Meh...8/6/2021 5:42:48 PM

Pros: NIce looking laptop, booted up great gave not really gave it a work out yet.

Cons: Ran under a very mild load today (received last evening) fans was running pretty brisk for no load on it. Forget about downloading the user manual or trying to register your product. Gigabytes website is barely loading the home page, accessing support pages or registering the purchase is impossible (tried 20+ times in 24 hours)

Overall Review: To be determined after some use.

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Would be more Eggs if performace was better8/15/2020 7:45:43 AM

Pros: Able to dispense how much water you want, on demand heated water.

Cons: Does not reach selected temp settings on all 3 levels. Started developing a issue keeping a constant stream when dispensing, seems like it is sucking air.

Overall Review: Would have given 5 Eggs if it would have even been close to temp selection, won't even reach 154 degrees.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Donald, I am sorry that the Hot Water Boiler(R-HAP-15002)didn't work properly. The seal ring may not placed properly. Would you please check the seal ring and try again. If your problem for this product still exits, please contact us with original invoice for replacement as it’s still covered by 1-year manufacturer warranty. Here is the contact information: Technical Support: RMA & Warranty service: Phone: 1- 800-575-9885 8AM - 5PM (PST) Monday – Friday Rosewill Customer Care
RAVPower RP-PB0912/24/2012 6:58:10 AM

Pros: Looks to be a very nice product, used it twice so far to recharge my Motorola Droid X2 smartphone from 30% to 80% rate and did it with no problems. The RAVPower RP-PB09 came almost 75% charged and took a minimal time to charge it to full capacity. In the next few weeks I look to really give this a run through by using it to recharge my MP3 player and phone to see just how well it performs with 2 devices attached.

Cons: Looks to have the LED light installed that other RAVPower units have, but is not functionable. Although it comes with 2 USB to Micro-USB cables, if your device uses anything else you'll need a USB to your devices adapter to work.

Overall Review: Including more tips would be nice along with a car USB charger to go along with the wall USB charger.

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