After just a few days, won't wake from sleep.9/11/2020 3:05:21 PM

Pros: Good price point Doesn't look as cheap as it is.

Cons: Button / Control placement and style aren't great Cheap-o stand, feels pretty wobbly when you touch the monitor to push a button Doesn't wake from sleep

Overall Review: Worked fine for a few days, now doesn't wake from sleep and power button doesn't work to turn off and back on again. None of the buttons do anything. Have to fully unplug and power cycle to wake back up. I regret this purchase. -------------- Update ------------------- I researched the problem some more, heard about "Pin 20" issues with Display Port cables, bought a new cable that was VESA certified and reported to not have Pin 20 sleep problems. Same problem the very first time and every time it goes to sleep. Seems to definitely be the monitor, not the cable.

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Perfect WiFi adapter for just about anything7/27/2012 6:39:30 PM

Pros: Easy Setup, 802.11n, Great signal strength, WPA2, option to power with USB.

Cons: I wish I'd bought at least 2 more when they were on special for around $20

Overall Review: I picked one of these up when they were on sale for cheap. Didn't have a specific need for it, just figured it would come in handy. It sat on a shelf for a while until I upgraded our wireless router from G to N, then I remembered it was there and decided to put it into use. Setup was cake by connecting it to a computer and configuring it. In the end I used it to connect an old Xbox1 that is modded and running XBMC in the bedroom. I'd previously used both MS and D-Link adapters made for the Xbox, which supported WPA at best and required a ton of messing with to get connected, much less keep connected if any configurations ever changed. With this adapter it was a totally no hassle setup even with WPA2 and MAC filtering. This unit is the farthest away from our access point, across the house with multiple walls in between, and yet shows up in the router info as having one of the strongest signal strengths of any device in the house.

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Inexpensive Silence11/24/2008 8:14:48 AM

Pros: Silent! Versatile connections to hookup to 3 pin or Molex. Removable blade assembly for easy cleaning.

Cons: Doesn't really reach high RPM / CFM levels, so can't rev up for quick cooldowns when necessary.

Overall Review: Good fan for applications where you're running a handful of fans constantly at full speed. Design case airflow well enough and these should handle things quietly, or on cases with lots of fan slots. The volume savings on this item are nice, but if you don't need 8, you can get comparable total price per unit by purchasing 2 and using eggsaver shipping.

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Great Versatile Fan11/24/2008 8:06:50 AM

Pros: You get a lot of choices with this fan. It will move a lot of air at full speed, with a lot of noise, of course. Or you can set it up with the speed control knob and set it right where you want it, or hook up the temperature lead and let it automatically react to the temperature of the system. At normal operating temps it is very quiet. Maybe it will run hotter/noisier in the summer, but for now it is quiet and not overcooling my system.

Cons: It isn't silent at 4800 RPM? None really, works how I expected and how I wanted it to.

Overall Review: At it's basic operating speed it's about as quiet as the enermax fans I picked up, being barely audible vs. silent. Having the ability to spin faster and move more air to cool when needed is perfect for an unattended FreeNAS system. When you have a system that runs a lot with no one watching over it, that doesn't need a ton of air through it every minute, but you want it to be able to stay cool if those terrabyte drives get cranking, these are a great solution and cost less than getting one of the front panel automatic fan speed controllers with temperature sensors plus other fans.

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Inexpensive and Useful11/21/2008 11:13:10 AM

Pros: Useful way to fill old 3.5 panel spaces, inexpensive. Decent construction for the price. Nice options to power with USB or Floppy Mini power plug.

Cons: Can be a little tricky to get into some 3.5" spaces, mostly because of the bump "feet" on the bottom. Not a pretty device. Fine sitting in the front of an old tower, but I wouldn't put it anywhere you care about looks. The plastic front seems cheap and weak, but the USB ports seem to be decent, which is important for front USB ports that'll probably see a lot of action. We'll see how they hold up.

Overall Review: Paired nicely with a MassCool PCI USB 2.0 card that had 4 external + 1 internal USB ports. Plugged this guy into the internal port for an easy and inexpensive add-on of 4 back and 4 front USB 2.0 ports on an old tower whose Mobo USB no longer worked.

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Cheap USB 2.0 Add-On11/21/2008 11:06:12 AM

Pros: This is a very affordable way to add USB 2.0 ports to your system, whether for the extra speed, or to replace worn out onboard USB ports. Easy to install, works as it should.

Cons: Cheap. You really get what you pay for with this one. I wouldn't recommend using these USB ports for devices you regularly plug/unplug, the cheapo ports will probably wear out fast. I was pretty concerned about breaking the internal USB port when plugging something in to it, especially since USB plugs don't insert to cover the metal plug end completely, making it hard to know if it is completely plugged in.

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Rock Solid Deal!11/13/2008 8:08:37 AM

Pros: Matched pairs are always great to find, especially at this price, for any system capable of running dual channel memory. A very affordable way to increase the performance of your system.

Cons: DDR2 has higher latency? I'm grasping here...

Overall Review: Bought this set for my GF's work system after their on-call "tech" gave her a 512MB kingston stick to go with the one already in it, then billed the co. $30 for that single stick of RAM, which sells here for about $7. They got their money back and got this 2 GB set for a few bucks less. Would be a shame if techs start to get the reputation of mechanics for price gouging.

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Easy Budget Gigabit NIC11/13/2008 7:48:30 AM

Pros: Cheap Gigabit NIC. Installed easily. My BSD based FreeNAS system had it up and running without any messing around. Got two and put another on an XP system, installed drivers and away it goes. Cheap and easy.

Cons: Haven't gotten my entire wired network up to Gigabit yet, and with 10/100 file transfers this card seems a little slower and less reliable than the old Netgear card I swapped out for it on my NAS. Hopefully getting a Gigabit switch and Cat6 cabling will make me forget about quibbling over the minor ups and downs in transfers on this card.

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Great PSU11/13/2008 7:42:31 AM

Pros: Does what it says it will do. This is a quality 430W PSU that runs cool, quiet, and with high efficiency. I can't hear it at all over my cpu and case fans, and doubt I will be able to even when I replace those fans with quieter ones. Has a good variety of connections for most systems with 4 SATA plugs and plenty of Molex. I got a great deal on this with it on sale, plus a rebate, plus free shipping. Couldn't have done better for the price, and probably not for double what I paid.

Cons: Didn't install itself and manage it's own cables.

Overall Review: Perfect PSU for my FreeNAS server. Highly efficient supply for a headless system that runs a lot. Plenty of power for an old Athlon XP 1800+, 1GB RAM, OS on an old 64MB compact flash card running on an IDE adapter and 2x 1TB SATA storage drives.

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