this last year to charge my Axon 7 (bought here in May 2017) which has USB-C/QCharge 3 capability. It has a decent storage capacity of 10,050mAh, which should charge the Axon's 3250mAh battery about 3X (assuming the Nekteck is fully charged). It works very well. It's somewhat larger & heavier than the Axon's power brick, but nonetheless is a very elegant looking, relatively light portable battery. I live in that Tampa Bay area & was was able to keep my Axon charged for the 3+ days when we lost power after Hurricane Irma hit us in mid-Sept. 2017- at least till many of T-Mobil's towers went down.

Cons: Very minor complaints: Included cable/charging port is micro-USB - would have expected a USB-C cable/input charging port. Only one of the outputports is QCharge so simultaneous charging of my older ZTE Blade 8 (which supports QCharge 2) is impossible. However, by charging the Blade 8 using the USB-C to Micro-USB converter (that came with the Axon), I can charge it (slowly!) using one of my other portable batteries. Instruction (mini) booklet in unreadable without a magnifierfor older eyes!

Overall Review: I am very pleased with this battery: it's small, good looking, works well, cheap & charges my Axon 7 Quickly.

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Love it!2/5/2018 11:42:03 AM

Pros: I am sticking with 3.2nm technology till Ryzen prices drop from the stratosphere! This is a much better 970 board than my wife's Asus M5A97 R2.0 as it incorporates the 99FX rather than the plain vanilla 970 northbridge. This should make o/clocking easier! It also has 2 PCI slots as well as the usual PCIe ones. I will run an FX 6 or 8 core on this as soon as I see one on sale.

Cons: I would have liked to see a better audio setup. I'm use to seeing 6 audio in/out ports as well as (an optical) SPDIF out. This will make it impossible to use as an HTPC without purchasing an appropriate sound card.

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Typical Orico product: inexpensive, well designed, robust & very useful2/5/2018 10:13:35 AM

Pros: I bought this as a gift for a friend who had just purchased an A**zon Paperwhite, whick does NOT come with a charger. This unit comes with 2 supercharge ports (2.3amp/5 volt) & 2 universal ports (1 amp/5 volts). It charges tablets, phones, portable batteries, etc. This is the 4th one of these I have bought over the last few years. They have all worked properly & none have failed.

Cons: None!

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valuable Customer, Thanks for choosing ORICO as your preferred choice, this is Sherry from ORICO customer care team. We strive to provide the most reliable and highest quality products to our customers. Your kind feedback is the best encourage that keeps us moving forward and constantly improving our goods and services. Should you have any further problem ,please feel free to contact ME. ,we will try our best to help you. Thanks again for choosing ORICO as your preference. Best Regards Customer Care Team
Innovative, well designed & inexpensive products.2/5/2018 10:01:19 AM

Pros: I own many Orico products, e.g. chargers for my many tablets & phones. This is a very elegant, inexpensive gift for a friend who has just bought an A**zon 6" Paperwhite. The white case perfectly matches the Paperwhite's coloring. With the very low power consumption of this reader, the relatively small 5,000 mAh battery will be sufficient for a few charging cycles.

Cons: I would like to see a larger battery capacity. My other portable batteries, by RavPower, vary in size from 10,200 mAh to a 22,400 mAh monster. But as these are designed to recharge larger 7" & 9" Kindles as well as smartphones.

Overall Review: When hurricane Irma hit us in the Tampa Bay area last September we lost power for 3 days. In emergencies and/or if you do a lot of travelling like my wife & me these devices are very useful.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valuable Customer, Thanks for choosing ORICO as your preferred choice, this is Sherry from ORICO customer care team. We strive to provide the most reliable and highest quality products to our customers. Your kind feedback is the best encourage that keeps us moving forward and constantly improving our goods and services. Should you have any further problem ,please feel free to contact ME. ,we will try our best to help you. Thanks again for choosing ORICO as your preference. Best Regards Customer Care Team
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Exemplarly Brand2/5/2018 9:37:28 AM

Pros: Excellent bang for your buck - these are always both well-made & inexpensive. I have used Lite-on DVD burners in many, many PCs - both my own & customers - over the last 20+ years. I have found them to be robust & reliable. This purchase is to replace an antique beige unit running in my equally antique 2011 AMD FM1 system. This one is still working well but I am finally changing my late 1990's Li-an-Li aluminium silver mid-tower case for a new black one. I burn a LOT of apps & data (video, etc) to read only disks following trojans, root-kits & other "bad guys" infesting my many read/write thumb drives. Thus, for security purposes, I still supply all my PC's with DVD burners with Lite-on as my favourite brand! :-)

Cons: None!

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Good Midrange Phone But Already Obsolete11/21/2017 12:32:31 PM

Pros: Dual rear 14 Megapixel cameras take excellent daylight photos w/bokeh special effects. 32Gigs of Onboard Storage & 3Gigs of RAM along with a zippy Snapdragon 620 easily outpaces my 2016 Honor 5X. Good MicroSD support of upto 128Gigs. Decent 1080p LCD display w/Gorilla Glass 3. Battery/Recharge is good w/USB-C & QuickCharge 2. The ZTE Mi-Favor skin is close to stock android w/little bloatware.

Cons: The main con is the poor/bad microphone pickups. I have to both talk loudly into the phone as well hold the bottom pickup close to my mouth to avoid people I'm talking to telling me I'm "dropping out" or that they can't hear me. This seems to be a ZTE proplem as I have a similar, but not as bad as the Blade, problem with my Axon 7. I never had this problem with the 5X. Low Light photos are poor with the built-in camera app. but are vastly improved with the Open Camera freeware app. The other problem is that the phone has already been replaced by ZTE. This clearly means no Nougat upgrade from the default 6.01 Marshmellow . This is a drag as I paid list price ($235) for this 2017 phone!

Overall Review: At this price, it could be a good buy given the hardware specs. if you can deal with the voice issues.

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Great Phone with a couple of flaws10/19/2017 12:51:26 PM

Pros: Top class specs: Snapdragon 820 2.2 Gig Quad Core cpu, 4 Gigs of RAM & 64 Gigs of Onboard storage. Really beautiful AmoLED 2K screen w/Gorilla Glass 3; it puts the typical 1080p LCDs to shame!. Excellent 3240mAh battery backed up by QCharge 3. The build is elegant - full metal body, narrow bezel, no sharp edges with lovely front mounted speakers. Best of all, this monster is optimized for music with first class front speakers & dual Dolby Digital Atmos (for recording & playback). The sound is superb with my Klipsch earbuds. It hosts a MicroSD, assuming one uses a single SIM. It runs factory upgraded Nougat 7.1.1. This upgraded the MicroSD support to 200/256 Gig capacity. I use it with (GSM) T-Mobil & haven't tried it with Verizon so I can't comment on the claimed CDMA compatibility. There is also a very good set of included accessories. The ZTE MiFavor skin is close to std. Android with few bloatware apps installed.

Cons: My main complaint is the twin microphone pickups. I find, despite the claimed 8 yard range (!), I have to talk right into the bottom pickup in order to avoid people I'm talking to telling me I'm "dropping out". This was a similar problem with my ZTE Blade Pro 8, but NOT my previous Honor 5X so I know it's not deadspots or T-Mobil. The other issue is the camera. The 20 megapixel w/1.7 F Stop are pretty impressive specs, as is the 4K/1080p Video w\optical image stabilization. Indeed daylight photos are decent, but low light ones are (at best) poor for point & shoot. Manual settings are available, but are beyond my capabilities. A minor complaint is that when I plug my earbuds into that 3.5mm audio slot it turns off Dolby support which I then have to manually turn back on!

Overall Review: This phone is overpriced. I bought my Axon 7 here six months ago at $329 and have seen it as low a $309 more recently. The phone will soon be replaced by the Axon 8. I doubt ZTE will upgrade this model beyond Nougat. With the Honor 8 regularly on sale here for $259/79 (albeit with a 5.2" 1080p screen) I wouln't buy this for the currently asked price.

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Good but a few problems9/18/2017 11:03:56 AM

Pros: Decent price for this brand. Klipsch quality: good sound, adaquate base, etc.

Cons: No tangle free cables. Volume & Next controls do not work. I suspect this product is for the iPhone rather than my wife's Honor 5X. My prior Klipsch earbud purchase came with a neat little zippered carry case; these came with a little bag. Not impressed!

Overall Review: Would not recommend this as anything other that a (decent sounding) set of ear-buds.

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Good, but overpriced product.7/30/2017 8:00:58 AM

Pros: It lights up a bedroom adequately & serves in a dual roll - being also able to charge third party devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc.

Cons: It's overpriced for what it is. I bought a unit for the 2016 hurricane season (I live in the Tampa Bay, Florida area). Once I figured out how to turn it on & off, I was quite pleased. The instructions that come with the device are WRONG! The instructions say press & hold the on/off button for 3 seconds each way. You actually have to quickly double tap the button to get it to work. This, however, isn't my main complaint. The 2016 model came with a 15,000 mAh battery. It was a MUCH better deal. When I bought 2 of these for the 2017 season, I unwisely assumed that the advertized 9,000 mAh battery was simply a misprint - I was wrong! This unit is only about two thirds of the physical size of the 2016 torch due to its miniscule battery. I therefore paid $53+ (incl shipping) for 2 of these dwarfs! My Axon 7 smartphone (bought here), for example, has a 3,250 mAh battery.

Overall Review: It is much better than the traditional D type battery powered torches, though you cannot replace the 9,000 mAh battery (like most modern smartphones & tablets). However, this unit should be at least $10 dollars cheaper given that Newegg also charges quite a stiff delivery fee. Now that I have 3 of these, I will only buy another/replacement unit when they are on sale.

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Great Price for a nice Tablet7/2/2017 7:05:40 PM

Pros: $70 for a very nice looking 10" Android Tablet Very sturdy construction Supports BlueTooth 4.0 Supports 64Gig MicroSD storage (no caddy required) Decent built-in sound 720p Screen Resolution Supports my (advert free) Full Reader APK compatible with .mobi & .epub e-book formats Supports VLC Player which allows me to watch both 720p & 1080p films (mp4 & .avi formats) AND playback of .mp3 audio files. Uses the Huawei software that came with my Honor 5X phone for easy connection for my Win7 PC.

Cons: Uses (really) obsolete Android 4.4 & Huawei EMUI 2.0 Skin. (Last saw 4.4 in my wife's 2014 Samsung Galaxy Lite when T-Mobil was discontinuing that phone!) Only 8 Gigs of on-board storage (3.5 Gig available after KitKat o/system). This is the same as in the the original 2011 Kindle Fire. 1 Gig of RAM is lame - perhaps that's the reason for using such an old o/system. Analogus to WinXP's ability to run on 1 Gig od RAM while Win7 requires 3/4 Gigs? Multi-tasking of reading & listening to music is possible (just!) Difficult to find an aftermarket case.

Overall Review: I effortlessly paired this with a $10 reconditioned bluetooth speaker (bought here) for a very nice upgrade to an obsolete Win 8 2014 Dell Latitude ST2 10" tablet with Bluetooth "broken" following the necessary upgrade of Win 8 to 8.1. This left me listening to the Dell's 1 Watt per channel "sound" and unabile to get the Dell's 1200x800 ( 4:3) resolution to display 16:9 films properly. Needless to say I junked the Dell after buying the Huawei! All in all a very nice replacement for a 3 year old obsolete tablet. Will take an Android based phone/tablet to a M$ one AND DAY.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear customer, It is great to hear that you are pleased with your amazing Huawei MediaPad T1 An oncell IPS display reproduces over 90% of Adobe RGB color space to deliver brighter colors and contrasts. With a 16M true color WSVGA screen, you can also get a clearer image display while a 178° wide-view angle makes for a naturally rotating screen. Keep supporting Huawei! BG
No so good after all!6/19/2017 7:42:36 AM

Pros: Nice idea in theory: 4 USB 3.0 ports & a good selection of flash ram slots. Really excellent Newegg customer service & RMA policy.

Cons: I was very enthuiastic about my first purchase & then I ordered another 3. Two of these were for some of my other PCs & 1 for a customer. BIG mistake! NONE of the 3 worked properly. I ended up returning 2 under Newegg RMAs & reluctantly kept the third. I gave my customer the good one and kept a partially working one for my PC. None of the 3 had ANY working USB slots! I have a unit that can only be used for reading my 128Gig micro SD (from my Axon7 smartphone). The poor construction of one unit destroyed a very important Corsair 64Gig USB 3 thumb drive that I used to install Windows 7 in addition to containing many many other files. I tried these units in several other machines with the same result. Complete waste of time & money when the failure rate is 75% for a reasonally representive sample. Very frustrating.

Overall Review: I would not recommend buying this item until the manufacturer can CONSISTENTLY provide units that actually WORK! I have had to resort to an old Orico 4 port USB 3 extension which connects to one of my 2 rear USB 3 ports. Truely pathetic!

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear David, We greatly appreciate your purchase. We apologize for any problems this hub has caused and for your dissatisfaction with our product. We strive to provide the best quality and service to you. Please contact our support team for your warranty options if your product is still within our warranty. Thank you. Phone: 1- 800-575-9885 Email: Email2: Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
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Great 4G LTE Smartphone, very nice FREE case!9/18/2016 10:11:20 AM

Pros: I know this is supposed to be about the case - it's very nice, lightweight and, best of all, free. But I'm going to share my views about something much more important - the 5X Honor phone! The 5X is lightweight w/complimentary case that easily fits in my pocket compared to my previous bulky, heavy Nokia 4G w/Windows 8. The 5X came with the stock Android 5.1.1 Lollipop w/EMUI 3 O/S, but was immediately upgraded by Huawei to Marshmallow 6.01 w/ EMUI 4. This is a big improvement as I have now set up 3 App Draws so that my home screen contains ALL my many icons. In contrast, my wife's Samsung Galaxy phone's Android O/S was never upgraded by Samsung so her Android v4 O/S means she has pages of app icons. I am thinking of rooting it as it's out of warranty! There's no need with w/the 5X as Huawei has pledged to continue upgrading the phone. I bought the silver model as I find gold most distasteful these days! It has excellent features. The 5.5" screen is a great looking 1080p. The fingerprint scanner is pretty good and works most of the time. I use it to bypass the PIN logon. I have added 4 apps launched by other fingers for the max of 5 different swipes. The 5X has a lovely brushed metal back but can easily be scratched. The Snapdragon Octacore (4X 1.5GHz & 4X 1.2GHz) is pretty snappy, especially when combined with the 2 Gigs of RAM. The 5X has a large 3000 mAh battery which (w/WiFi off) last 2+ days. The internal storage is the usual 16Gigs but the second SIM slot will also carry upto a 128Gig Micro SD card. The cameras are pretty good for this class of phone with a 13 MegaPixel rear and a 5 MegaPixel front. One the software front, it comes with quite a good selection of apps. The bloatware is minimal and is easily uninstalled. It's such a relief to switch from the puny windows store to the massive Google Play store!

Cons: The screen is not gorilla glass and picks up fingerprints like crazy but given the $160 price of the phone I certainly can't complain! The WIFI is only 2.4 GHz rather than the full duplex 5.0 but I have a strong wireless signal so d/loading apps, accessing my Cloud storage or playing games from another floor, 60' away from the router is decent. The thin case means the battery is not replaceable & ,strangely, Huawei recommends frequent charging of the 5X which I am very loath to do.

Overall Review: This is a GREAT phone w/excellent construction & features. IMHO, this easily compares with phones of double the price. If I could change one thing, I'd like 32Gigs internal storage but can live with the 64Gig G-Skill Micro SD I purchased from Newegg. The Huawei 8X phone has a better Snapdragon CPU and upgraded features but costs $400. I won't pay that kind of money for a smartphone so the 5X is perfect for me. Highly recommended!

Did you find this review helpful? 
Manufacturer Response:
Hello, we greatly appreciate the in depth review on our Honor 5X flip cover case. The case is made with eco-friendly materials, and is both practical to use, and stylish to carry. Open the cover to wake up the screen, ultimate ease of use. Tight magnetic fastening prevents accidental operations in your hand or bag. The Honor 5X battery life lasts 1.46 days with moderate use and over a day with heavy use. With high-performance, low-power SnapdragonTM big.LITTLE octa-core processor manufactured using 28 nm technology, the Honor 5X has the ability to run 3D games seamlessly with PC-grade GPU. For under $200, this is one of our most popular devices. We will forward your information regarding the glass display, WiFi strength, and replacement battery option to our product development team. Thanks again for the great review and we look forward to serving you again in the future! (NS)
Very Good Deal9/14/2016 11:20:21 AM

Pros: Large storage capacity - 15000mAh should be enough to recharge my Kindle HDX, my wife's Paperwhite and both our Android smartphones when we make our upcoming 10+ hour flight to Barcelona, Spain next month. Excellent price, with the built-in charging cables sealing the deal. I recharged my wife's Paperwhite from 5% charge to 100% while the 4 blue LED charge state on the Swordfish remained unchanged.

Cons: It's a little heavier than I thought it would be, but hopefully that means the sturdy plastic case will standup to the rigors of travelling better. The Swordfish takes quite a while to recharge so that likely means some people will be annoyed with me at the airport terminal's power outlets!

Overall Review: I would strongly recommend this to someone who uses smartphone/tablets intensively while travelling. As usual, it's sold at a great Newegg price and with the typical rapid delivery.

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Seemed like a great idea for someone living in Florida - I was wrong9/2/2016 9:58:27 AM

Pros: Nice looks, huge battery.

Cons: Doesn't turn on.

Overall Review: It came with 2 of the blue LED power lights lit. I charged it till all 4 were stationary "on". Couldn't turn it on by holding down the power button for the required 3 seconds. Defective!

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Very Good SSD8/21/2016 8:10:18 AM

Pros: WEI in the mid 7's - good for a modestly priced SSD compared to, say, the similarly priced, but weaker performing, Silicon Power unit. My proof of concept SSD purchase was a $1 $/Gig 32 Gig SanDisk, which performed very well for an early model SSD and which I am still using in a test bench PC without any issues. This unit's $/Gig of just under 23 cents speaks volumes!

Cons: Would like to see a more competitive $/Gig compared to a recently purchased (for a customer) 480Gig AData where the WEI was 7.9 and the price was $5 cheaper. I was able to pick up a decent Rosewell 2 decker SSD caddy here for the $5 saving over the SanDisk.

Overall Review: I prefer the higher end SSD's such as the 480 Gig Crucial in my own PC (I have 5 PC's in my home network). I would recommend this SSD to others depending on whether it can be picked up for <$100 bucks. I'm hoping the 960 Gig SSD's drop beneath the $200 price as I would like to replace my elderly electro-mechanical 1 terabyte WD Black H/D.

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