Good looking and performing board...mostly6/16/2021 8:05:51 AM

Pros: All the options on an X570 board I wanted, and the bios versions have been stable.

Cons: The B1 and B2 DIMM slots both failed after a few months of use. I can run 2 sticks of RAM single channel in A1 and A2 but if any DDR4 stick is put in either the B1 or B2 slot the system will not boot to bios and gives an error code. I tried 3 different sets of DDR4 that all worked in my wife's system to verify this. 2 of those DDR4 sets were on the ASRock memory QVL listing and the other was not but works in my wife's ASRock X370 MB. Tech support from ASRock was completely NON-responsive. I submitted tickets on this and never once got a reply.

Overall Review: Good board and bios but the DIMM slot failures are a pain. I have rigid tubing in a custom loop for the cpu and gpu and it's not quick or easy to tear this apart and replace the board which I'd have to do by going through ASROCK's non-responsive support or by using the Allstate Protection Plan I purchased with the board. Either way, It would take hours to tear this apart, remove the mb, install the new mb, re-paste the cpu, and install all the hardware and tubing again. I love the board, as it's great for gaming, overclocks the cpu like a champ, and the bios versions are stable but having not 1 but 2 DIMM slots work initially and then fail is terrible.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Great product and easy to use6/16/2021 7:54:25 AM

Pros: Holds the tubing before AND after the bend which ensures your bend angles are correct. It also helps avoid twisting by holding the tubing before and after the bend.

Cons: Nothing

Overall Review: This helped me create the most precise bends to date and avoid twisting when doing 2 or 3 bends on 1 peice of tubing. It secures to my workbench easily and does not mark up PETG or Acrylic tubing.

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Great for what I need6/16/2021 7:45:31 AM

Pros: I wanted a gaming monitor with at least 2k but also one for work that has PBP option and this one fit the bill. It's a 21:9 aspect ratio which is great for work but took a few hours to get used to while gaming but I really love it now for games. The curve is great, I have not noticed any ghosting in fps games or any games at all and this monitor is so much more responsive while gaming than my last one. The brightness, contrast, gaming options via the toggle on the underside of the monitor is pretty intuitive and easy to use, no complaints there. No crosshairs for gaming if that's what you're looking for, but I don't use them so no biggie.

Cons: The stand sucks. There is no height, tilt, or rotation option available and it was wonky to install as it kind of snaps into place....why not just attach the stand to the VESA mounts?

Overall Review: I love this monitor for gaming and working from home with the PBP option. The colors are rich, text is sharp, and gaming is ghost free. It's a little higher resolution than standard 2k which can be good or bad depending on your gpu.

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Great chair for XL people11/9/2020 1:38:37 PM

Pros: PLush seating pad so you don't feel the frame Sturdy construction-it's built like a tank Comfortable for hours on end. Lumbar pad is very nice

Cons: Heavy? Including the shipping box it was about 100lbs shipped. Then again if you're buying this chair chances are you're a big person and won't mind the weight of it.

Overall Review: I'm 5' 11" and 250lbs and not obese. I had trouble with the gas cylinder collapsing on other chairs or the seating pad being too thin and just uncomfortable. This chair is wide so those with wide or big hips or legs won't feel squished. My jacket size is 52 and my shoulders fit comfortably in this chair with a little room to spare without being squeezed or feeling cramped. I'm not that tall, at 5' 11" my feet barely sit level on the ground at it's lowest level. Shorter folks probably don't want this chair taller ones will love the seat height.

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Good battery replacement11/9/2020 1:28:57 PM

Pros: Fits in my Cyberpower backup, Less cost than the CP ones terminals were protected with plastic shields, cardboard, and foam during shipping

Cons: Nothing

Overall Review: IDK how long these will last, but I've had them in use for a couple of months now and they have worked perfectly with a couple of brown outs and 2 black outs due to severe storms. I"m very happy with these so far.

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Lots of airflow and quiet11/9/2020 1:24:33 PM

Pros: Pushes a lot of air Quiet perfect for a case fan

Cons: ? None

Overall Review: I do not hear this fan at all in a quiet office. It is actually quieter than my other case fans which makes me want to change the rest now. RBG is okay`I didn't buy it for that but it looks nice. Keep the screws that come with the fan. I tried re-using the screws from the 140mm fan this was replacing and the old screws were too small.

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Well thought out case9/23/2020 2:21:58 PM

Pros: Great case that is well thought out for ergonomics and style Lots of water-cooling options with space for 2 480mm radiators Side panel is tempered glass on hinges so the door swings open; no need to remove it to get inside. Fans, fans, fans! You can fit 16 fans in here if you want. Front facing radiator mounting or ssd mounting options Wiring...there's a fan controller hub built into the case RBG lighting Easy mounting of fans or radiators. Lots of hardware included like GPU anti-sag bracket, gpu vertical mount bracket, screws, thumbscrews, etc. A nice cover for the entire case is included Anti-static filters top, bottom, and in front.

Cons: Case is optimized for skinny rads limited space for mounting pump/reservoir combos Tinted side panel glass???? Why? Now your beautiful build can't be seen unless you use enough leds to light up a NY billboard.

Overall Review: Overall a great case, especially for water cooling. My big gripe is be careful of the radiators that are used. This case is designed for use with 120mm wide rads...most rads of standard thickness are 130+mm. For example-you can fit a 360 rad on the bottom, but it can not be any wider than 120mm otherwise it will not fit. There's about 55mm of space up top for rads and fans...even using a skinny rad, 30mm, with a 25mm fan you are covering access to MB fan pins, cpu power slot, and PCB. If you do use a standard thickness rad like a 54mm in the front or facing the side panel, realize it overlaps the space right next to it as the standard thickness rad covers up space needed for the other rad.

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Exactly what I needed for UPS9/23/2020 1:59:42 PM

Pros: Standard dimensions so they fit Great price Comes pre-charged and ready to go out of the box Free shipping was fast with tracking provided Meets replacement specs for my UPS Packaging protected the leads so they weren't bent or mauled Less than half the price of branded Cyberpower replacement batteries Raion sent an email in addition to tracking and invoice letting me know these were shipped and thanking me for the business...that's a nice touch.

Cons: Really? I can't think of any.

Overall Review: Overall, 5 stars so far. I have no idea how long these will last; 1 year warranty if I remember correctly but IDK what that means in everyday real use...could be longer but for now, who knows. Cyberpower's replacement batteries are warranted for 1.5 years and these 1 year at half the cost. I think that's a great value even if they need to be replaced sooner. The original batteries these are replacing are 4 years old so even if these last 3 years I'm happy.

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Great monitor, cheap stand12/26/2018 5:53:36 PM

Pros: Colors are vibrant in game, 2k looks very nice, the crosshairs option is there if wanted. It's 144hz

Cons: The stand does not raise, tilt, swivel, nothing. It's as basic as it gets.

Overall Review: If you're ok with a stand that you can't adjust or plan on mounting the monitor to a VESA etc. it's a good monitor.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for sharing your experience with the MSI product! If you ever require technical assistance, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
Good MB7/9/2017 9:00:53 AM

Pros: Quality , it's well made USB 3.1 RBG options Solid, stable bios. I updated to the latest one as soon as it booted and have had zero problems Fan speed options in bios Wealth of OC options

Cons: Manual is lacking in depth and details I initially RMAd this board because the swing arm on the cpu socket didn't lock down the cpu. I couldn't get the mb to power on even on a cardboard box. I played around with the arm moving it back and forth and side to side a couple of times and then it "click"ed into place locking down the cpu where before it wouldn't. I've NEVER seen a MB with that kind of problem

Overall Review: EUFT bios is slick The board looks good and is rock steady. I was NOT happy about the swing arm on the MB at first but for whatever reason it's working now and that's all that matters.

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Great card.5/19/2017 6:10:03 PM

Pros: Very fast. I upgraded from a 980 and this blows the 980 away in games and benchmarking. It boosts to 1911 on it's own and overclocks to 2075mhz. I now have it under water and this does not void EVGA's warranty to remove the air shroud.

Cons: The air shroud is a pia to remove.

Overall Review: IDK about air cooling since I went right to water but with water cooling it's never gotten above 40c. Gaming for hours it sticks at 37C.

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Good radiator fan5/17/2015 2:38:47 PM

Pros: Good performance on radiator, pushes a lot of air through. Looks great

Cons: Gets a little loud when attached to radiator, not terribly so but what was a nice soft low hum before mounting to the rad becomes a noticable whirring sound when attached to the radiator.

Overall Review: This is by no means a silent fan when attached to the radiator, but it's not a loud one either it's just a very noticeable whirring sound. If you're looking for a quiet fan this isn't the one for you but if you like good performance with a moderate amount of fan noise it's a good one.

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Works great for me1/4/2014 7:55:44 AM

Pros: Dual band, pretty good range throughout the house Easy to set up basic functions Does what it's supposed to do with no hassles

Cons: None

Overall Review: This has been a work horse for over a year now, never buggy, always fast and reliable.

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Nice, quiet case12/27/2013 6:57:45 AM

Pros: Sound dampening material on side panels Easy access to drive bays, no tools required Cable management USB 3.0 x 2 front panel Dust filters

Cons: Nothing

Overall Review: This is a great case for the price, and has all the features I was looking for with a new build for a home office pc.

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Good stuff7/17/2013 7:07:12 AM

Pros: Booted up, selected XMP profile and they run at advertised speeds and timings. Very noticeable speed difference between 1600 and 2400 DDR.

Cons: They're blue

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Good fan7/3/2013 12:36:11 PM

Pros: Quiet, decent air flow. No naked wires.

Cons: Low level LED

Overall Review: I might be in the minority but I like the LEDs on fans to be bright. I want them to pop. These are just so so for brightness, but the fan is great.

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Great board6/8/2013 7:47:44 AM

Pros: Rock solid components, plenty of SATA III , USB 3.0, WIFI & bluetooth.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Installed 4770k and 8gb DDR 2133 and it booted right up. I set the XMP profile in the bios and it's been running great. It's not a benchmark queen, but applications and games run great with this beauty. No flex in this board, like another reviewer stated. It's solid.

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Nice HDD4/15/2013 7:02:17 PM

Pros: Absolutely quiet, got it on sale for a good price, speed.

Cons: None

Overall Review: This is replacing an old Samsung Spinpoint F1 that finally bit the dust after 8 years. The Samsung had read/write speeds of 80mbs/74mbs. This one has 154mbs/147mbs so it's a nice upgrade. It's actually smaller in size despite being larger capacity than the Samsung (1tb vs 750gb). All in all it's a great drive.

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Great fan10/5/2012 12:26:09 PM

Pros: Pushes a good amount of air and is very quiet; not silent but I can't hear 3 of them from about 3 feet away from my pc. Comes with 5,7, and 12v adaptors.

Cons: Never heard of Lepa before for fans.

Overall Review: Definitely willing to try their products again.

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Quiet, but not much airflow5/9/2012 12:23:56 PM

Pros: It has more red color with the fan blades colored in addition to the red leds. It's extremely quiet, can't hear it when it's on.

Cons: It does not move as much are as it's rated for. In fact, my case temps went up by 7C using this on my HAF 932 as the side window fan versus the stock CoolerMaster fan that comes with the case. I swapped back to the stock fan and the case temps dropped down again.

Overall Review: I was looking for something with a little higher airflow but sadly this fan is not it; it seems to move significantly less air than the CM 200mm fans.

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Wow!3/22/2012 10:51:25 AM

Pros: Extremely bright, clear light that will light up any room or space. I can't believe the light that comes out of something so small. It's my second LED flashlight and by far my favorite.

Cons: Not much of a narrow focus, but I don't care about that.

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Wow!8/11/2011 10:42:58 AM

Pros: Only 27" LED 120hz monitor out right now. Bright, clear, crisp display. No ghosting or lag noticed. Comes with HDMI slot. Menu is a lot better than the last Acer monitor I owned. Looks amazing in video games and movies with HDMI

Cons: Not height adjustable.

Overall Review: It's freaking huge on my desk! It's the perfect size and features of what I wanted in a monitor. Any larger and I'd have to mount it on the wall :) Backlight bleed is nonexistent for all intents-there is a very very faint amount around the bottom left edge of the screen but not noticeable unless you're really looking for it.

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Great watch6/12/2011 4:10:07 PM

Pros: Kinetic, looks great, water resistant.

Cons: Smallish wrist band and the dial is difficult to pull out to set date if you don't have long fingernails.

Overall Review: Maybe it's just me, but the band barely fits my wrist, I have to wear it on the very last hole. I don't keep my fingernails long at all and setting the date and time initially was difficult since there's no room to grip it with your fingertips.

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Follow up11/22/2010 7:55:32 AM

Pros: Good price, good speeds.

Cons: Speeds not near what is listed (topped out at 230mbs/227mbs in AHCI) and they fluctuate dramatically at times. Maybe it's the Sandforce driver or maybe I got lucky with a good one :) It's still a good drive, just not living up to the reviews or advertised speed.

Overall Review: For those who don't understand why over provisioning is important it's so that the advertised drive space is the actual space. See, marketing has changed and while these drives are usually 128GB, they are listed as 120GB because that is the space available. I guess some "smart" people never realize market changes and why companies are advertising the actual available space. Oh well, hopefully this will clarify the issue for some.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Dear Customer When comparing speeds to our rated specifications, please use the ATTO Disk Benchmark Test as that is what we used. Different programs will have different results. The speeds you indicated are very normal for a program such as HDTune. So if that is what you are using, everything is operating properly. If you have any further questions or issues, please don't hesitate to let us know. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email: G.Skill Forum:
Kind of dissapointed11/18/2010 10:08:34 AM

Pros: Fast read and write speeds, got at a great price, very good tech. support.

Cons: Read and write speed fluctuate madly even on unwritten drive. Only 111gb usable space out of the 120gb. Other brands have 119gb out of 120gb actual space.

Overall Review: Got for $199 on sale, which is a great price but the constant fluctuations in read and write speeds is annoying and I'm disappointed that there is less actual space on the HD compared to other brands of the same size.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Dear Customer We are sorry to hear you are not fully satisfied with your SSD. We are currently looking into the speed fluctuation issue as there has been a few cases. Please visit the Official G.Skill Forum for the latest updates and information. Also, if you can, post your hardware information and such so we may attempt to replicate this problem to see if it can be fixed. Only through user feedback will we be able to understand how the SSD performs in different hardware combinations. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email: G.Skill Forum: