Put in X570 with 3700X and it immediately ran at 37337/7/2020 10:22:03 AM

Overall Review: Put in X570 with 3700X and it immediately ran at 3733 It was recognized for the color control but I don't use it. Runs very stable and clean at the max clock for Ryzen 3000 series

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Excellent quality for the Price3/31/2020 9:20:28 AM

Pros: Very clean bright sharp picture with good blacks and no serious light bleed issues. Very nice top and side bezels and old fashion click buttons on the front. Nice stable strong stand.

Cons: I have not run into any issues with my expectations at this price. It has instead exceeded my expectations.

Overall Review: See pros/cons

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This monitor itself is great.10/31/2019 8:36:58 AM

Pros: For the size of the monitor it is very hard to get high quality with modern features. 75hz 1ms is reasonable and the AMD FreeSync works flawlessly. The color is good and I have done extensive testing of the color tone and watched for bleed. While very much more expensive monitors do have better color clarity. I have owned 5 monitors this year at this size and none are as good as this one.

Cons: Which it has display port. I got 1 with a bad screen that had a huge line through it and the second was delivered with a number of bad pixels in it. The 3rd one is flawless with no issues at all. Without the problems with the 1st two this would of been a 5 star rating. This monitor is working great.

Overall Review: I would thoroughly recommend this product however you will need to check it carefully and watch for defects early on and verify it is a good one. If you get a good one you will love it.

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I've owned it since Launch day. Bios support was atrocious and it has never worked quite right.9/5/2019 8:14:45 PM

Pros: Pretty colors? A good Bios Battery.

Cons: Oh, it's hard to know where to start. Horrendous support. Belittling owners in the forums. Unstable. Can't cold boot 75% of the time. Even if you do get a boot you have a 1 in 10 chance of seeing windows. I have been in Tech for decades now. I built custom PC's for a long long time. I am amazed I gave this hunk of junk this long. I just bought an ASRock Taichi X570 and moved everything into it. Same parts. The only variance was the BOARD. Now everything is fine. Stable as a rock. I should of drove over this with a car long ago.

Overall Review: Asus was once a grand top-end manufacturer. Today they are like ABIT. You are now taking risks to buy their products. Their support has collapsed. MSI had their bios updates are done 6 months faster, Gigabyte and ASRock 5 months faster. And the bios's didn't even work and caused massive issues. So even with 6X more time, they couldn't get it right.

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11-29-11 to 11-6-18. I have run this case longer then any other.11/6/2018 12:15:11 PM

Pros: Spacious. Innumerable drive bays. I have C-Y drive. I have run twin power supply Quad SLI in this. I am now running a 420MM radiator and a 280MM and a 120MM in a loop and I could run 1 more on the front if I wanted. This case was so very forward thinking in its day.

Cons: Back panel is to tight and close to the board making cable runs in the rear more difficult then it should be. The 2 powered fan headers have no control line to control the speed of the fans on said headers. Top design didn't consider people putting fans above the metal but below the outer shell which requires dremeling things out of your way.

Overall Review: This is a 2010-2011 era product that was the best of its day. I am having trouble locating a replacement for my water cooling needs plus my massive drive volume needs in the same case. So I am still using this today.

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Powerful Card that works perfectly now in a old Mac Pro1/17/2018 7:26:36 PM

Pros: Legitimate Mac Pro drivers due to Imac Pro

Cons: Mining driving prices up

Overall Review: Odd yellow glow color

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Top notch quality.10/27/2016 9:24:49 PM

Pros: Excellent cables connectors and quality.

Cons: None that I can see.

Overall Review: Thrilled with the product. Power delivery is outstanding.

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Great price for last gen 980m 8gb4/3/2016 1:22:58 PM

Pros: Great gpu power, good processor 16gb ddr3 easy upgrade since they put 1 8gb stick in not 2 4's. Great construction quality. Much lighter and skinnier then expected. Includes optical bay converter to ssd. Has 2 m.2 ssd slots onboard and 1 regular ssd slot then the optical bay converter for drive 4.

Cons: Optical drive was dvd? Surprised and bought a bluray burner drive for it cheap. Odd choice on a high end machine. If your going to have optical at all, it should be the best. Hard to type and not get accidental input from touchpad. Plays games and virtualizes with the best of them.

Overall Review: Upgrading to 32gb is insainly expensive next to 16gb of ram on this. 16gb ddr3 sodimms are pricier then ddr4 versions. However 1 8gb is very cheap to reach 16gb. This laptop is long and wont fit most 17 inch laptop bags. Look for minimum of 17.3 clearance. Battery is replaceable (contrary to the manual). Its just under the bottom clamshell and is definently only ment to be replaced entirely not swapped regularly.

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Fast Reliable and easy to setup5/15/2015 6:44:03 PM

Pros: I actually read about compatibility and checked into it 1st. Then I read about the product and what kind of power connectors it used. Therefore unlike the other "reviews" it worked perfectly without flaw. Hmm what were their problems again? Their own. That's right.

Cons: Gets a touch warmer then I would like.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for choosing Mushkin. We appreciate your feedback and support! - Mushkin Customer Support Team
Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Wish they lasted4/27/2015 4:36:24 PM

Pros: Excellent sound level for the airflow they generate

Cons: Never had one last over 30 days. I find liquid near the edge of the fan dripping within that time. They "hydro dynamic bearings" do not hold up like they are ment to. I keep hearing long life with Hydro Dynamic but it hasn't worked out so far. I have tried different SilenX's over time and each one has the same fail point. The hydro bearing.

Overall Review: I end up with Silverstone FM121's again. They last and last and last, but they are loud when set to full blast at 110 CFM. Not "Delta" loud but enough to be slightly anoying, but I need the airflow. Sadly this SilenX just wont last for me I loved the sound level.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Excellent Picture12/22/2014 8:53:17 PM

Pros: Great Picture, very stable, good motion handling. Good controls and picture controls.

Cons: Stands are very stable but require a very large table or desk. 48'X12' I would recommend a mount for this TV unless you happen to have a desk so large. I bought wood at homedepot to put this on.

Overall Review: Limited number of HDMI ports. Odd for a modern TV

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Power yes build quality no11/3/2011 2:30:42 AM

Pros: Powers up a twin 69502GB i72600k at 4.7ghz flawlessly

Cons: Installed this for a client in a Corsair 600T and upon booting up the system I hear a fan ticking noise like I had left some loose cable somewhere near a fan. I look around and can't find the source so I turn it back on and listen till I find it. It's in the powersupply. The fan in the powersupply is hitting its own shroud cover. Tick... Tick.. Tick...

Overall Review: I had to open this unit to replace the bushings between the fan and the top of the unit to fix this issue and not delay my customers order. Not a very happy day. PS. I do not and Newegg does not and Mushkin does not recommend opening any powersupply ever. I am a trained powersupply repair professional. Do not attempt this.

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Instant Functionality11/3/2011 2:09:58 AM

Pros: Booted the ASUS P8Z68-V PRO LGA 1155 Intel Z68 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard with UEFI BIOS up with all 16GB and selected 1866 and hit save. Booted and tested the system for days with extreme benchmarking and platform stability tools. i7 2600k at 4.7GHZ ram at 1866. Note I didn't try and overclock the ram but it ran cool and stable at 1866 at default voltage.

Cons: The heatsinks are just a touch tall and forced an alternate install of the H100 Corsair water cooler radiator fans on the 600T case. Not that this is much of a con as I don't see any low profile 1866's.

Overall Review: Ran perfectly in 4 builds in a row with no issues. Boot, enter bios, select 1866, save and your done. Please contact G.Skill tech support if you are trying this in a very old motherboard at 1866 and have any issues. They can assist you.

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Bells and Whistles with a few removed5/8/2011 5:48:18 PM

Pros: This board has a excelent 6GB controler. The USB3 works flawlessly if you actually bother to install the driver that comes with the board. I have my I7 920 at 4.315ghz on this board with tripple SLI with 3 470's. DDR3 at 1648mhz. I have every slot filled with 12 GB of memory at Cas 888 24 1T. The memory I have is the old OCZ cas 7 low voltage DDR3 1600. My OCZ Vertex 3 240 runs flawlessly on the 6GB controler. This board is stable as a rock. It was the perfect upgrade to my E758. with 1 tiny tiny little caviot. There is no external ESATA jack. So I went from 10 sata ports down to 8 sata ports on this board. So watch for the little things they removed to make these wonderful updates and make sure that you dont need any of the missing features of the old E758 and its cousins.

Cons: It is very hard to find the original maker of the chipset driver for the USB3 controller. I usually don't like to rely on motherboard makers for my drivers do to how long (up to years) that they do not update their files. I can find the manufactuer, but not Win7 64bit drivers. Comedically what I can not find from the maker of the chipset is on the EVGA CD that comes with the board. Its not a real knock on EVGA. Its a knock on the USB3 chipset maker I suppose.

Overall Review: Do not plug your keyboard or any other device that you will need before windows / linux / OSX / etc is up and running into the USB3 port. It will not "start" with the cmos/bios loadup. Use the gazillion other ports for it.

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Truely Tough Power5/3/2011 8:45:40 PM

Pros: I have owned this powersupply since the 780i was brand new. It has run duel 8800GTS's on a old 775 yorkfield, then it ran 3 260 core 216's with that same yorkfield and then 3 470s with a i7 920 overclocked to 4.315ghz, with the 470's overvolted and overclocked. It is still running smooth and consistant.

Cons: um hmm. dull color?

Overall Review: The fan is massive and consistantly keeps it in proper operating temperatures.

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Tripple SLI4/24/2011 10:29:56 PM

Pros: This power supply replaced a 1200 watt Thermaltake Toughpower and is powering a slightly older Yorkfield 2.67ghz and 3 260-core 216's in SLI mode. It has delivered rock stable output and has kept the system stable for 5 Months now.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: The cables could be longer for a full tower, but they are still reasonable. You just can't work as well at hidding them.

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Solid12/1/2010 1:41:35 PM

Pros: Great Picture and actually widescreen. Blacks are VERY black. Colors are vivid. Not quite as vivid as on my samsung but close. Great price.

Cons: No HDMI port.

Overall Review: Should include a cheap remote for on off for TV use.

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actual value5/30/2010 1:59:40 AM

Pros: what others seem to misunderstand is this is a enterprise class drive with some of the best longevity in the industry someting the blue and black series are not. This is the RE3 industrial server drive. Know what your looking at before you speak. Thankyou.

Cons: Low cache.

Overall Review: Its a great drive with great longevity for the price. Ive seen 4000 of these drives in 1 room. That's whats its built for. If you really love your data you just found your drive.

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Issues overcome Great support2/2/2010 3:00:58 PM

Pros: I have purchased 4 of these 1 of which had the old firmware. Seagate was excellent with their support during the issue they had with firmware. Now all 4 have the latest firmware required by each drive. All 4 operate faster then expected. I am astounded by the sound, heat, power consumption cost affectiveness.

Cons: None. Especially now that all firmware issues are corrected. No new drives will have shipped with old firmware.

Overall Review: The support provided during the initial issues with this drive actually improved my feelings of reliability and caring of Seagate corp. They went out of their way to assist all customers through the issues.

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very fast1/18/2010 1:53:08 PM

Pros: G plus mimo has a excellent range. I am operating down 2 floor and across the house at full speed. once the driver situation is resolved it works flawlessly.

Cons: The only problem I had was it doesn't have a windows 7 driver or functional Vista driver on the disc or on the website. Strangly enough Microsoft does have a driver for it through their update service, but you have to get online 1st to be able to download the driver through windows update service.

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Meet the Core 216. TRIPLE SLI.10/11/2008 8:40:10 PM

Pros: The power of Triple SLI. If you think that the power of the 4870X2 Crossfired is the best then consider the power of 3 core 216's at 300 dollars less beating it. I have consistently beat the 4870X2 dual card setup with 3 of these stock no overclocking. Now will i say that running the ATI is bad.. nope. They are pure power with a ton of shaders. Are they more money for the power and more ram and more bandwidth. Yes. Do i beat them with real games atm. Yes. Why? Drivers. Crossfire isn't clean yet. SLI is. Will my choice be worse in the long run. Very possibly. Will I be sad. Nope.

Cons: You better bring the power. I run a 1200 watt Thermaltake. And Boy do I need it. I also run 3 of these bad boys. Some people say 750 watts is whats needed for 3. I suggest that if you have less then 950. Don't even attempt it.

Overall Review: 23846 VISTA 64bit 3DMark Vantage. Grid at 1920 by 1200 at the highest settings listed at full speed no lag and never dropping under 60FPS.

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PSU 550W5/1/2007 9:20:32 PM

Pros: Excellent consistant power. Rock stable system running Duel 7800GT's, Opteron 185 and 4 gigs of DDR 500 with 6 hard drives and 2 DVD roms. Still standing... still running smooth.

Cons: None thus far.

Overall Review: You can raise and lower the color brightes of the LED's to match your cases look.

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How Technically inclined are you?4/14/2007 4:00:31 AM

Pros: Best Range connectivity and speed I have ever had. Smooth look soft orange glow of the pretty lights :-) Once I got past the bad factory firmware it worked like a charm, however 3rd party firmware doesn't support the "premium" features such as download services etc.

Cons: Wouldn't go online until I changed to a 3rd party firmware from guys at WL500 forum. Lost usb downloadability features. Gained fastest and most reliable router I have ever had.

Overall Review: If you are willing to go online and get other firmware it rocks.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Easy Flash3/29/2007 11:10:40 PM

Pros: This Flash drive is unlike many of its competition. It does not run a drive overlay that requires special drivers to detect it. It detects as a USB2.0 drive device instantly and is ready to go driverless. I was impressed that they actually gave me a bigger drive then stated. PC's do not work in base 10 so usually 8GB is about 7.5 real gig. but they usually = the 10 base number in "bytes" this drive is actually 8.25 GB in 10Base. which is only 7.67 real gig but I am surprised to recieve more then 7.5 real gig. Trust me this is a good thing. It feels sturdy and the red led is bright enough to make the whole rear end of the product light up with a dull glow making you know its working.

Cons: Did not include a neck strap to use.

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The Land of Turtle Beach3/21/2007 7:00:15 PM

Pros: As others have mentioned this cards Digital out actually works in Surround mode unlike our XFI products from Creative Labs. This is a plus. The sound quality is outstanding. This is not unusual for Turtle Beach products. I owned a Turtlebeach Back when Creative was peddling the AWE32-Wavetable. Also one of the other reviewers said there were no drivers online. here is the link: http://support.turtlebeach.com/site/kb_ftp/588.asp#drivers Please actually look through the site before saying it isn't available.

Cons: No EAX over 2.0. No VISTA Driver Support. No Beta Vista Driver Support. Turtle Beach is relativly quick to put products it makes into the "Discontinued products section of its website and end support."

Overall Review: Creative Labs has just now discontinued support for the Sound Blaster Live. They even made a Vista Driver (beta atm) for the Audigy 1. Turtlebeach has discontinued all products between the Audigy 1 and 3 era already. Turtle Beach = massivly high quality products with limited long term support. Depends on what your looking for.

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