Imma happy camper4/23/2021 9:03:02 AM

Pros: ~so purdy.. im an old school gamer, i didnt think i cared at all about all the rgb stuff.. but.. now that i have it.. giggidy. ~sent an EVGA 3070, their FTW3 model (best/most expensive variation, i checked their website) ~EVGA water cooler, vid card, top of the line mouse/keyboard, all with matching rgb... i just turned into a EVGA fanboi ~1tb m.2 NVMe SSD .... more storage than i was hoping for, for the price ~ordered at 2pm on a wed, shipped from cali to out in the country in TN by 3pm on thurs (i paid for fastest shipping and the extra 2.99 rush processing.. TOALLY worth) ~everything came packed tight, organized. nothing loose. checked all cables and connections and not a single thing was out of place or loose. ~read a few reviews about people having trouble activating windows on other abs prebuilts, i had no such trouble. ~i didnt think i needed a new mouse/kb buuut im def using these now. i love em. just gotta get used to the clicky feel of the k/b. the mouse is top notch as well. ~came with all the extra cables for future upgrades

Cons: ~the only thing i can think of is the fact that its a bit louder than im used to a rig running. i had a alienware r3 i bought back in 2011 that just wasnt cutting it anymore even with a few upgrades along the way. it was quiet compared to this. it doesnt really get much louder when im running games, just the ambient sound is something to get used to. honestly though, when you put headphones on, i cant hear it at all, so it really doesnt matter.

Overall Review: I spent a couple weeks staying up way to late doing my homework on which rig to buy. you can do the research yourself, or just save yourself some time and snag this. trust me... this is the best deal out there for a top notch rig. fist bump to ABS on this.

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