Solid performer, odd shape12/18/2020 6:10:41 PM

Pros: Decent construction, reset button on bottom, solid performance (two 3840x2160 and one 1920x1080, no snow or monitor desync).

Cons: Non-standard power connector...why not USB-C? Physical form: it's a 3" square with one side having a 7" or so long tail with the DP plug and the other 3 sides having DP sockets. The short tail and multiple directions for the connectors make cable management a little more challenging and uglier that need be.

Overall Review: This replaced my Rosewill RHUB-8K. Performance-wise and functionality, it's awesome and I'm looking forward to getting a RTX 3090 and pushing 3 monitors at 4k from my gaming rig. Wish someone made a decently priced hub with a more linear form and longer plug cable so it'd be easier to manage all the cabling for my work from home station (three 27" monitors, work laptop & dock, personal tower, powered USB hub, electric adjustable sit/stand desk...wires & cables everywhere)...maybe something like the innards of this in the Rosewill form with a 12-18" cable and USB-C power socket.

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(Update nr. 2) Awful12/18/2020 3:03:42 PM

Pros: 3 monitors with 8k bandwidth. Easy setup.

Cons: Could have USB-C connector for power. Also, power socket on body is loose. When it works, it works great; need to ensure block is fixed in place when you wiggle the plug to just the right place. ----- Update: The supplied USB cable is kinda cheap. Using a better one now and the fit to the socket is much better now. The splitter doesn't seem to like the lower-power USB ports. I find best results on a USB 3 port. Even then, a single monitor appears to randomly lose sync, taking 5-10 seconds to resync (no specific one, all three do it). It does this a couple dozen times through a 12-hr shift. Also, sometimes there will be light snow on one or two of the monitors. Not sure what's causing it.

Overall Review: Got for a 3 monitor setup for my work from home office. Quick plug-in and all 3 monitors up. Driving one 2k and two 1k monitors for work from a single DP on the dock. I'm not doing any real-time work, so the monitor desyncing is annoying. Increasingly annoying. ----- Update nr. 2: Nah, this straight up sucks. Couldn't take it anymore. Replaced it with a Club3D CSV-7300 Multi Stream Transport(MST) Hub DisplayPort 1.4 Triple Monitor. Now driving two monitors at 3840x2160 and one 1920x1080 with no snow or desync.

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Came out like half-dried peanut butter...12/2/2020 8:56:05 PM

Pros: None

Cons: Impossible to spread per instructions. Just clean the mess of and used the tube of Noctua NT-H1 that came with the CPU cooler.

Overall Review: Would not recommend. With a Noctua NH-U12S and the supplied NT-H1 paste (8.9 W/mK), my i9 extreme is running 35C idle and bumps to 40 when playing something simple like Fallout 4. Running all 18 cores at 100% (Intel Extreme Turning Utility CPU stress test with AVX-512), my max CPU temp plateaued around 65C. Wondering what an extra 5.4 W/mK conductivity in the paste might do. Guess I'll never find out.

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Mostly good1/6/2010 1:13:03 AM

Pros: Large capacity, small form, no external power required, plug & play.

Cons: Stutters during playback. Bought several of these for different uses, one of which as a media drive to velcro to the back of my personal notebook (Inspiron 1318) to watch movies while on travel. Stepped up from a 320 MiB Passport (WD3200ME-01) for more storage and no issues, but the new external drive apparently won't support the constant throughput needed to smoothly stream video. I have to copy the video over to the main drive to watch it... a bit of an inconvenience, but survivable.

Overall Review: Bought 3... one for media on my personal notebook, one for large amounts of work data on the work field notebook, and one to pop out of the casing and replace the main drive on my personal and save the difference between the price of this little guy on sale and the bare drive. Haven't installed the 3rd one yet, so unsure if the stuttering is just through the USB/SATA interface or if it's the drive itself.

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6/10/2009 1:46:06 PM

Pros: Small and friggin' awesome. A little patch of self adhesive velc...uh, hook and loop fastener to the drive and the back of my notebook screen (fuzzy side on the screen) and I've a rockin' setup to tote my movie collection around to watch in the downtime on travel without having to worry about power cables or extra space.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: It's part of my roadwarrior setup, so little things like fingerprints and surface scratches don't bother me. Something similar in an SSD would be great.

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